Heroclix: Peace Machine & The Captain

Two alternate versions of Avengers members join the set this week – and a new play through with Indomitable!

Marvel’s “What if?” series places characters in odd, sometimes outlandish, situations just to see how they – and those around them – will handle it. These stories  don’t affect continuity. Heroes and villains do things they normally wouldn’t. Like the Tony Stark selling out…

With a budget cost of 50 points, Peace Machine’s dial is short and sweet while still having abilities we would expect to see on an armored hero like Indomitable and those granted by the wing symbol. Peace Machine begins with Sidestepin his Speed slot and armored Toughness on Defense. While using repulsor technology as pseudo-Telekinesis can be useful for positioning other figures, it is also Peace Machine’s best chance of dealing damage via using a range attack to do object damage.

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The Captain sports a single special power, called Heads Up, Avenger! I’ve Got a Special Delivery Winging its Way Towards You! Appearing on the final three clicks of his damage, this special power allows you to give The Captain a power action and choose a friendly character within range and line of fire. All opposing characters adjacent to the chosen character are knocked back 2 squares from the chosen character’s square. If the chosen character is named Thor, that character can make an attack after actions resolve! He rounds out his dial with the standard powers Charge, Sidestep, Quake, Invulnerability, Toughness, and Close Combat Expert.

Check Out More of His Stats Here

The Indomitable crew did a play through on their first episode of the season  – take a look!

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