Primaris Marines Range is Going to be HUGE

We’ve seen the fancy GW minis for the current upcoming Primaris Marines – but they are larger than we thought!

Meet soon to be mini-me…


We’ve seen the Primaris Marines and recently the Redemptor Dread and new Grav Tank. the official GW pics are shot at dramatic  angles and are somewhat difficult to gauge exact size.

Then I came across these..

And you thought normal dreads were large.

That thing dwarfs the Leviathan Dread – which is incredible for a “standard” plastic kit from GW.  Now it has me thinking that the upcoming GRAV Tank might be Land-Raider big in person.

I bet this thing is going to be a MONSTER when placed next to Rhinos and Predators…

I think this is all part of the grand strategy of making the Primaris range sexy and appealing.  The designs can’t just have more detail – they have to be physically more impressive – to make the existing Space Marine range seem a bit quaint.


We should all take a minute and weep for the teensy RTB-01 marines…

~Just how big do you think the new Primaris range will get?




  • Sleeplessknight

    They need to make them BIG so they can justify charging more money.

    • Malisteen

      Not just that, they also need to be big enough to give them cooler details and better proportioned bodies, so that regular marines look silly next to them, in order to convince existing marine players to upgrade.

      • Honestly tho, I’ve been saying for years that I would upgrade for truescale if it was an option. There is no world where my guardsman should be the same size as a marine.

        • ZeeLobby

          I agree they look much better. I honestly would have been fine if they were just the new marine models. The fluff just makes me cringe tho.

          • rtheom

            Don’t worry, they will be soon enough. Did you notice that Primaris Marine is significantly more copyrightable than Space Marine? :p

          • Nonot Gonnapey

            Well, of course, that’s the impetus behind *ALL* of the recent name changes.

          • mrbleak

            Cringe? why? Girlyman decimating the entirety of Leviathan Fleet in like 5 minutes after the entire blood angles chapter was utterly powerless to stop it just makes perfect sense to me … :3

          • Diagoras

            And don’t forget making back to Ultramar in time to single-handedly b****-slap Morty and the Death Guard back into the warp. You know, after also beating Magnus and the Thousand Sons on the moon.

            Seriously, is Matt Ward writing the new fluff? I’m getting serious Matt Ward vibes…

          • YorkshireNinja

            To be fair to the writers, it’s not Guilliman who saves the blood angels. It’s implied that the hive fleet is destroyed in space and on Baal’s moons by K’Bandha, and the stalemate of the plague wars is only broken when the death guard retreat for unknown reasons. They’re just leaving these ends open for further campaigns and supplements, first of which will be fall of Konor.

          • euansmith

            Aren’t the Death Guard redeployed to fight the true enemy of Chaos any Chaos God… other Chaos Chaos Gods?

          • Agent of Change

            So now we need a picture of a Blood angel getting a piggy back ride from a Bloodthirster to go along with our Existing Blood Angel/Nercron bro-fist.


          • Aura1

            Matt Ward was the consultant on Gathering Storm and therefore presumably 8th edition. He’s not being interviewed as one of the core writers but the fact that he was re-employed to ‘advise’ suggests GW knew he’d be controversial but can’t get enough of that illicit Dreadknight crack…

          • NNextremNN

            Robute was loosing to Magnus it was the last minute Sisters of Silence who blocked his powers and the Custodes doing the rest.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            He partially is.. He tweeted late last year he was having a contract with GW again… Two months later and it was Gathering storm… So I think they have him co writing or brainstorming at the very least.

          • Diagoras

            This news is… most unsettling… It goes a long, long way towards explaining the Primaris lore, anyway…

            If you’ll all excuse me, I need some time to mourn the passing of my hope that Chaos might actually stand a chance.

          • euansmith

            coughcoughKa’bandhacoughcough 😉

          • Amon-Alex69

            Wasn’t Smurfboi tho it was the Blood Angels’s best friend : Kha Bhanda who did most of the part.

