Gate of Antares: The Strike Vector


Warlord Games has a new Army bundle so you can dive right in with a new Hazard Vector formation for the Algoryn Army!

via Warlord Games

Strike hard and fast with a fully legal 1000 point Vector force of new Hazard troops!

Hazard Vector Formation


Featuring the first, full & truly elite army. With only 15 troops plus vehicles and drones, you have a complete and ultimately devastating force. Whilst this army does not have a large amount of bodies, it certainly makes up for it for each Hazard being the equivalent of 5 normal troopers. To further boost this, this entire force has the capability to land on the map wherever they want, controlling the battlefield from their strategically chosen landing sites.

This bundle contains:

  • 1 Hazard Commander
  • 14 Hazard Troopers
  • 2 Avengers
  • 1 Algoryn Support Capsule (Weapon Drone Lander)
  • 6 Targeter Drones
  • 15 Hazard Strike Capsules – plus 1 Mag Light Support with spotter drone!
  • 12 Maroon Dice
  • A special printed out document which has everything you need to field this bundle!

Download a complete PDF of updated Special Division Top Secret documents that include 2 possible 1000 point Hazard Stike Vector formations and rules for the Hazard Stike Capsules here:

Top Secret Documents!

Algoryn Hazard Strike Capsule

The Strike capsule has been specifically designed for surgical insertion of a single Hazard suit. Employed by the SD (Special Division) in selective operations, the individual trooper is synced to external holovids and sensor array feeds, allowing for advanced combat readiness. A proximity anchor is also available to maintain a capsule coherency throughout insertion, helping to reduce casualties from any enemy counter ordnance or alien nanospore.

NB this is such a top secret design that only this image available to IMTeL at this time – more information will be processed as further details arrive!

Contains: 3 Complete MDF and card Hazard Strike Capsules from Sarissa Precision

The Strike Capsule’s design also incorporates localised transmat beacons as well as upgrades to a compacted squad support weapon.

A typical Hazard vector formation might comprise 15 suits (Command and 2 to 4 units) in strike capsules, occasionally with hazard drone landers – depending on mission parameters – and sometimes accompanied by an attached weapon drone lander.


NB can be made in a variety of positions with extra panelling allowing for a dynamic and intimidating game piece and effective terrain.

Contains: 5 MDF and card Hazard Strike Capsules in deployed array from Sarissa Precision

Algoryn Hazard Strike Capsule Set

Start your Campaign:

The Chryseis Shard – The Ascent of the Locus – describes events taking place in Antarean space since the destruction of the planet Xilos as portrayed in the first Antares supplement The Battle for Xilos.
At the conclusion of that adventure, the discovery of an unborn Builder Gate and its subsequent escape from stasis consumed the planet Xilos and unleashed a new and terrifying power into the Antarean nexus…


The Chryseis Shard

Alternativley get your introduction to Antares started here:

StoreStrike on Kar’A Nine Introductory Set

  • markdawg

    I have to say that I hate the minis for this game. They tried to go for mass effect but the minis look like they are from 1994

  • BaronSnakPak

    I like the minis and the rules, it’s just a shame that trying to get anyone in my gaming circle to play anything other than 40K is practically impossible.

  • euansmith

    I like the faction fluff for this game and am really tempted to pick up the new Freeborn Starter Army now that it has gone mainly plastic.