GW: Rumor Engine “Fur Coat”

Games Workshop is back with another Rumor Engine Teaser and this time its getting …fur?

It looks like GW is stretching this one out a bit – now we have a closer look at what is probably more of that cape from last week.

via Warhammer Community

“Where could this be from?”


Cryptic as ever, this bit echoes last weeks. It’s probably a Cape of some type with an animal fur. I have a strange feeling that it’s probably associate with the previous one too:


So let’s do some comparing to models already produced by GW:

My mind goes straight to the Chaos Warriors from Warhammer. Now, there are TONS of models in that line that have a tattered cape with fur on top. I won’t bother listing them all but you could say it’s kind of a running theme for them. And speaking of Chaos…

The Chaos Terminator Lord ALSO has a Fur & Tattered Cape ensemble going on, too. I wonder if there was a particular Chaos Terminator Lord that was needed a new model lately…

Hmm…Nope, nothing comes to mind.


Ahh well, probably some new Primaris Space Marine – or 40k Plastic Leman Russ’ Cape…or maybe the Lion. Oh, what about Inquisitors?! They were Fur-Capes! I guess we’ll never know. (Until the model comes out that is.)


Well internet detectives, what do YOU make of this one? Let us know your wild guesses in the comments below!

  • Jared van Kell

    Lion Rangers?

  • m3g4tr0n

    As long as it upsets PETA, I’m game.

    • Hagwert

      I bet they are writing a strongly worded letter as we speak… ….. because they certainly won’t have anything else better to do with their time !

      • eMtoN

        PETA? More like they are planning on bombing the factory. Those guys are nuts.

  • SilentPony

    Plastic Thunderhawk…with a fur cloak. and bolted on Squats and plastic Sisters.

  • Ebsolom

    I really hope it’s Abaddon, It’s been far too long since this guy had a makeover.

    • SilentPony

      Problem is 90% of all the models either have a fur cloak or a cape, and the other 10% its perfectly acceptable to give them one.
      So it literally could be anything.

  • benn grimm

    Space puppies? Or Space puppy hunters?

    • blackbloodshaman

      Can’t be the Smurfs always get first dibs in a new edition

  • Joe Shmoes

    You can clearly see these parallel lines on the model. Is this 3d-printed?

    • I think that’s from the mould-drilling machines. You can see similar marks on older kits too – for example the Wraithlord which predates 3D-printing by a lot of years.

    • Talos2

      They’ve been using 3D printing for prototypes for years. They say they were one of the first to use it

  • Chris Hateley

    It’s a space marine.

  • Karru

    My personal guess would be the Deathrattle Sepulchral Guard.

    Look at the Skeleton with the spear and cape. Looks pretty similar to me.

  • AEZ

    Space wolf primaris?

    • euansmith

      Big Dogs.

  • PiotrekEtoo

    We saw some kind of lions head before, now a piece of cloak with fur…
    Lion El’Jonson?

    • mark

      That’s what I’m thinking…the lion symbol, a cloak, I’m with you on this one

    • Muninwing

      the only thing that makes me doubt it (however slightly) is how ratty the cloak looks.

      i mean, i know he’s been in stasis for awhile, but i can’t see anyone allowing his armaments to be besmirched with wear and tear

  • Munn

    SoB Canoness.

  • kingcobra668

    -=][=- Coteaz

  • Rayna M. McCowan

    Earlier we also saw something connected to Lions, don’t know if that got ever sorted out, AoS is due for some toys too so would make sense for something out of AoS, fits the look.

    As for Chaos Marines? I would be amazed at GW stepping on the Ultrasmurfs toes so hard on their new box set coming out in a few weeks with giving CSM a new set. Old Terminator Lord box still works, no need to update that, it is more likely to be an updated loyalist marine character in Pimarus armor and form, maybe a blood angels character? Would make sense lore wise, throw it in with the Primarus Codex to boot. Maybe Gabriel Seth? Or it could be Dark Angels, but, they tend not to have fur, so, that points to Space Puppers, Ulrik the Slayer’s cloak is nearly identical to what is shown off, except for mirrored, actually all space wolf cloaks go to the left, not the right, that cloak goes to the right, which is rather rare. Hilariously could be a plastic Cannoness who does have that type of cloak but in a more calm pose in the current model, but, a more energetic pose would be welcome.

    Still say it is likely AoS related, though there was something with Lion buckles related to holding this cloak on a few weeks ago, which was related to some kind of elven unit I think?

  • Joey Bittner

    Space wolf primaris, Leman Russ, dark angel primaris, the Lion, Inquisitor Coteaz, Abbadon, The list goes on. But with the pattern of Magnus (traitor primarch) Guilliman (loyalist) and now Mortarion, another traitor primarch, my money’s on Russ or the Lion after Mortarion. Most likely Russ, as when Russ came out on Forge World, we soon got Magnus. And now Magnus is on FW, so…

  • Spacefrisian

    Necron with fur cape the Silent King…No one has thought of that right?

  • I thought it was a bunch of tongues.

  • It’s probably that you dead duuder from shadespire.

  • Tigirus

    If it’s the same cloak as the one with the lion head it totally matches something like the old korhil model had since that was also a half and half fur/fabric cloak.

  • NNextremNN

    Traitor Leman Russ?

  • euansmith

    Fur cough.

  • Camoron

    Where did that Abbadon picture come from? Official GW or fan?

  • dante13

    I hope its the Lion and he takes sides with Cypher.. Turns out Fallen DA are the good guys all along…

    I hope and pray.