          • zeno666

            LoL, yeah!
            I’m giving 8th editon a go actually. But the fluff, which 40k-fanboyz are so proud of, is reeeaaallly bad.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. I mean it’s been on a gradual decline, and most of it now reads like a sales pitch (look at how awesome that recently released tank is!). But primaris we’re like the first huge thing (at least that I can remember) where fluff has been massively bastardized purely to push models…

          • Richard Mitchell

            That is true, old space marines look dated when next to primaris spacemarines. I feel the fluff is to justify the separate rules for them. Rather than saying that primaris space marines are just updated dated models and use the same rules as regular spacemarines.

        • I’ve been tempted to fix that by using 1/72 scale models for guardsmen…

          • Ebsolom

            Haha, that would make a Ripper swarm truly terrifying for the little fellas 🙂

        • Malisteen

          oh, i agree, my comment wasn’t intended to be nearly as cynical as it sounded. I’m excited to see whatever the chaos version of primaris marines end up looking like, and while I won’t have the funds to replace all my army at once, I know that it will happen over time.

        • NagaBaboon

          Yeah I’m ditching all my old marines (well retirng them to the back of the cabinet anyway) as far as i’m concerned now Primaris marines are the only marines and I’m just ignoring all the silly fluff that bought them into existence, not only do they look better in proportion but with the extra wound and cost they feel more ‘superhuman’ than they did, smaller elite armies, closer to the way they seem in the fluff.

        • Iconoc1ast

          It is indeed great times that have been bestowed upon us by the vision of our Lord Guilliman and the wonders of the Adeptus Mechanicus’ craft.

  • Drpx

    Primaris Dread looks like it might actually be piloted with a hatch on the underside ala Titanfall.

    • YetAnotherFacelessMan

      As with all dreads, it is piloted. See the little box in the opening on the top? That’s a sarcophagus, in which is interred a near-dead space marine. The sarcophagus is removable.

      • Alessio

        Yep. They take them for BBQ and leave the hatch open to let them smell the smoke. ahhh Taste like Victory!

      • Drpx

        That’s not piloting, that’s wearing.

  • Superstew

    I think the Primaris Marines must be trying to compensate for something….

    • vlad78

      IRL why is the FW leviathan dread so cool and the GW primaris dread so ugly when comparing the 2 of them?

      • DJ860

        Well, that’s subjective. I personally don’t think it’s ugly.

    • euansmith

      A lack of Imperial manpower 😀

  • D_Ork

    Once all the new Primaris stuff is out, GW will announce that the old, smaller SMs are now called “squats.”

    • Dennis J. Pechavar

      And squats no longer exist. Sorry marines time to throw out those old models that now have no rules. Thanks D_Ork.

      • Malisteen

        Oh, the rules will still be supported. The indeces at the very least will last through 8th, and 9th & 10th will most likely be backwards compatible. The existing models will be rules supported for ages, if not forever, to avoid the bitterness and bad pr that would come from invalidating the armies of the majority of players in the game.

        • vlad78

          Supported for ages like sisters of battle = obsolete rules pushing players to shelve them?

          • Munn

            We’re better than most of the marine armies now thank you very much.

          • vlad78

            After 15 years of neglect. I’m sure SOB were high on the list of to be discontinued armies within GW HQ before Kirby began to retire.

          • memitchell

            Only 15 years of neglect? Gee, what’s that like?
            -Genestealer Cult
            Now brand new after 20 years of neglect.

          • vlad78

            Don’t make me say the word ‘squats !’ again.

            pls ;p

          • Malisteen

            sisters of battle aren’t bad rules on purpose, they’re bad rules because GW devs are bad and inconsistent rules writers with relatively poor understanding of the game who use inadequate testing proceedures. For a comparison look at age of sigmar, where the tomb kings ‘tide you over’ rules made them the strongest undead subfaction by a country mile just as GW was dropping the product line entirely. Or, as a chaos marine player, I can point to a nearly a dozen times in our history when the ‘hot new models’ had garbage rules that punished anyone who played them, while good rules went to units with ancient, practically unsupported model options.

          • vlad78

            But chaos marines were never unsupported. The suffered solely from bad design edition after edition just like you said. Sisters were played under 5th 6th and 7th editions with the same rules almost without any change.

