40K Campaign: Dark Apocrypha: Alaitoc Strikes

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Here’s your chance to catch last week’s 40K Campaign in its entirety. Will the Aeldari of the Alaitoc Craftworld prevail? Find out in Alaitoc Strikes!

Each week here at BoLS we stream a 3-part campaign featuring all the 8th edition action you can handle. As long as the amount of 8th edition action you can handle is three games. If you can handle more than that, well, you’ve probably got a very fulfilling life and haven’t spent all morning crying into your oatmeal (or porridge for you UK types) because you’ve considered the vast, incomprehensible nature of eternity.

What is time? Why is time? Sure it helps to process the world in a linear, logical fashion, but like, is that the only reason we have it around and if the universe truly is infinite, does that mean that there’s limitless time and space? But aren’t things in part defined by their limits, so if that’s the case how can you be sure what is and isn’t? Look, the point is, crying because of the fullness of reality is more of a weekend thing and you’ve got work that you’re supposed to be doing.

Whether it’s assembling that third quarter budget, finishing that end of summer school term paper, making progress on that reading list, reworking the numbers for that poor excuse of a cross-department project so that it looks like you guys at the very least hit two of your benchmarks, or finally assembling those new Terminators so you can maybe strike a blow for/against the Emperor in the Fate of Konor Campaign–you’ve got work that needs doing. So try your best not to stare into that vast stellar ocean in which we al float, and instead cast your gaze (and other senses [well just hearing, we don’t have any smell or taste or touch]) towards the screen and let the antics of our 40K games propel you towards productivity. Or let us help you take a load off after a hard day’s work.

Alaitoc Strikes – Part 1: Strike Fast, Strike Sure!

After centuries of searching Alaitoc’s Rangers & Pathinders have located 3 relics from their homeworld before the Fall. The Farseers portend that these relics will grant the Craftworld either great fortune if secured, or oblivion if they fall in the hands of the Great Enemy. A Mighty Warhost is dispatched through the webway to secure them or die trying. At it’s head is Autarch El’athan Voidzephyr “Scent of the Stars”. His first target – the Glaive of Alaitoc, on a recently conquered Imperial world near the Eye of Terror. Woe awaits any who stand in the Voidzephyr’s path.

Alaitoc Strikes – Part 2: Everybody Fights, Nobody Runs!

With the quest for the first relic behind him, Autarch El’athan Voidzephyr “Scent of the Stars” moves onto his next target. On the Tyranid infested world of Gehenna III – the Alaitoc’s Tear awaits. But the doomed world heaves under the tectonic shockwaves of its almost total Hivefleet consumption. Voidzephyr must strike fast to reclaim the artefact before the world itself becomes his greatest enemy.

Alaitoc Strikes – Part 3: Waterworld

While we couldn’t quite get Kevin Costner to put in a special appearance, this game summarizes the plot of Waterworld fairly accurately. Autarch El’athan Voidzephyr “Scent of the Stars” hunts for the final artifact – the Grail of Isha. However, the relic was eaten by a Squig. It happens. The T’au were conducting an experiment to see if Squigs could understand the Greater Good (more like ate-er good am I right, Squigs?) when they escaped confinement, ate a relic that was marked IMPORTANT and then proceeded to escape to the surface of the watery planet. There T’au and Eldar face off against each other to try and see who can catch a Squig.

Plus if you’ve got an army, match-up, or campaign arc you’d like to see, let us know in the comments–we’d love to make whatever crazy shenanigans you dream up come true.

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