New Blood ‘n Plunder KS be Live

Take t’ th’ high seas wit’ Blood ‘n Plunder, No Peace Beyond th’ Line!

I’ll admit I’m not the target audience here – I’m not a historicals player. That said, we walked by Firelock Games’ booth at GenCon last year – their minis are wonderful. They had some of the best game tables set up at the con, and everyone that managed to get a demo looked like they were having a great time. So, if the setting inspires you – back this Kickstarter. You won’t regret it.

via Firelock Games:

Blood is on the horizon! The iron grip of Iberian Domination is eclipsing the 17th century Caribbean as the world races to seize its spoils. Join the emerging Dutch Republic as it battles for its place among the established European powers or defy foreign incursion as a Darien King in this expansion to Blood and Plunder, No Peace Beyond the Line.

No Peace Beyond the Line is the first major expansion for the Blood and Plunder miniatures game. This expansion will revolve around the No Peace Beyond the Line book that will feature:

  • Optional rules for playing games at a greater scale or with more than two players
  • A campaign system
  • Special characters that players will be able to add to units
  • New units and factions for the existing nationalities
  • New nationalities including the Dutch and Native Caribbeans
  • New ships: Piragua, Fluyt and  the Galleon! 
  • Factions for expanded nationalities such as Danes, Swedes, Prussians, and Portuguese

Pledge levels start at $75 for a starter box of your choice, the expansion deck, and a limited edition KS figure. If you want to go all in there’s a $560 pledge level with multiple starter boxes, captains, ships, and a bunch of KS exclusives.

Some of what you can choose from:


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  • UnpluggedBeta

    If this was a “not-Earth, but Earth,” styled world, I could get on board. The problem I have with historicals is that everything feels so stagnant because the future is our reality :

    • Severius_Tolluck

      It’s not a true historical though. It is a game first and foremost and is balanced with points. its not really scenario driven so that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying it. I mean if you have the mindset that technology or politics change in any scenario you would bum yourself out pretty quick in anything.