Paint the Imperium Dark with Duncan

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Learn how thin coats can save the Dark Imperium (or at least make it look amazing as it goes down in flames).

Join Duncan aka the Bob Ross of the Warhammer World today and learn how to paint up the models you’ll find in the Dark Imperium boxed set. There are a whole series of painting tutorials up to help jumpstart everyone who’s picked up the Dark Imperium. There are some amazing models that are included in it–you get your Primaris and Death Guard and some poxwalkers and a Lord of Contagion among others.

But if you look carefully you’ll realize that there are two different sets of videos for each model. There’s the Ready for Battle series, and the How to Paint series. It’s interesting, because both videos cover the same models, but show you two different ways to paint them. Here’s what I mean:

The Ready for Battle Series are meant to get your army looking great and on the table as quick as you can. At the start of each video Duncan recommends an assembly line sort of process for painting all the models–and the tips he takes you through will get each miniature looking good fast. But then in the How to Paint series he goes into much more careful detail about how to make the model stand out on the table.

I get the sense that the Ready for Battle videos are meant to get your army painted and playable–but the How to Paint ones are for pure presentation. If you have the time to sit back and detail the highlights and rivets on the collar of your one character or the like, for instance. And take a look at the final results and you can see how they differ. Here’s a Lord of Contagion first from the Ready for Battle:

And now from the How to Paint series:

Subtle differences–but they’re definitely there. There are two different sets of colors used in each of these videos, different shade and highlight mixes–and techniques. When covering the poxwalker for Ready for Battle the focus is on covering large areas all at once–but there’s extra care given to each appendage in the How to Paint Series.

The big takeaway is, whatever level of detail you want on your models, Warhammer TV has got you covered. Check out the videos here.

Primaris Captain – How to Paint

Primaris Captain – Ready for Battle

Poxwalker – How to Paint

Poxwalker – Ready for Battle

Lord of Contagion – How to Paint

Lord of Contagion – Ready for Battle

Happy Painting!