          • Malisteen

            I’m sorry, I though the comment was complaining about sisters rules being /bad/, not about them being infrequently updated. I don’t dispute that oldmarine rules will be infrequently updated. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be bad. And it /certainly/ doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to play them, literally the opposite in fact. And while their rules might end up being bad, they aren’t going to be deliberately bad to try and push people to ‘upgrade’.

  • joedecook

    Behold!!!! A Primaris Marine Killa Kan!!!

    • Oi look, boyz! Dem ‘umeez ‘ave looted oua canz!

  • Navaren

    So by dwarfs you mean is slightly larger when you factor in the carapace cannon.

  • Charles Rink

    GW will no longer design new “normal” sized marine kits. All new marine products will be Primaris sized. Eventually “normal” marines will be phased out.

    • dave long island

      GW giveth. And GW taketh away.

      • Mr.psyker

        GW is a model company, Not a rules company.

        -GW old testament

        • zeno666

          8th edition shows this very well

      • euansmith

        Weird, I’m just listening to Queens of the Stone Age, “First It Giveth”.

        • dave long island

          Haw haw!! I’m not familiar with that song, but I do like Queen. Will have to give it a listen.

          • euansmith

            Queens of the Stone Age are a bit different to Queen 😉

          • dave long island

            Oh okay, lol. Guess that explains why I wasnt familiarwith the tune. 🙂

    • Motski

      Care to share your source for this information?

      • SilentPony

        Common sense and GW’s greed

        • CloakingDonkey

          Greed would have been to replace them instantly telling you all to gfy as they have done for the past 25 years.

      • Mira Bella

        What do you think will happen?

      • Horus84cmd

        It a bit naive to think that is not the direction the ranges will take in a couple of years. There’s a outside chance that GW will keep the SM range, but given the background for PM’s makes it explicit that SM can be enhanced to PM’s, I think the writings on the wall. If anything they may keep SM as direct only range or do made to order runs ala the old metal ranges.

        • SilentPony

          And remember, dark imperium, the new novel, has Guilliman openly thinking that the ‘old’ Marines days are numbers and soon he can imagine an Imperium of just Primaris Marines.
          Its a not so subtle wink wink

          • CloakingDonkey

            Good. The old marines look silly. They look, in fact, 20 years old. It’s time they were replaced by something superior, i.e. the Primaris Marines. GW needs to compete with other companies and those companies have been putting out far better miniatures than old marines for years now.

    • Viper666.Qc

      They created “Primaris” fluff only to sell the new SM sculpt to existing players…..otherwise, they would have simply said that these new models are the new SM line….simple as that. But it was cleaver from a business point of view.

      • ZeeLobby

        I mean it was like head butting customers in the face clever I guess… Most people I’ve talked to are less likely to play them because of the way they’ve been shoehorned in.

        • Nonot Gonnapey

          Out of curiosity, what would have been the ‘right’ way to introduce the new ‘true-scale’ marines that would make everyone happy? They could have gone with ‘these are the new sculpts, suck it’ but they tried at least to soften the blow by not invalidating old marines. Yes, the fluff is a bit clumsy, but at least they’re trying to do the changeover in a nice way. Would old GW have been half so considerate? I see a lot of posts about how GW sucks because they made new marine models that will maybe, probably someday invalidate the old ones, but players are welcome to speak with their wallets. If no one buys the primaris marines, then they’ll stop making them. They ARE a business after all. You can’t please all of the people all of the time after all.

          • ZeeLobby

            Well. I think you’ve started this question with an impossibility. Nothing a company will do when replacing something will make “everyone happy”. But good lord, don’t sacrifice the fluff, which let’s be frank is 40K’s strongest written feature, to pidgeonhole an upgrade in. I mean why not do what they have ALWAYS done when it comes to upgrading a range: “We’re bringing out a fresh Space Marine range, and now they’re true scale! Don’t worry about having to upgrade everything, as you can still use your old models and upgrade as you go, while still getting to try out the awesome new units and weapons!”

