Toyland: The Walking Dead Cast Gets Their Stripes

This SDCC exclusive set from Skybound gives Rick Grimes, Michonne, Ezekiel the retro treatment.

The franchise’s big cat gets her own action figure set at SDCC this year…


Shiva Force Box Set – $100

The four fig box set includes Rick Grimes, Michonne, Ezekiel and Shiva in new Shiva Force paint deco. Each fig comes individually packed with a retro styled card back with art by Jason Edmiston. The box comes in two options: regular color version and a bloody variant.

It’s limited to 1,000 copies and will only be available at SDCC booth #2729.

And all together now…


What do you think of the retro toy trend?



I wonder what may have inspired these?

GI Joe – Scarlett (1982) 

  • DerSpeigel

    How about its a rather cute play on the old Tiger Force figs