40K BREAKING: Reiver Squad Datasheet Spotted

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A wild Reiver Squad Datasheet appears!

Image via DakkaDakka’s Crimson – 7-11-17

Well it looks like all the new models are making their way into the wild. Even though they’re supposed to be stealthy shock troops, capable of stunning all who get in their way, we’ve got a look at the new Primaris Reiver’s Datasheet with all their weapons and equipment for you.

These look like they’re out of the First Strike set, so here’s a good look at the boys in blue for you.

Guess they got reivealed ahead of schedule.

  • Boondox

    This is just a stat sheet right? Doesn’t show any potential upgrades like additional members of the squad or different weapon options?

    • Badtucker

      its for a sort of mini game….. thats why. expect the codex to expand

    • JL

      None of the other Primaris squads have any loadout options so no, I wouldn’t count on it. I suppose it could change with the Codex release.

    • orionburn

      Yes, it’s just for use with the mini-games/sets. GW has already stated elsewhere that they will come in 5-10 man squads. They won’t be limited to 3.

      AFAIK there have been no leaks on wargear options. It’s all speculation until the codex comes out (or we get leaks from the actual codex).

      • GWELLS

        I have also heard some rumours like that as well for the other Primaris. Stuff like Intercessors will be allowed to be taken in much bigger squads. New weapon options for primaris units. And Inceptors perhaps getting CC options.

        The data-sheets seem to have been geared toward use in the starter kits in open play scenerios. Not competitive, that will hopefully come in the codex.

        • James Mckenna

          Inceptors are definitely getting CC options, I know that for a fact. It only makes sense that they allow Intercessors to take special/heavy weapons like their Tactical cousins.

          Though I do hope that Intercessors can be in larger squads rather than the current 5

          • GWELLS

            I think you are right, my theory that they will have the option to go as high as 20. Like the old legion units. But likely as high as 10 I can almost guarantee. I have heard rumours that they will also be allowed to take newly invented weapons (like the new plasma gun and a more advanced grav-weapon for example).

          • Red_Five_Standing_By

            I imagine every unit will go 5-10.

            Each unit will be given some options but nowhere near as much as a tac squad.

    • Ronin

      Supposedly it’s canon that they won’t have wargear options. In Dark Imperium, the primaris captain Felix says he wished his squads had the weapons flexibility of the old marines, but said the lack of it was better for efficiency and target prioritizing.

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        I think they will have some flexibility, just not the massive flexibility of Tac Squads.

    • barry sadler
      • GWELLS

        Yeah, but then again that is for when the codex hits. The primaris we have been seeing are likely being made a little under-powered for the starter kits they come with. You don’t need deep-strking in the smaller games that they suggest.

        Likely all Primaris will get new data sheets and abilities in the codex proper. And you are right, it has been rumoured that they will get new wargear (Boltrifles) in due time.

    • AircoolUK

      It’s just for the mini game. Normal Codex squads are 5-10 models.

  • Sebastian Marrero

    What about that mention of how they come to the battle in grav-chutes and such? No deep strike?

    • Carey_Mahoney

      Yeah, or at least some kind of Scout or Infiltration ability.

      But I’m glad to see that we can safely replace the models’ combat blades with good ol’ Chainswords.

    • Ceekh

      Check the unit size of 3. We know for a fact they’ll come by bunches of 5 to 10. This datasheet is the one that comes with the First Strike box and only contains rules relevant to this box and its small missions. Another example of that is that they come with the “Ultramarine” keyword rather than “Chapter”

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Probably has to do with how tiny the starter set’s board is. Not much point in Deep striking or Infiltrating if you basically start on top of your enemy.

  • Carey_Mahoney

    BREAKING: Same stuff, different day!

    • orionburn

      But it has a new picture!!!

  • Luca Lacchini

    OK, I assume these stats are for First Strike only.
    Just look at the faction keywords. Can’t imagine them being an Ultramarine exclusive.

    • GWELLS

      Yeah that is correct .They will be getting bigger squads and likely new rules and weapon options in the new codex. Even the artwork shows that they can use Bolt Rifles.

    • Dave

      They’ve shown one as a space wolf in one of their ads, so yes, would also assume this is for First Strike only

    • the designers note section on the card does reinforce that. It is definitely from the first strike box, and I am assuming the ‘easy build’ boxes of reivers will have a better set of rules rather than the ones tied directly to the starter set.

  • GrogDaTyrant

    Now even spess muhreens have nobs.

  • The more I see of these figures the less I like them. The grenades on the chest armor bother me for some reason. Maybe it’s because they’re flat on one side or it’s simply the placement, but it’s bugging me. Couple that with the mismatched shoulder pads, and I’m struggling to really like them. 🙁

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      One shoulder pad is a de facto shield, which is why it is non-standard.

  • MClay01

    I really hope the codex version removed the extra attack granted by their knives. I understand a chain sword granting an additional attack as it’s teeth bite deeper into armor and bone, but it is a combat knife, are Tau going to get two attacks for their ceremonial knives, normal scouts, Marbo and fellow Catachans, and other large knife wielding combat troops?

    • Drpx

      Scouts already do.

      • MClay01

        Oh yeah.

  • MechBattler

    What I learned from this article-

    And They Shall Know No Fear took a gigantic nerf bat to the face.

    What I think about that –


    That ability has been way too OP for way too long.

  • Mathew G. Smith

    There’s something really odd about Space Marines carrying normal swords.