SW ARMADA: New FAQ Resets the Game

In the new FAQ for Star Wars: ARMADA, Fantasy Flight Games just turned the meta on it’s head.

It’s been a a while since the last SW Armada FAQ came out – but never fear, FFG’s just tacked the game’s thorniest issues heads on.


Download FAQ Version 3.2.1 HERE

(high res version)






The FAQ takes on four BIG issues that have been forming the meta for Star Wars Armada:

  • Major Rhymer
  • Demolisher
  • Flotillas
  • General Rieekan

and more…

Here’s just one to get your engines’ running:

Let the slaying of the sacred cows begin…


 ~Let us know what you think is the biggest change in the comments below.

  • JD Robertson

    *sound of microphone hitting the floor*

  • dootdootbeep

    Between this and X-Wing, it looks like FFG can’t balance their games for crap. Every time they fix something, they inevitably release some kind of game breaking expansion to undo it all.

    • vyrago

      Or it shows a company dedicated to balancing when they recognize a problem. Or would you rather the Games Workshop “Just wait for the next edition” solution?

    • Tim Brown

      Actually, these are more like minor corrections to prevent abuse. At least FFG is actively aware of issues. Rymer has been a very minor OP issue since the start. The rest – a grand total of 4-5 more minor corrections? Hardly the disaster of the Wave Serpent shield type.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      You can think of it as a sales mechanic.

      Buy this model, it does some above-average stuff!

      Later on FFG balances the model/card in the name of fairness.

      Then they release something else that is clearly above par. People buy it. FFG balances it.

      In the end you have a game where you are incentivized to buy new models and get a balanced game (in the long run). Not the worst thing in the world.

  • vyrago

    FFG does with FAQ’s what GW does with new editions.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      That probably won’t hold true any more. GW seems committed to updating and errata-ing.

  • There’s an armada meta? I can’t find a game here to save my life.

    • Tim Brown

      Yeah. Me too. Which is a shame considered this is a well balanced quick playing tactical game. I’m in NY, BTW.

      • Would be an interesting case-study to see why X Wing is so huge, but Armada is largely reported as being mostly dead in nearly every area that I ask.

        • mafiacheese

          We hide in the shadows!

          I think the higher initial buy-in is what drives people away. $40 (if you’re getting robbed and/or don’t comparison shop) is a hell of a cheaper gateway into the hobby than $100 is.

          While I couldn’t get a game of either system in (sold the X-Wing starter a few years back), I do prefer Armada for rewarding long-term thinking. I would definitely get back into X-Wing again if I had the money to support all of my hobbies!

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      There are pockets.

      Locally there is one but half of it is made up of WAAC 40k Gamers who fled GW and the other half are fluff bunnies who like the models and/or Star Wars.

      Sadly there is a lot of contention.

      • mafiacheese

        I’m definitely in the latter half. I don’t try to over-analyze the cards and think of game-breaking/winning combos…I just try to play for fun/fluff.

  • Jeremy Larson

    Personally I thought these were all excellent changes. Not to punitive, but enough to knock them off the ‘so good they’re auto-includes’ pedestal.

    • Tim Brown

      Completely agree. Never thought the lifeboat tactic made any sense. Vader commanding from a tugboat? Right….

      • Red_Five_Standing_By