40K: Guilliman is the MAN!

I think we need to talk a little about Roboute Guilliman. He’s emerging as a lean mean killing machine in 8th’s meta.

Roboute is the ultimate swiss army knife of the Ultramarines. He’s no slouch in combat, can come back from the dead, and gives you 3 extra Command points. But everyone is all hot and bothered because he’s a monster force multiplier for those Ultramarines around him. His magic is based on this rule:

XIII Primarch: You can reroll any failed hit and wound rolls for friendly ULTRAMARINES units within 6″ of Roboute Guilliman”

That’s ALL failed to hits and wounds – both shooting and assault. As you can imagine this will throw the statistical odds WAY out of whack in the Ultra’s favor if you can just get enough firepower/attacks into that teensy 6″ radius. So what we are looking for is small units that pack immense firepower to wrap around Roboute and blaze away at the badguys.  Here’s a quick list of what works:

StormRavens: Twin Assault Cannons, Twin Hurricane bolters, Two Heavy bolters and missiles is a crazy amount of dice (42 shots)!

Devastators: Say hello to maxed out heavy bolters!

Assault Centurions: 2 flamers and Hurricane bolter means 12 + 2d6 shots per model!

Sternguard: 10 models with Storm bolters is 40 shots!

Inceptors: 6 shots apiece at S5 AP-1 – adds up fast.

All of these units can be equipped for high volume of dice to throw in a relatively small footprint. I’ll leave it up to you to see what combos work best with your collection and army size – but get ready for the Big G – he’s going to be a thing.  It’s good to be a Primarch!

~How would you set up Roboute in your list for maximum impact?

  • georgelabour

    My first response to this was to point out that you’re now a huge bunch of sitting ducks just asking for a blast marker or two…..

    Then I remembered we don’t have those anymore. XD

    • Drpx

      When artillery hits less people than a semiautomatic rifle…

      • georgelabour

        It’s possibly 1915 all over again?

        Or Iwo Jima…in space.

      • NNextremNN

        Artillery should never be so close that it fits on a 40K board anyway and even than it’s not that precise.

    • MechBattler

      I’m pretty sure blasts and templates went away due to the arms race that had gotten them to the point where some blast and template weapons could delete multiple units if they landed just right. Realistic, yes. From a game perspective, it really skewed the balance. They had to go.

      • Karru

        The real reason why they went away was simplicity and efficiency that GW wanted. That was the entire point of 8th, they wanted to make 40k more like AoS and AoS doesn’t have Blasts or Templates in it either.

        • MechBattler

          That is also true. But I think blasts and templates were nearing the end of the line regardless.

  • ieyke

    6 Assault Centurions is BANANAS. The equivalent of ~7 entire Tactical Squads worth of Bolter fire.

    And remember, some PART of the unit just has to be in 6″ of Guilliman, not every model in the unit.

    • rtheom

      I personally can’t wait to start seeing allied detachments of Guilliman and 6 Assault Centurions in every Imperial Army. 😀

      • georgelabour

        Well all the anti-fans, and edgelords keep insisting that the new edition has given Guilliman magical teleporting powers that let him be everywhere at once….

        I guess this is what they meant when they made that claim.


        • Tshiva keln

          Maybe he’s really Alpharius!

      • Michael Cameron

        Doesnt need to be an allied detachment any more. All Imperium units are part of the same army due to faction keywords. Thats why my Dark Angel army will having a unit of 5 Ratling Snipers in it. Dirt cheap sniper unit that can pop out, shoot and then run back into full cover.

      • You can already do that.

        • rtheom

          Yeah. 🙁

    • Brettila

      Gosh, that sounds fair. My Chaos army has so many equivalents. No worries you say? We’ll get some eventu…. er never actually. F’ing hosed again, right out the gate.

      • ieyke

        I mean, that IS just the equivalent of Bolters, and they only get THAT many shots at like 8 inch range.

    • MechBattler

      Who would choose Assault Centurions? I’d use devastator centurions. More dakka. Guilliman is more than capable of curb stomping an enemy unit in combat by himself. If they want CQC support, keep some terminators or honor guard near him.

