Tabletop Spotlight: SW: Destiny – Spirit of Rebellion

Star Wars Destiny: Spirit of Rebellion is out and we got our hands on some packs to pop!

The latest set of booster packs for Star Wars Destiny are out now. Spirit of Rebellion adds a ton of new characters, cards, and some interesting mechanics to the game. We were lucky enough that our friends at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy saved* us a box of booster packs to show off in our Tabletop Spotlight:

Star Wars Destiny has been another run-away smash hit for Fantasy Flight Games. They can’t seem to keep the boosters in stock, which is a pretty good thing for them (but a little rough on fans of the game). Honestly, I did feel a little bad opening up boosters on camera just because I know the supply chain for the game is still getting sorted. That said, we’re planning on putting our cards to good use – stay tuned for more on that front later!

Now, if you’re uninitiated in the ways of Star Wars Destiny, then you should know it is a Collectable Card Game – sort of. It also has dice that are part of the game as well. If you’re familiar with FFG’s typical business model, they tend to favor LCGs vs CCGs. However, Destiny seems to work with the CCG style of business model much more effectively. Maybe it’s the deeper card pool, maybe it’s the randomness, or maybe it’s just the reward centers of your brain firing-up when you open packs, but whatever it is – it’s fun!

Evan, my co-host, was lucky enough to pull Asajj Ventress in the pack he opened. I’ve already got plans to create a deck featuring her and a few other characters. For me, that is also part of the fun – taking our humble (read: small) collection of cards and trying to put together a fun deck. It reminds me of my early days of playing Magic:The Gathering. You had to get really creative when you couldn’t just buy the latest netdeck. Right now, it feels like that – like the Wild West of CCGs. Partly because of the supply and partly because it’s all new to everyone!

After the video, we did go back and open all 36 packs – we didn’t get a ton of double characters and we also didn’t get every one – I really wanted to get my hands on Emperor Palpatine. There are 160 cards in the set, and there are different levels of rarity. So, if you wanted to build your perfect deck, get ready to drop a pretty penny on it. For me, it’s more fun to try and build a deck with what I’ve got – But I’m not aiming to become the next world champ. Star Wars Destiny is a pretty fun game – if you can get your hands on a starter set and some packs I say go for it! You just might enjoy the trip to a galaxy far, far away!

Spirit of Rebellion Booster Pack $2.99 per Pack

The Star Wars saga has always centered on the timeless struggle between good and evil. At different points throughout the saga, evil may be lurking in the shadows or controlling an oppressive, galaxy-spanning Empire. Yet there must always be balance in the Force, and whenever the dark side rises, a spirit of rebellion begins to light the way forward. 

With the new Spirit of Rebellion Booster Packs for Star Wars: Destiny, 160 brand-new cards enter the game, incorporating elements from every movie in the saga, but with a special focus on the newest Star Wars movie: Rogue One. You’ll find plenty of characters from Rogue One within this set, including Jyn Erso, Chirrut Îmwe, Mon Mothma, and Director Krennic, alongside other iconic characters from across the Star Wars story. The spirit of rebellion has ignited—prepare to bring the feverish battles and kinetic action of Rogue One to your games of Star Wars: Destiny!

Every booster pack includes five randomized cards and one premium die, broken down into three common cards, one uncommon card, and one rare or legendary card with a corresponding die. All cards that feature a corresponding die are either rare or legendary cards. With every booster pack, you’ll find new characters, supports, upgrades, or events, along with new ways to enter the Star Wars galaxy and fight for your chosen side!

There are 36 booster packs included in a Spirit of Rebellion display case.

The Rebellion Calls!

*we actually signed-up for a pre-order for our Booster Box from DL. Check with your local FLGS – they might offer the same thing!
  • Tshiva keln

    Excellent game for fun, a few broken bits which would make competitions a bit repetitive. Shame there doesn’t seem to be much interested here, and that bols are often really late posting about it. The expansion talked about here has been out a month now.