Privateer: Big Changes are Coming for No Quarter

Privateer’s in house magazine is getting a new name and a new focus.

The September/October issue is going to bring some big changes – all aiming to make the quarterly a fundamental part of Warmachine and Hordes. This includes new name: No Quarter Prime. The issues will reboot at #1, and they will be advertisement free to max out the amount of content in each issue. Speaking of, there are some awesome changes to content planned. The new focus will be on new game content players can use the instant they get their hands on it, in depth Iron Kingdoms lore, and detailed hobby articles.

NQ’s editor in chief, Lyle Lowery, gives a look at what he and Privateer have planned….

Each issue of No Quarter Prime will contain extensive, comprehensive information about one of the varied and unique fighting forces of the Iron Kingdoms. And we’re not just talking about a page of theme force rules—we’re talking about a deep dive into the background and organization of these fighting forces, the introduction of new units and heroes, their weapons and equipment, alternate color schemes for thematic units, new scenarios, and hobby features. And that’s JUST the theme force content. The September/October issue will have 36 pages of content on Cygnar’s trenchers, and each issue of No Quarter Prime will tackle a different theme force or comparable group of warriors for WARMACHINE and HORDES.

No Quarter Prime will have several new regular features, and the theme force content is just one example. One of the other exciting new additions will be the 18-page feature called “The Fire & the Forge,” dedicated to retelling the WARMACHINE and HORDES sagas from the beginning. We’ve heard your calls for a collected version of the WARMACHINE and HORDES sagas, and we’re answering with something more exciting than a mere compilation.

This will be an updated chronicle of the events that ignited the modern era of warfare in the Iron Kingdoms as originally depicted beginning with WARMACHINE: Prime (the Mk I one), retold in a uniform, collected series and brought to you in each No Quarter Prime. “The Fire & the Forge” will use both essay and narrative storytelling to stitch together this grand saga—think of it like one of those History Channel series that goes back and forth between voiceover and dramatization. If you have wanted all the lore around the world-changing events of the Iron Kingdoms in one place, “The Fire & the Forge” series is going to deliver it.

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  • euansmith

    Is that a Kev Walker cover?

    • Nate

      It’s Andrea Uderzo.

    • That’s Vulkan!!!

  • Severius_Tolluck

    Hmm, but are they still quarterly? Which I always found hilarious and ironic that their in house magazine named “No Quarter” was a quarterly released magazine. With that kind of content I guess it will stay as such, but would be great if it was monthly. Say what you will about the game, but it does have some fascinating world building and lore.

    • Nate

      Every other month, according to a previous insider on the topic, I believe.

      • Matt Razincka

        Can confirm. It hasn’t been quarterly in a few years. 😉

      • marxlives

        Still think it is going to be quarterly, and they mention that if you already are subscribed to NQ you will be upgraded to NQ Prime. Basically, it is a rebranding of something they have already been doing to keep the game and its lore more dynamic. In a way it is not too much of a big change. This year they have already been offloading more of the lore and theme forces onto NQ and through the Skull Island Expeditions novels.

        I think a lot of this is driven by digital purchases and the desire for players to also have something analog rather than digital in their hands. You can download the updated cards, updated rulebook, scenarios with deployments and objectives, faqs, and campaign play for free. Then they used CID to basically crowdsource beta testing into miniature gaming. Basically a lot of the design processes you see in video gaming are being integrated in miniature gaming and in that process forcebooks don’t make sense.

        When you think about it, lore for video games are usually offloaded to the game itself and other media. The year long campaigns have been doing this for about a decade of play with narrative and scenarios being provided for free. But now the lore is being transferred to NQs, NQ compilations, and novels (which are available to in analog and digital formats). The focus seems to be using video game design techniques, while leveraging social, digital, and analog media in a way that keep the game dynamic and always moving forward without using the old sell rulebook with forcebook (codices) release cycle.

        For people who don’t play Warmachine or are new, a lot of these changes are not new. Some of them are very old. It is really just the culmination of 11 years worth of constant design and work. It is more of a slow planned evolution, rather than a sudden jump or change in direction.

  • m3g4tr0n

    So, White Dwarf.

    • marxlives

      Ya, except no ads and all content. Anyone who has read a WD and a NQ knows that there is a world of difference between the two.

      • Even just flipping through a copy of NQ at a store has shown me most of what I missed from WDs, back before they went weekly. It was one of the reasons I stopped buying WD entirely. Not only did PP steamroll GW with their Primecast, their magazine was also much, much better.

        Honestly tempted to pick NQP up in the future. I don’t play WarmaHordes, but read a bunch of the novellas and novels. Seeing how they’re aiming to put in big lore sections, I’m highly interested.

    • Nicolas M

      So, White Dwarf from when it was actually good and not a glorified catalogue.

      Fixed for you.

      • Belechem

        Since the (last) reboot of white dwarf i do not have the feeling that its a catalogue anymore. Its actually quite good. It became a strong motivator to paint and play again.

  • greenskin

    Is that a CygNarine on the cover? looks like the missing link between Stormcast and NuMarines…a “Thunder warrior” lol…I’ll let myself out..