P3 Painting Tutorial: Green and Khaki Together at Last

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The Retribution of Scyrah is getting a bunch of new models. Make them look amazing with these tutorials.

June is Retribution Month over at Privateer Press. What with the new command book coming out, Goreshade becoming Gyrrshyld, and a whole bunch of new units from arcanists to mage hunters and nyss blade masters. So make sure your Retribution army looks its best with these painting tips that–admittedly–certain other factions might want to use. But Mage Hunter Green–I mean I don’t even know if mages can wear that and still be able to cast spells. Oh they can? Well what even is the point then.


Oh right. There’s the point.

Regardless, these are some great ways to make a couple of fairly standard colors (green and khaki–now who else wears that?) look much more vibrant. In these tutorials you’ll get some cool tips on bringing out the highlights and different paint mixtures you can use to make your colors have richness and depth. So grab your brush and your palette and dive in.

via Privateer Press

First up we’ve got the khaki drab tutorial, for all those belts, pants, and pith helmets that keep turning up. Whether your minis are carrying gear or about to go on safari, this tutorial can help. Of particular interest here, you’ll get to check out some of the way they mix colors that you wouldn’t really expect to bring out some of the highlights. Check it out:

I never would’ve thought to use blue as a mix in anything even approaching khaki–but there you go. The whole video is full of great secret tech you can use to really make your models stand out.

Then of course, we’ve got the color that will make your enemies (mage hunter) green with envy.

And while that joke might have been terrible, the tutorial isn’t. They get a lot of depth out of a color that, by its nature, blends in more. We tend to look at bluer colors as more background kind of things–and this is definitely a bluer green, but they really make it seem alive.

So check these videos out and get painting!

Have fun painting your happy* little elves.

*The BoLS team would like to apologize for implying that the Retribution was capable of feeling any emotion other than anger.

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