Privateer: This Warmachine Animated Short is Awesome

Haley and Deneghra meet in an explosive confrontation that will leave you wanting more.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what Cryx warjacks sound like and hear the voices of the sisters – this video’s for you.

So – when do we get a full length animated series?

  • Mr.Custodes

    And PP still can’t into Sound Design to save her life.

    • ZeeLobby


  • Xodis

    That was pretty awesome, but why is she British?

    • Matt Razincka

      For some reason, that is one of the accepted accents for Cygnarans. Its the same in the audio books.

      • Xodis

        Good to know. Im assuming Khador is Russian because, of course they are, so what dialect is associated to the others if you happen to know?

        • ZeeLobby

          Menoth has an arabic-like accent. Trolls are Scottish. The rest kind of fall into regular tropes. Cryx sound evil. Circle sounds woodsie, lol.

          • Gators, what accent is that? Louisiana? I can imagine Chef Prudhomme doing the Gator voices.

          • ZeeLobby

            Hmm, I guess they might do Bayou voices. I know humans from those areas definitely have bayou voices.

          • Matthew Pomeroy

            Cryx are the good guys!!!

          • Shawn

            Cajun gators I’d wager. Of course, if the gators sounded like they were from Central Florida they’d have issues in the Florida Pan Handle.

          • ZeeLobby

            Haha. true.

          • dinodoc

            “Cryx sound evil.”

            I thought you said someone already had British claimed.

          • ZeeLobby

            well… Cygnar can be kind of evil too 😀

          • UnpluggedBeta

            They should have sounded german what with their historic love of concentration camps.

          • Cergorach

            They sound American! 😉

  • marxlives

    That short is so bad to the bone. Dialog near the end gets hokey, except when Haley is asked “What are you waiting for?” and she responds “Time”. If you are a Warmachine player you know why this fits all versions of Haley. And that it was shown during the Penny Arcade Expo is cool. Been playing Warmachine for 11 years and its cool to see how far PP has come. Between the living FAQ, CID process, there FB Live paint ups, and tutorials, they have really grown. The Warmachine video game was a wash but I am sure if they passed the ball to Hairbrain Schemes (who did a great job with the Shadowrun franchise) for an RPG the next game will be awesome.

  • Hawt Dawg

    Two thumbs up but there is surely more than just making a short cool video like this?

  • Nvision

    I love this, but I wish they’d grabbed a second voice actress.

    • Nate

      Well, Haley and Deneghra are identical twins. That doesn’t automatically mean that they have the same vocal quality in real life, but it does make it much more likely.

      • Nvision

        Yeah, I had just hoped for something a little different in timbre, because Cryx.

        • Nate

          Fair enough! I just wanted to make a note for those not as familiar with the setting.

  • Hudson

    Awesome? Far from it. The visuals and animations are competition at best. The story and dialog is on cringe-y fanfic levels. There is no tension, which mirrors the actual WMH cos every character is a mary sue donning plot armor, so you know nothing of importance will happen. Its all flash (more like a fizzle), no substance.

    • ZeeLobby

      Well, for Tabletop Miniature animated stories, it’s probably the best ever produced. I mean anyone remember that Space Marine movie… lol, what a dumpster fire.

      • petrow84

        Erm, OFFICIAL Tabletop Miniature animated stories. There’s the Lord Inquisitor preview, and it is way superior, than any official product.

        • ZeeLobby

          haha. Yeah. Too bad that didn’t take off.

  • dinodoc

    Who are those characters? The conflict seems semi-interesting

    • Severius_Tolluck

      The long short of it. Deneghra is a witch who was kidnapped as a baby and raised by necromancers. They told her she was the chosen one, but was born a twin, and her twin stole all legacy by sucking away magical talent meant only for her. She made it her goal to kill her sister and absorb her soul.
      They duel, Haley kills Denegra. Necromancers resurrect Deneghra and she gets meaner and wiser and learns to play the game of thrones slightly better.
      Game wise Haley works with the “Good Guys” and uses temporal magic etc (Buffs). Deneghra is a necromancer who debuffs and can move stuff around the board well.

      • dinodoc

        Is there books?

        • Nate
          • dinodoc

            Which one would you recommend to start with?

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Honestly the core rule book! 2/3 of it is lore. At least the 1st and second ed ones are. You can get them on the cheap as PP released them as free pdfs lol, but if you want tangible they are at half price books often enough for cheap. The main publishing company is Skull Island, but I have never read any of them, but I do have many of the “codexes” and campaign books and some Iron Kingdoms books. Which those are great for setting and get down to religion and all sorts of nice stuff.

          • Nate

            I’m a bit behind on fiction, but if you’re looking for stuff in novel format, I’ve heard good things about ‘Into the Storm’.

            Otherwise, Severius’ suggestion below is pretty solid – the core rulebooks for both the tabletop game and RPG give a good grounding for the setting.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          There are now, but unlike GW they release campaign books all the time that tell the story as it progresses and gives you the new units. Often it explains whatis going on. Also the time line progresses all the time, and so you see alliances of some models shift. Which also allows some characters to come back with an improved version with different skills or weapons.
          I am not a super expert in Immoren lore but I followed enough over the decade it has been out to understand the bulk. It does have some quality story in it. Especially Alexia, a mercenary Necromancer who was the original basis of their lore. Back when it was first an RPG called Iron Kingdoms and was a skin for the D20 system, they have in the last 5 years released a new fantastic edition that runs more in line with their skirmish game.

          • Grasshopper

            Ah, Alexia Ciannor! I still have the original d20 modules of the Witchfire triliogy sitting on my shelf. <3

  • NNextremNN

    I don’t really know this game but that video is pretty good.

  • rtheom

    Pretty cool, but you can tell this is made by folks still working out they physics engine. None of the actors seem to have any weight to them at all, nor to they effect the environment except at a few obvious points (water splash, brick crash). Pretty cool, but definitely a long way to go.

  • euansmith

    That was fun; though I am disappointed by the lack of smoke and steam. I imagine the Warjacks belching smok like a tire fire and leaking steam like a runaway train.

  • GrenAcid

    Like the animation(need little bit more polish) but those lines are weak.

  • Nicolas M

    Ho, so that were all the money from the Warmachine Tactics KS have gone!

    But at least that train-wreck of a game remembered that the jacks are supposed to spew smoke, because yaknow… steam engine and stuff.

    And is that me or they only had one (bad) voice actress to do that video? (YUP the credit confirmed that…).

    In the end, that video was pretty much like WT, poorly made and pretty mediocre.