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Amid all the changes at Privateer Press–an RPG got announced!

That’s right! Big changes are afoot at Privateer Press these days. What with the CID helping to change their publishing cycle and No Quarter going ad-free and rebooting as No Quarter Prime and stepping up to fill the role of faction/force/theme books instead of the traditional splatbooks we’d see periodically from Privateer Press. And those are big pieces of news unto themselves.

Essentially with the CID’s success in bringing out the Grymkin as quickly as they have, they’re making it so that they can engage more with their community, who will be helping to test and develop the new forces and models and theme forces (Trenchers are the next big push, and you’ll be seeing them in September in No Quarter Prime). But amid all of that, we also got sort of stealth RPG announcement as well–only it was buried amid the news of all the changes. Take a look!

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No Quarter Prime will also guide you through a tour of the geography and landmarks of Immoren. In “Hostile Territory,” an all-new feature exploring the iconic sites of the Iron Kingdoms, you’ll find in-depth information on historical battlefields, important fortresses and fortifications, and more. Each article will also feature a multiplayer scenario based on that location, a guide for making battlefield elements iconic of that location, and in-game rules for those elements.

Just as in recent issues, you’ll continue to find a new playable experience in each issue. Like previous No Quarter games Grind, Deck Raiders, and Extreme Colossal Wrestling, you’ll find new ways to play with your WARMACHINE and HORDES models in No Quarter Prime. But those stand-alone games will sometimes give way to experiences quite different from those, such as campaigns, self-contained RPG adventures, and expansion rules for WARMACHINE and HORDES. The September/October issue will include a self-contained Strangelight Workshop RPG experience based on the Strangelight Workshop organization debuting in the upcoming Wicked Ways anthology this month. And in November, we’ll bring you the newly revised rules for UNBOUND, so you can wage your WARMACHINE and HORDES battles on a massive scale!

Now we’ve talked about Wicked Ways before–it’s an anthology that’s going to introduce (among other things) the Strangelight Workshop which is a kind of Fantasy X-Files, dedicated to hunting down the Supernatural beings that haunt the world of Immoren. Now in Wicked Ways they’re specifically tied to the Grymkin–but there’s a ton of stuff to explore in the Iron Kingdoms. I think this could make for a great angle for an RPG. I mean, I know there’s one set in the Iron Kingdoms–but it’s really more of a skirmish game (and now that the Iron Kingdoms are getting their own skirmish game I think it’s really out of place). So I’m glad to see that they’re interested in having players explore that world.

Especially given some of the sources of tragedy and conflict. Like the invasion of Llael.

Who knows what kind of ghosts can be dug up in there? Ghosts that might attract the attention of the Strangelight Workshop. Something about the idea of a Supernatural/X-Files-esque team set in this world is really appealing to me–let’s just see if they manage to broaden their connection to the world, or keep them myopically focused on the Grymkin. Anyway if you want to know a little more about the Strangelight Workshop, here’s a teaser video for you.

The Truth is out there. And so are Warjacks. And like, all kind of Cryx weirdos. There’s a lot out there, is what I’m saying.

  • euansmith

    “Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur,
    Natromo faan tornek wot ur.
    Ter Lantern ker lo Abin Sur,
    Taan lek lek nok–Formorrow Sur!”

    • dave long island

      Sotek be praised!

  • marxlives

    I just want my RPG character to have his office in the basement with a poster of a Grimkin with the words “I want to believe” on the wall.