Tabletop Spotlight: Oh Captain


How good is your poker face? The game Oh Captain! will put it to the test!

Bluffing games when done well are a ton of fun and Oh Captain! is one of those games that gets it right. Our friends at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy brought over a copy for us to take a look at under the Tabletop Spotlight:

Oh Captain! isn’t just another bluffing game. It’s also got a really cool setting as part of the Legends of Luma story. This game marks the beginning of the adventure as the player’s take the role of one of the explorers who has just gotten shipwrecked on the an island. You’re trying to collect the most valuables for the next part of your journey. Story line wise, this game will follow-up perfectly with the next game in the series: Nomads (which currently in development).

Gameplay wise this game is all about collecting treasure and gold. The player with the most gold is the Captain, but don’t worry – this will change as the game progresses. A typical game turn has an explorer go out and find something. They come back and tell the acting Captain what they found (or drew from the treasure deck). They do this without revealing the card. That’s where the bluffing comes in. If the Captain wants the card, they pay a gold. If they don’t, the player can then use the card on another player. However, that player can call their bluff – if they were telling the truth the effect goes off and they get a coin from the defender. If they were lying, they lose the effect and a must pay a coin to their target.

The player with the highest gold can either pay the Captain a gold to remain loyal or they can claim the Captain title with a mutiny. The player with the highest loot score at the end wins the game.

Overall, the game play is really quick and it’s a great family game. It’s designed for ages +8 so kids of all ages can play. Plus, because it’s a bluffing game adults will enjoy the action, too! There is nothing like getting a fast one over on your friends in this game. If you’re a fan of games of bluffing then keep an eye out for Oh Captain!


Oh Captain!

Oh Captain! is a game from Ludonaute that sees 3 to 6 players embark on an adventure of deception and treachery. You and your friends take on the role of shipwreck survivors who have been transported to a foreign land by the mythical Nukha. Led by a mysterious message in a bottle, Red, Lys, Moon, Ulrich, Nostromo, and Siana sailed bravely into the heart of a storm that nearly claimed their lives. Now the race is on, as everyone rushes to collect the most valuable treasure while keeping their overbearing Captain in the dark.

The goal of Oh Captain! is to gather as much treasure as you can to sell to a group of Nomads who currently inhabit the island you’re stranded on. The start of the game sees one player in the role of the Captain, and the others becoming explorers.

Players each choose the role of an individual adventurer, as featured in the Lumos universe games, with its own unique ability. Red can steal another players coin when he’s the poorest, ensuring he’s never completely out of luck. Moon can conceal the treasures she’s found, keeping her net worth shrouded in mystery.

I’ve got 8 6’s – call my bluff!

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