Tabletop Crowdfunding Round-Up: June 27th

Devious devils and pirate’s plunder. Come check out this week’s batch of Kickstarter highlights!


Blood & Plunder by Firelock Games

Let’s start the week off with No Peace Beyond the Line, the first major expansion to Firelock Games’ historical pirate skirmish game, Blood and Plunder. This book will feature rules for larger battles, a campaign system, new units and characters for the existing factions, and several new classes of ships. There will also be a few new factions, in the form of the Dutch and Native Caribbean Tribes. Pledges start at $75 for the No Peace Beyond the Line book and a starter set of your choice.

Mega Mutie Mercs by ThunderChild Miniatures

The pulpy post-apocalyptic skirmish game Wasteman is getting a new range of mutant mercenaries to add some extra firepower to your band of wasteland warriors. Each of these 35mm resin miniatures are divided up into several themed bundles of varying price points. The campaign has already hit multiple stretch goals, unlocking additional miniatures as add-ons. The three main bundles will set you back £65/$83 as part of the Pungent Patrol pledge.

Medieval Demons by Antediluvian Miniatures

Antediluvian Miniatures is working on a quirky line of 28mm metal demon and devil miniatures inspired by old medieval art. The campaign started with 12 models brandishing wooden clubs, firebrands, and bare talons. Stretch goals include several larger demons and a witch on her flying broomstick as a freebie for larger pledges. You can choose one set of four miniatures for £12/$15, while the ultimate Demonic Legion pledge includes 24 demons, the giant demon, and the demon lord for £75/$95.

Triplock by Chip Theory Games

Triplock is a lock-picking board game of strategy and memory that can be played solo or competitively with another player. The best thieves in New London have been brought together by a masked stranger to complete a series of challenges involving complicated lock boxes and safes. Players choose their character and race to be the first to solve the lock’s complex mechanisms. Place traps and cause distractions to delay your opponent’s progress and buy yourself extra time. Grab a copy for yourself for only $22.

Circle of Blood by Last Bullet Games

Circle of Blood is a 32mm skirmish game with RPG elements where players control small bands of upgradable heroes in the city of Gormalak after it has been overrun with monsters from the catacombs beneath its streets. Players build their Brotherhood and complete scenarios on their quest to save Gromalak, or further its ruin. Scenarios can be played cooperatively against the monsters, or competitively, where each team has a different objective. The basic starter box is €70/$78, and includes two Brotherhoods of three heroes, ten monsters, the rules, hero sheets, and all the dice and counters you need to start playing right away.

Gore Ball by Word Forge Games

Finally we come to this week’s obligatory Fantasy Football Kickstarter with Gore Ball. This line of 28mm resin ogres are made by the same company behind the Devil’s Run series of post-apocalyptic car combat board games. The campaign launched with seven ogre players, but has since unlocked stretch goals like the team manager and ogre cheerleaders. A single ogre costs £10/$13, with bundles that go all the way up to six models for £36/$46. The six model bundle also includes a discount on all add-on models. There is a resin pitch available for £100/$128 as well.


~Which of these campaigns caught your attention?