40K 8th Ed. is Here: Signals #541

Reece and Frankie share even more news about 8th edition.


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  • Continued 8th edition conversation.
  • Thank you to everyone who has joined us on this journey through releasing 8th edition 40k!

~Have at it!



  • AEZ

    I dislike articles without text.

    • davepak

      Well, technically its a video post, not an article.

      However, I get your point – I am not always in an environment where I can watch a video – but can usually read something….

      • Walter Vining

        same issue. my work blocks youtube so I cant watch. however I really don’t care about their opinion so I don’t lose anything

      • AEZ

        Video’s take way more time than text.. and no video on BOLS is ever worth the tons of time it costs to view it.

    • KingThrogg


      • AEZ

        Probably… I still dislike them and would like the major points of the vid in print.