Mynock Squadron: Scurrg Preview / Starslinger72 Interview

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X-Wing pilots, report in! We’ve got Tyler Tippet in the hizzy!

Welcome to the Mynock Podcast LXXIII

X-Wing fans I’ve got two words for you: Unlimited. Power. Have you ever wanted to have more control over the board than you ever thought possible? Well, the new Scurrg Bomber will be your cup of tea! We bring on Starslinger72 to discuss how the Scurrg will affect the game and what we should expect from its existence.

[00:00:00] Introductions
[00:08:00] Interview with Starslinger72
[00:42:00] Scurrg Preview
[01:47:00] Ask a Mynock Questions: Week 1

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  • Spacefrisian

    Quadjumper with tractorbeam action, no need to thank me Scum players.