Total War: Warhammer II: Serpent God Edition

Total War: Warhammer II is coming in September – but can you handle the Serpent God Edition?

When Total War: Warhammer hit the scene fans of both the Total War series and Warhammer got best of both worlds. Now the sequel is taking the tried and true formula to the lands of Lustria, Ulthuan, Naggaroth and the Southlands with a cast of new armies and characters leading the charge. That, by itself is pretty exciting – but now they have a challenge for only the most hardcore collector/fan- The Serpent God Edition:

via Total War

The second in a trilogy and sequel to the award-winning Total War: WARHAMMER, Total War: WARHAMMER II brings players a breathtaking new narrative campaign, set across the vast continents of Lustria, Ulthuan, Naggaroth and the Southlands. The Great Vortex Campaign builds pace to culminate in a definitive and climactic endgame, an experience unlike any other Total War title to date.

Total War: Warhammer II – Serpent God Edition $149 / £99

As the twin-tailed comet arcs across the sky, those attuned to the Winds of Magic feel the air buckle with arcane energies. In torch-lit temple halls, fervent priests trace cobweb-threads of ancient geomancy, bowing their heads in fervent anticipation…

All who know agree – a change is coming.

From the thundering clouds of battle, a new god rears its scaled head. Sotek, the deliverer, god of Serpents and of War, has arrived.

Truly an edition fit for a god, or at the very least a devoted high-priest, the Serpent God Edition comes wrapped in faux lizard skin, replete with stone effect glyphs modelled on Lord Mazdamundi’s headdress, detailing the temple-cities of Lustria.

Within this Tome, the following artefacts lie, awaiting your discovery:

  • Serpent God ‘Lizard Skin’ Tome Packaging
  • Integrated Art Book
  • Embossed Metal Case
  • Exclusive Strategy Guide
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Canvas Map with Exclusive Lizardmen Artwork
  • Stone Effect ‘Puzzle Sphere’
  • Carved Bone Effect ‘Teeth’ Totems
  • ‘Saurus Blade’ USB with Black Library E-Books

Also includes Early Adopter Bonus – as yet unannounced content for Total War: WARHAMMER

This is quite a bundle for the most dedicated fan. I’d like to get my hands on the Saurus Blade USB just for the novelty of it personally. I wouldn’t mind the art book either! At that price, that’s what makes this bundle a collectors edition…


Are you going to take on the “Challenge” of the Serpent God Edition for Total War: Warhammer II? The Release Date is set for September 28th, 2017!

  • ZeeLobby

    Just don’t buy limited editions anymore, but that thing is pretty freaking sweet.

  • EnTyme

    Puzzle sphere created by a race who worships the Old Gods? I can’t think of a single horror franchise centered around anything like that.

    • Kritarion

      GW puzzlebox. Solve it and get a visit by some Dark Eldar.

  • Txabi Etxebarrieta

    I didn’t realize strategy guides were still a thing. I figured that now, in the age of constant patches and hotfixes, printing the damn things would be meaningless since they’d become immediately out of date.

  • Alexander Lucard

    I’ll admit – I preordered it, but I work in the industry and I’m a 20 year on Lizardman player, so I decided to make this my CE purchase of he year instead of South Park and Sonic.