Outside the Box – June 16th

Here we go again, with news from Mierce Miniatures, FFG, 4Ground, Modiphius, Spartan Games, Antenocitis Workshop and more!
Mierce Miniatures released a new wave:–> More Mierce Miniatures News

Raging Heroes published new previews:
–> More Raging Heroes News

The June releases for Malifaux are now available from Wyrd Miniatures:
–> More Wyrd Miniatures News

Spartan Games presents the HMS Sussex for Dystopian Wars:
–> More Spartan Games News

A new preview of their upcoming plastic dwarves has been published by North Star Military Figures:
–> More North Star Military Figures News

4Ground presents new miniatures for Legends of the Fabled Realms:
–> More 4Ground News

The Super Mutants running amok at Modiphius Entertainment:
–> More Modiphius Entertainment News

Fireforge Games released their version of Saladin:
–> More Fireforge Games News

New resin masters are available from Hasslefree Miniatures:
–> More Hasslefree Miniatures News

Mantic Games published new previews for Warpath and Kings of War:
–> More Mantic Games News

Fantasy Flight Games announced new expansions for X-Wing and Star Wars Armada:

–> More Fantasy Flight Games News

New vehicles are available from Antenocitis Workshop:
–> More Antenocitis Workshop News

Manorhouse Workshop announced new Forgotten Halls terrain sets:
–> More Manorhouse Workshop News

Warlord Games announced a second Operation Sea Lion campaign book for Bolt Action:
And we got plenty of new sets for Black Powder:

–> More Warlord Games News

Victoria Miniatures released an updated version of their Van Diemen’s World Devils:
–> More Victoria Miniatures News

This Roller Girl is coming soon from Infamy Miniatures:
–> More Infamy Miniatures News

Puppetswar released a new Orc biker:

–> More Puppetswar News

And Perry Miniatures added some interesting new releases to their range:

–> More Perry Miniatures News

And some new Kickstarter campaigns:

Iron Golems – Wood Elf Fantasy Football Team
ESLO Terrain – 3D-Printable WW2 German Town
Fundación Inceptum – Universal Miniatures Battles Wargame
District Games – Zero Gravity Magnetic Miniatures Game
JoeK Minis – Odyssey: The Furies
Pulposaurus Entertainment – Conen: Rise of Monsters
Postindustrial Games – Human Interface: Be a Better Human

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~ Finally an Indian Pattern Carrier!!
  • Shinnentai

    Minotaur balls.
    That is all.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation


  • euansmith

    Between Fabled Realms and Fall Out, I can see some more big boxes of stuff wending their way to me.

  • markdawg

    Perry Minis India Carriers takes the top spot for me they look perfect!