Privateer: New Scyrah and Nyss Units for the Retribution

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The Retribution is getting a couple of new units dedicated to Scyrah and Nyssor. Epic team-up action awaits!

Two new units are incoming for the Retribution this month. First up are the Spears of Scyrah, due out June 14th. These are a units of fanatical mage hunters who wield devastating spears and do their best to avenge their fallen deities (after all, with Scyrah and Nyssor that leaves two deities left in the elven pantheon, and they’re a bit protective). Then, coming two weeks later, June 28th, are the Ryssovass Defenders, a unit of sacred defenders who have become lost after the Everblight claimed so much of their home. So in two weeks we’ll have seen two very different takes on Iosian defenders of the faith, which is fitting for the faction.

Almost makes you wonder how well the two would work together–after all, there’s nothing that says crossover franchise hit like two disparate parties teaming up to fight a common foe. And there are so many common foes for them to pick from. Let’s go with Khador, for now.

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Spears of Scyrah$24.99

The trio known as the Spears of Scyrah count among the most fanatical mage hunters in the Retribution. Worshiping Scyrah in her guise as Avenger of the Vanished, they aspire to appease the goddess by striking down those who have caused harm to the lost Iosan gods. The Spears have had many members over the centuries, starting from the first years of the Retribution’s existence, and all have accepted their mortality to serve without fear of death.

Ryssovass Defenders$54.99

The Nyss ryssovass were once proud defenders of the winding mountain passes of the Shard Spires. Having lost their sense of purpose after so many of their order were corrupted by Everblight, the remaining ryssovass relocated to Ios alongside their fellow refugees, where their frozen god is protected. They do not hesitate to join the Retribution of Scyrah in battle, seeing this as part of their sacred responsibility.

Really digging the “character unit” types we’ve been seeing these days. Here’s hoping for a unit of super cool battlemages.

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