Tabletop Crowdfunding Round-Up: June 20th

Deadly dungeons, heroic barbarians, and undersea expeditions. Come check out this week’s batch of Kickstarter highlights!


Conan: Rise of Monsters by Pulposaurus Entertainment

After years of troubled development and a failed Kickstarter, Pulposaurus is taking another shot at making their Conan miniatures game a reality. This sword and sorcery skirmish game pits the heroic King Conan and his Circle of Iron against Thoth-Amon and his Legion of Set. The miniatures are 34mm, pre-painted, and made from hardened PVC, which admittedly could be a pretty big turnoff for many wargamers. Still, the models look decent for pre-paints, and you could always just repaint them yourself. The core boxed set includes 30 miniatures, the rulebook, Fate Decks, Unit Cards, and all the tokens and custom dice you and a friend need to start playing right away. There’s an expansion box available that adds new rules and models as well, and Reaper has made some licensed resin terrain for the game. You can grab your two-player core box for $150, or $300 if you want both sets.

Hunters of the Abyss by AntiMatter Games

AntiMatter Games has returned to Kickstarter to fund a new range of miniatures for their DeepWars skirmish game. The highlight of the campaign is the Argonaut, a massive submersible for the Fortune Hunters faction. This resin vehicle is 200mm long and comes on a scenic base. The Argonaut’s cockpit is fully detailed, and will include clear resin windows. The other factions are getting some love too, including a submersible for the Ancients of Atalán faction should the proper stretch goals be reached. Also, there is a shoal of mecha piranhas. The Argonaut can be yours for $100. This includes PDFs of the DeepWars rulebook and Blood Reef supplement, and five “points” you can spend on additional miniatures. Gamers new to the DeepWars universe can grab a starter and rules PDFs for $35.

Chaos Pact by Willy Miniatures

There have been a lot of Fantasy Football Kickstarters lately, and Willy Miniatures is the first of two I’m highlighting this week. Their latest team is the Chaos Pact, a ragtag band of renegades that serve the Dark Gods. The core team is made up of human marauders, with a few warriors from other races thrown in. Rounding out the package are three big guys in the form of a troll, minotaur, and ogre, each of which will include customizable mutations if the €20k goal is met. The full team is €55/$62, and includes 15 resin miniatures. For a bit more you can grab a deluxe box that includes a foam tray, dugouts, and two double-sided cardboard maps. Star players and other teams are available as add-ons.

Wood Elf Team by Iron Golems

The second Fantasy Football team on Kickstarter this week is the Wildthorn Acrobats wood elf team by Iron Golems. This team of 15 players comes in your choice of metal or resin and includes seven linemen, two throwers, two war dancers, and four catchers. Add-ons include a massive treeman, star players, play mats, and additional teams. You can grab the basic 15 players for €59/$66.

Dungeon of Doom by Dwarven Forge

Finally we come to the Dungeon of Doom, the latest expansion of Dwarven Forge’s line of modular dungeon tiles and accessories. This massive campaign will expand their range by almost 150 new pieces, including traps, LED torches and magical effects, statues, magnetic decorations, and steel-lined full-art mats so you can magnetize your dungeon for transport without taking it apart. All pieces are made from the company’s propriety hard plastic that makes them durable enough to withstand accidents in the game room. Pieces come in your choice of grey or hand-painted by the Dwarven Forge staff. The list of pledges is too long to go through, but in general you can pick and choose what you want or order premade “encounters.” The most ridiculous pledge is the titular Dungeon of Doom, a massive and deadly labyrinth that will set you back $2,550 unpainted.


~Which of these campaigns caught your attention?

  • benvoliothefirst

    I went all in on Mantic’s plastic dungeon furniture kickstarter, but when I saw the prices for the dwarven forge stuff… man. I don’t care if it doesn’t break when I drop it, that’s what superglue is for. For that price it’d better drive me to work and pick up my dry cleaning too!