            Sounds good to me. I mean it’s how they did the 32mm base roll out, and while people complained at first, they soon were all out there upgrading, but they didn’t HAVE to. Now if you want something new and exciting in your existing space marine army you now have to ally it in, lose possible buffs, and adopt the pretty dismal fluff justification. They took what could have just been an awkward moment for models on the table (sizes being off) and turned it into an awkward moment on the table, in the rules, and in the fluff.

          • Horus84cmd

            It wouldn’t surprise me it the move to 32mm bases was a early move to start the transition to the Primaris Marines. SM would look even more strange next to PM on 25mm bases.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. That’s probably true.

    • zeno666

      I hope so, since the old marines cartoonishly small

      • euansmith

        Compact, bijou, petite.

      • CloakingDonkey

        The more I look at the Primaris, the more absurd the old ones look…

        • zeno666

          That is what I’ve been seeing for years…
          Welcome to my world 😉

      • luke-vdv

        I’m the opposite. I love the proportions and size of the regular marines. They are too small fluff-wise, but model-wise I like their look.

    • Spacefrisian

      Like they usually do, or do you guys think they still make the old dark Eldar models?

  • Jonathon West

    Same size as a leviathan, it doesn’t dwarf it at all…

  • dave long island

    The new Dread has a more manly gait to him… lol. I won’t elaborate on that. You’re welcome… lol

    • euansmith

      Okay, Sigmar now needs a Manly Gate leading to the Realm of Muscle.

      • dave long island

        Haw haw!! 🙂

  • Michael Fifield

    Is it just me or does the new Dread have little feet?

    • Pcm979

      The high line on the armour protecting the sarcophagus also makes it look like it’s either wearing overalls cinched far too high or a gigantic diaper.

      I can’t unsee it, so I’m spreading the love.

      • sidewinderscott

        i cant look at the captain in the starter set without seeing a fat guy.

        • Pcm979

          With his armour 1 letter away from being called Gravid, I think he’s expecting a bouncing baby Primaris any time now.

  • dave long island

    I’m glad I don’t have that large of a SM collection. If they release new and improved Orks, however, I’m up the proverbial Tippecanoe and Tyler Too without a paddle!… lol

    • D_Ork

      I had the same thought. The Brain Boyz will return and create improved Orks that are all Nobz.


      • Mr_Pickles

        Nobz replace boyz, boyz replace grotz, and we’ll get a warboss mob that’ll replace Nobz…

        • OrksIsMadeFerRockin

          Or worse they will seperate the greenskins the way they did in aos.

          • Stefan Pietraszak

            They already did, just not on the gretchin/boy/nob line. That’s what the is for. Sooner or (rather) later we’ll see special rules / command options for specific clans. It’s already more advantageous to have single-clan detachments. You don’t have to do it, but your Warboss will be more effective. And Meks will only work on vehicles of their clan, etc. pp.

            So yes, that’s exactly like in AoS.

            [Disclaimer: I personally don’t care that much, as I’ve only got Evil Sunz. But Orks are notorious for bringing many clans together, or else it won’t be a proper Waaagh!.]

  • Douglas Burton

    So with all this new tech, I’m guessing mankind is no longer in decline and is jumping forward in leaps and bounds technologically speaking?

    • WhenDidVicesBecomeVirtues

      At this rate, we’ll have jump drive technology to travel without the need for the warp.

      • euansmith

        “Make it so.”

    • Crevab

      I think the party line is that 10k years ago, Guilliman told Cawl, “innovate”, and all the Primaris stuff we’ll be seeing is the result of that.

      • euansmith

        It would be great for the Ad Mech to see Cawl’s new stuff as a licence for them all to dig out their own pet projects and unleash a tidal wave of poorly designed carnage on to the setting.

  • Matthew Pomeroy

    There is still just something about this whole Primaris thing, I dont like the look of any of their new models so far. Reivers are about the worst to me, followed closely by the dread

    • luke-vdv

      The designs just seem so bland and lazy to me. We have Space Marines, and now we have Super Space Marines that are basically just bigger regular Marines.

      • Matthew Pomeroy

        my mark 3 are “bland” I just cant put my finger on it, but they seem…wrong to me somehow.

