Runewars: Deepwood Archers Preview

Fantasy Flight Games here with another preview from the Latari Elves – Check out the Deepwood Archers!

The Latari Elves are an upcoming faction for the Runewars Miniature Game and they have a bunch of cool units heading your way. We already looked at their hero Aliana of Summersong and their mighty Aymhelin Scions. Now we’re taking a look at the Deepwood Archers.

The Deepwood Archers are a meat-and-potatoes ranged unit for the Elves. They like to stay back and pick off your enemy from afar and they have a command tool that supports that “shoot-and-scoot” mentality:

With two march actions that can be used to turn or reform (with no negative modifier) they can quickly get where you need them to be. Then when the battlelines start to close they can use there green shift action to slide sideways or backwards – and hopefully out of charge range! That will help them line-up the pefect shot into your foes.

There surge ability adds to their evasiveness. During a ranged attack, you can spend two surges to execute a speed-1 shift after the attack. When I said “shoot-and-scoot” I wasn’t kidding! Keep in mind their command tool ALSO has a surge action you can choose when attacking. When you combine that with Precise 1 (which gives you some extra reliability with your re-rolls) you’ll be able to get your attacks off and dodge an oncoming attacker. The Deepwood Archers are going to be very mobile skirmishers and will give your opponents headaches when trying to pin them down!

The Upgrades that are coming with the Latari Elves Expansion are also going to be quite useful. In the FFG preview article (which you can read in full here) they had this to say:

The Wind Rune lets you use your special action modifier to perform a shift with a speed equal to the number of natural runes on the battlefield. You may even use this after an attack to retreat from an enemy unit that’s coming too close for comfort.

These guys are going to be harder to catch than “The One!” – Dodge THIS!

Latari Elves Army Expansion $59.95

The Latari Elves Army Expansion ushers in a brand-new faction to the world of the Runewars Miniatures Game in the form of the Latari Elves. The expansion includes four new units, the Deepwood Archers, the Leonx Riders, the Aymhelin Scions and new hero Aliana of Summersong, enough to field an army of Latari Elves. The expansion also includes tokens, new mechanics and twelve upgrade cards for further customization.


The Latari Elves are due out later this year!

  • ZeeLobby

    Might just have to pick this up. At $60 why not. Love the two starter factions. Just wish I knew when the 4th faction would be here (have a gaming group of 4 regulars, so to get them to sign on there’d have to be 4 options, lol).

  • afriedrich


  • I’ve mentioned before how flat the studio paint job for Runewars looks flat. Angel Giraldez (the studio painter for Infinity) has painted some of these and shown them on the Studio Giraldez facebook page. Those look amazing.

    • ZeeLobby

      Totally agree. I think they have pretty solid design and character, but the studioaint job does them little justice.

  • marxlives

    There are a lot of FFG fans at our shop. Wouldn’t be bad to move some of them into the hobby through mechanics they are already familiar with.