Tabletop Spotlight: Spoils of War

How’s your poker face? Spoils of War will put it to the test!

Our Friends at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy brought over a new dice/bluffing game to try and I must say Spoils of War puts a new spin on a classic Dice Game.

Spoils of War is a game where players are basically playing a few different mini-games all simultaneously. The object of the game is to be the player who walks away with the most points at the end. You get points based on your coins and the set items you collect. Easy enough, right? Well not exactly. In order to determine who chooses the spoils first each round you play a round of the classic game of Liar’s Dice. On top of that, you can also bet on the players when a challenge is called. Do you believe them when they clam 5 6’s have been rolled or do you think they are bluffing?

The fun doesn’t stop there either because some of the items you gather also have special abilities – these are called artifacts and you can use them to your advantage later on! The last little hiccup to you plans for loot domination is that all the set cards are revealed face-up. That means if your memory is good you can count cards and keep track of who has what – which means you know what sets they are attempting to collect so you can block them!

This game has a surprising amount of strategy behind after the dice rolling and bluffing. It’s pretty easy to pick-up and play once you get the hang of it. Plus you get a bunch of cool components like dice, cups, cards and you’re very own player sheet. Overall, I think Spoils of War is a great addition to anyone gaming collection. If you’re looking for a fast, fun and frenetic game that will have you working on your poker face then check out Spoils of War – available now!

Spoils of War

The raid is over, and the victorious Vikings gather in the chieftain’s tent to divide the Spoils of War! Piled high on a massive oak table are the best treasures taken during the raid; gleaming gems, shiny swords, fine armor, and magical artifacts! Once strong allies, the Vikings are taken by greed, and soon a heated debate ensues –who will get what spoils? Fists pound the table, insults are made, and tempers rise! Let the Spoils of War begin!


“I’ve got 10 6’s!”

“But there are only 8 dice this round.”

I think someone might be lying….

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