      • CloakingDonkey

        that’s exactly what they are. Bigger, better, newer Marines.

        • luke-vdv

          Yes. Lazy and bland more of the same, but slightly different.

          • CloakingDonkey

            Did you expect them to do away with Space Marines in favor of something else? Cause that’d be pretty naive.

          • luke-vdv

            No, why would I think that. They could have just updated the model range with taller models instead of touting them as something new with terrible lore.

    • 415Native

      That new grav tank is possibly the worst GW model of all time. Clunky shape, silly guns, tiny turret.

  • piglette

    I like the Primaris models, but I fear what will happen to normal, lil marines. They don’t look good side-by-side.

  • WK80

    Man I miss that box of 30 marines for $18…

  • MechBattler

    They have to be bigger to justify the price tags. Who wants to bet that new dread is $70+ compared to the $46.25 on the old one? They had the cahonies to make the bare bones contemptor $60, so higher than that wouldn’t surprise me. That grav tank probably clocks in at or higher than the raider’s $75.

  • Vayle

    As a Salamanders player i ask only one thing…
    Can it have flamers…
    if yes, two things… how many flamers can it have

    • Dan Wilson

      Apparently the Heavy Gravis armour Primaris marines are all about the flamers (and rocket launchers)

  • Jeremy Larson

    Question: if the Primaris Marines are brand new, how do they ‘ancient, honor heroes’ to inter in a Dreadnought?

    • Jason75

      As I understand it Cawl has been working on the Primaris project for ten thousand years, and “current year” in 40k is a century or more after Roboute was awakened leaving plenty of time for a few Primaris marines to be interred.

      That said, I don’t think they’re likely to have any Venerable Dreadnoughts.

      • Crevab

        and many of the Primaris are from 30k fresh out of stasis

      • Munn

        Dreads just a dread. They slap whoever int it. The primaris thing is more gameplay than fluff.

        • euansmith

          “Space Marine, we must field test this new pattern of Dreadnought.”

          “Unfortunately we have no badly injured Primaris Bothers to undertake this task… What are you going with that chainscaple? Aaaaaagh!”

          “As I said, we must field test this new pattern of Dreadnought.”

      • SWISSchris

        I figured it as like this:

        Step 1: Take sarcophagus out of existing dreadnought / venerable dreadnought (they are removable / clamped in if you look at the concept sketches)

        Step 2: Insert it into the primaris dreadnought chassis.

        Step 3: “Even in death I still serve!”

        They do look ridiculously big though. Need to play on bigger tables. The battle in the new White Dwarf is on an insanely full board too. Removes much of the tactics but appeals to kids I suppose…

    • NNextremNN

      Spoilers from Dark Imperium Novel said they started working during or after the HH on them and some of them have been in and out of stasis and still remember the past. The Indomitus crusade also lasted 100 years or so. Plenty of time to age and heroically almost die.

  • Ironheaded Painting

    Woot.. new dread will be nice alternate Nemesis Dread Knight.. no more baby-carrier. Conversion time!

  • blackbloodshaman

    I like the marines, but the vehicles are super ugly

  • Mitchell

    Leviathan is still a way nicer model

  • Crablezworth

    Not feelin the dread

    • euansmith

      Do you not even feel sight trepidation?

      • SWISSchris

        At the future of 40k, where exactly they are taking it in terms of tone, and even more pushing model sales over a tactically enjoyable game? Yes, yes I do.

  • OrksIsMadeFerRockin

    As long as they stop calling them primaris marines when they fully replace regular marines

    • David Leimbach

      No, you can’t stop calling them Primaris because eventually they will discover a flaw. All regular marines will be long gone. The flaw is such that Pararis marines have started to die suddenly in the middle of battle. They must be replaced. so you will then have to buy the new Primarerer marines that are even bigger.

  • karloss01

    I personally would’ve preferred if Guilliman and Cawl either reinforced the Custodes so they could fight on a wider scale or just re-equipped the normal marines and give their veterans new toys to play with then produce an entirely new line of space marines. But hey I’m chaos/Tyranids so all I care about is how well they die/taste (respectively… maybe).

