New Holo Billboards from Battle Kiwi

Bring some light and interest to your table with these LED lit sci-fi signs!

Great for sci-fi games like Infinity – each sign has a 28/32mm-scale terrain base with a slot for a piece of acrylic. The light is supplied by your choice of LED – red, green, or blue – powered by AAA batteries. At the moment there are only 3 sign choices, but there are plans to add more in he future.


The Holo Billboard Bench set pre-order – NZD$38.50

The kit is made from 3mm MDF and comes pre-primed in white using their peel-off ‘stay shiny’ masking. Making it nice and easy to get straight into painting, or just use it as is!

The base area features a a bench at each end and planter boxes on the sides to fill with your choice of foliage, bushes…or city debris. The light up sign provides plenty of eye candy for your tabletop, and game play wise, gives great cover for your troops. There’s even room for 25mm bases to fit on the area around the sign.

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  • spla5hmummy

    These are amazing. It’s just a pity they don’t fit into the grimdark.

    • NNextremNN

      Well they could be used for tau … it’s just the letters don’t fit and they are usually a bit more round when it comes to buildings.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Once upon a time it would have fit. When grim dark was more like Blade runner then it was gothic and baroque. Ah well. But they can always be on a planet outside the emporium of man, or used for you know many other systems 😉 Love the concept, mainly like the Danger Zone one, the rest I can take or leave em. Good concept, gives me ideas.

  • Keith Wilson

    nice …