SLA: Introducing The Frothers, Kilts & All

Meet some of the meanest clansmen in Cannibal Sector.

The Frothers are one of the most colorful and crazy of the character types available in the World of Progress. They are heavily armored and use a wide selection of weaponry. The folks at Daruma – creators of the Cannibal Sector miniatures game – shares some details about them…

A flash of kilt, a glint of steel, the love of the camera..

The average Frother is a physically powerful specimen – the latest in a line of Clanners whose lineage reaches back into SLA’s past. To a Frother, their Dreadlocks are a symbol of honour and pride, of martial prowess and each takes great pride having the greatest ‘locks. Similarly, the Clan Colours – as seen in the tartan of the kilt, are a matter of immense Pride and Honour and give the Frother a tangible link to their Bloodline and Clan.

The Physical presence and appearance of the Frother; bedecked in Tartan, dreadlocks flying, Claymore swinging wildly as they happily engage the enemies of SLA is a powerful Image – and has proven to be immensely popular with the Viewers at home. Frothers have an almost insane lack of regard for their own safety – twinned with a habitual use of Combat Drugs such as Ultra-Violence or Blaze U.V. means that they are the perfect Shock Trooper and will cheerfully throw themselves into the face of certain Death with a snarl and a smile.

On the Tabletop, the Frothers are a sight to behold – with a range of gorgeous 32mm Miniatures in a variety of cool poses, the Rules for the Frother Patrol are due to be published very shortly and are available to download for Playtesting. Perhaps not the most subtle of Troops, they are a lot of fun and will give most enemies pause for thought, the Wraithen have an expression that sums up Frothers in battle nicely.

Frother Squad – £30.00 Topper (in the middle) – £10.00

“Best hunted from a distance, with a big gun.”

The rules for McNultie have been out for some time – and he is possibly currently the toughest beat stick in the game – he ties with Mr Chainsaw for sheer brutality in Melee and ability to take on multiple opponents at once with a fair chance of walking away Victorious.

If you want to field your own force of Frothers, we have recently released the Frother Squad – 5 heavily Armed Frothers with a range of weaponry including a Power Reaper, the arms and weapons on the Frothers can be mixed and matched with many of the alternate options on the Shiver Elite Squad to give you an even broad range of weapon loadouts.

You can even add Topper to the mix, as a new Frother Special character – he comes with either Sword and Pistol or, fancying himself as a bit of a Gunslinger – twinned FEN 091’s. (In true Frother fashion.. his bravado with the twin pistols is better than his skills – a Gunslinger he is not! But the Firepower of twinned 091’s is not to be underestimated!)

We will have a load of Full Colour Photos of the Tartan bedecked Frothers shortly! And will be launching a special Tartan painting competition over on our Facebook page!

~Go check em out!