    • Crevab

      I have little doubt the new line was modeled, then GW came up with their fluff

      • David Leimbach

        No doubt they were modeled first at the same size as the regular marines. The discussion went like this:
        If New Marine +1 size increment sells x more, then New Marine +10 size increments should sell 10 times x more. Do it! (CAD guy presses the plus key on his keyboard 10 times). It is done boss!

    • Fergie0044

      Emperors children could care about both….

    • NNextremNN

      Well rumor was they had truescale marines for years but held back because they didn’t want to invalidate old armies. The fluff excuse for that is rather lame but they also said you can upgrade old marines into new marines so they are kinda re-equipping all old veterans with new stuff even two new organs 😉

  • Dan Wilson

    Could see myself printing the leviathan as a Redemptor, next to each other the leviathan has more of a classic space marine look.

  • Diagoras

    I love, love, love, LOVE the Leviathan. Will definitely pick up a Hellforged for my Iron Warriors.

    However, the Redemptor looks horrible. It’s fat. Stomach turret makes it look heavily pregnant. Massive torso, tiny limbs. Proportions look like some pile of crap the Orks would cook up.

    At least the Leviathan’s legs look reinforced enough to support it’s own weight.

    • Fergie0044

      Looking at the two side by side I don’t think the new dread’s limbs are that tiny. Don’t get me wrong, the leviathan looks better in every way, but I’m not seeing the stubby legs and arms some people are complaining about.

  • Luca Lacchini

    The upscaled Castraferrum body shape of the Primaris dread, with those bow legged stilts that make it seem about to fall forward or sideways, looks horrible. Sorry, I had to vent it.

    The Grav tank should be a tad wider to have less of a straight-outta-Rhino look. And the turret is silly.

    The whole Primaris line – not going into the fluff debate – is at the same time good looking and somewhat lacking, or quite ugly but still interesting.

    • Diagoras

      I *HATE* that tank. So much. It looks like it was designed to be a regular tank. Then, at the last minute, they decided it wasn’t “special” enough, and slapped those repulsors on the bottom. It even still has the raised bits of armor on the front that normally cover the treads.

      And, yeah. The turret is just silly.

      The Primaris themselves look alright, but they’re just hideous where vehicles are concerned.

      • NNextremNN

        Maybe it comes with tracks and repulsors and the unit has the option to select repulsors and then get the fly keyword to fall back and shoot or something like that.

        … it’s still rather ugly just like the dread.

      • Greg MacLean

        It also looks like they were building a grav tank, and then a bunch of orks got a hold of it, then when they chased them off and came back a Jokaero had gotten a hold of it.

        Primaris marine: “MOAR DAKKA FOR THE EMPRAH”

  • Timotheus

    Yaay… :/

  • Pain_Glove

    I guess that hover-tank will be longer an bulkier even than a landraider (minus the sponsons)

  • euansmith

    The Primaris Hover Tank slews to a halt, the hatches pop, and a Rhino roars out of each side.

    • NNextremNN

      Plastic Mastodon XD that’s as good as a plastic Thunderhawk isn’t it?

    • Greg MacLean

      and then it compresses into a land speeder and zips off to get more?

      • euansmith

        Or does it transform in to a Primaris Pattern Titan and take the fight to the Emperor’s foes?

        • Greg MacLean

          They’re still manufacturing the first primaris Titan, but they’ve run into hiccups. Mars can only manufacture titans that are the same size as or smaller than mars itself.

        • Matthew Pomeroy

          maybe some primaris power rangers?

  • You thought the Repulsor would not be at least as large as a Land Raider? It is a damn Land Raider with hover-tracks. Probably upscaled to allow Primaris to be transported as regular Land Raiders don’t allow it (which is a nice marketing trick from GW btw… “Sorry, a Land Raider ain’t big enough for Primaris. What you say? Rhinos weren’t big enough for regular Marines either? Shhh… Keep calm and buy this Repulsor.”).

  • Maciek Kiliszek

    So I guess everything should be bigger. Ork Megaboss and Tyranid monsters… otherwise they will look pathetic next to Primairs Marines.

    • Shinnentai

      Everything is *supposed* to look pathetic next to Primaris Marines – get with the program!

  • Horus84cmd

    Shock and horror as people find out that, if you increase the size of marines to be the scale they should be, then their vehicles follow suit.

    Why is this a surprise to anyone. GW are playing a cleaver long game here. They not taking a big stick to Space Marines and getting rid of them in one single swipe (they make too much money of them for that); but they are, I would say, evidently going to phase them out over the next few years. I for one will be surprised if we see any more purely SM kits (maybe the odd character) come out. Additionally I would hazard at some point in the future the background will cause CSM to get hold of the Primaris technology and we see all that range getting replaced to.

    • memitchell

      You stated snarky, and then got prophetic. What you project is why people object.

      • Matthew Pomeroy

        the rhyming, please sir, no more 😀

        • memitchell

          No way! Well, OK. But, I fear you nailed the future of Space Marines, vice Primaris Marines. And, it ain’t pretty. Which is kinda $hitty.

          • Matthew Pomeroy

            well done sir!

  • Shinnentai

    I was really disappointed when I saw the overhead shot of the dread – looks really derpy compared to the first shot they released.

    That first shot makes it look like they pushed the body into more of a slope, forming a nose at the bottom, which would have given it more of a classic mech styling.

    Even now I think if you modded it to cover over the cockpit at the top and add a vision slit further down it would make it look a lot more menacing.

  • Mike X (Official)

    It has to be huge if it’s going to replace regular Marines…

  • Branahar

    I think that its pritty obvious that the tank is at least as big as the landraider as it’s basically landraider speeder

  • Jabberwokk

    I can’t wait for Primaris Gaunts that are just a smidge bigger but TOTALLY diffrent! No please buy and paint 100 more. Have fun with that.

    *Mr. Popo laughing*

  • kobalt60

    The giant new pot bellied and bow legged dred reminds me of ral Partha ending their anime/robotech battletech mechs and switching to the’ boxes stacked on other boxes’ design ideal. I hope it looks better in person

    • CloakingDonkey

      It can’t be worse than ol’ kneeless Stumpy.

      • kobalt60

        “can’t be worse than” is exactly what got us the current obliterator/mutilator kits. In terms of the dred, I guess I was hoping 8th editions mantra of everything old is new again ment we’d get dreds that got design cues from the original models

        • CloakingDonkey

          Honestly I don’t even see the problem with these dreads… At least they have functioning arms and legs. The old ones always looked ridiculous. Sure the “chest” is a little on the big side but that’s just 40k… Barrel-chested is baseline in their design.

  • Nyyppä

    The best thing here is that I can convert the new dread in to a leviathan without having to deal with FW miscasts and such.

  • Sergei Lamkov

    Primaris players are going to hell with their armies, i announced that if ever even one of these models are coming to my club I’ll forcefeed the owner with it and me mates agree with it.
    Awful fluff, plain minis a squatted regular marines? No, thanks.

    • CloakingDonkey

      I’d send you a post card from hell but they don’t deliver to the landfill your 20 year old models belong into.

  • Thomas

    So… Am I the only one who doesn’t think the Primaris even look good?

    Too “tacticool” and sleek, while somehow being simultaneously covered in extraneous panels and “mechanical bits” so that they look like a horrific cross between Iron Man, a Call of Duty character and a Starcraft marine.

    I mean, look at those impregnator dudes. They’ve got these ridiculous hoods, they’re wearing skis and their guns have shields on them. At the same time, their armour is all flat panels and smooth bits with no flavour or character. That jetpack looks like a pair of cheap hairdryers stuck together.

    And don’t get me started on the Dread that skipped leg day and the horrendous tank made of guns that are made of smaller guns.


    • CloakingDonkey

      I might be inclined to agree if it wasn’t for the fact that the old marines look even more ridiculous 😉

  • KreskinsESP

    I just like that we can now get Space Marines with legs that don’t make them look like they just finished pooping, discovered there’s no toilet paper, and have to shuffle to the other side of the bathroom with their pants at their thighs to get a fresh roll.