  • Muhamad Adhi Setiadi

    All we need now is other loyalist (and traitors) primarchs for a happy family bonding time in 40K rules.

  • Orangecoke


    • neverness

      One person’s ‘broken’ is another’s ‘methodical’.

      (OMG I sound like an eldar player!)

  • SilentPony

    So he’s useless for non Ultramarines players. Great, another once great unit rendered worthless to 99% of the community.

    • georgelabour


      Another once obscure army now becoming mainstream for 99% of the WAAC munchkins. Which is like. 72% of the people who shouldn’t be playing this game.

      Another 27% being people who have never heard of deodorant.

    • I would hardly call his other abilities useless. Anyone with IMPERIUM gets bonuses from him, so I am sure we will see some interesting combinations once the other imperium forces and the sisters finally get their codex this year. Sure, ultras get an added bonus, but I have a feeling the other primarchs may start showing up and giving their chapters/legions similar bonuses so it might not just be the ultras getting the love (even if they are the poster boy for this edition).

    • Non-Ultramarines are just red or grey or yellow Ultramarines. Done.

    • Moonsaves

      I love how, say, the Sons of Guilliman get no bonus from Guilliman standing right next to them.

    • Stefan Pazderka

      No venerable custodes landraider benefit a lot from him as well as the normal golden dudes

  • LordKrungharr

    Abaddon is Chaos’ closest equivalent, with just as boring of a color scheme. But at least he’s Chaos, so flavorful, like black licorice, which I enjoy (I loathe blue rasberry stuff).

    Just gotta drop a couple Black Legion Decimators in Dreadclaws next to the Warmaster so Guilliman is closest to them and Soulburner his petard right out of his new armor.

    • Is your abaddon army called the licorice all-sorts? 😉

    • Brettila

      Was your licorice dipped in pcp? 😉 Abaddon is nothing remotely close to papa smurf.

  • Jason75

    After seeing the Mk III and Mk IV plastics (and having all the characters in metal) I wanted to play Ultramarines. I will have to be careful not to overuse Roboute though. Games are meant to be fun for both players.

  • Pete Dunn

    Ironic that the guy who wrote the Codex has no use for Tactical Marines

  • Antoine Henry

    Guilliman should cost around 500 points and Celestine around 300/350 just for the broken buff they give. Celestine is a joke too at 150 pts…

    • Karru

      You really think that balance was the thing GW aimed towards this edition?

      • Antoine Henry

        Well they said they tested for 2 and 1/2 by so many testers and that this edition was the most balanced one… Well I suppose they lied ? 😀 (This is irony, I know that they did not test their game and just watched Age of Sigmar to tell that it wa

      • UnpluggedBeta

        I…. I actually thought they were aiming for that…. :

        • Karru

          Unfortunately no. While the balance in this edition much better than in 7th, there is clear favouring still present. SM got many artificial buffs for example for no reason. Their Assault Cannons got extra shots and their Predator got its Autocannon buffed to kingdom come for starters.

    • Brettila

      No kidding. Kharn is 173, and all he can do is hit stuff in cc, including friends without reroll benefits. That and zortching himself with his pistol.

  • Stefan Pazderka

    I don’t want to put any stupid ideas in anyone’s head but I love girlyman in conjunction with the terminus ultra it’s 760 points for both. What you get well a metric buttload of lascanon wounds 🙂

  • DawnStone

    Easily one of if not the most undercosted units in this edition. He essentially doubles the effectiveness of nearby units in addition to being a complete beast in cc and borderline impossible to kill for some armies. Thankfully lots of people don’t do Ultramarines.

  • Tshiva keln

    Best place to put Girliman? Inside a circle of dreadnoughts with a penchant for friendly fire.

  • Kostas Pap Gus

    When League of Legends became a tabletop game they called it 40K 8th edition.
    The game here you have a very powerful hero who buffs your soldiers-minions and nobody can shoot him.

    • UnpluggedBeta

      That’s depressing; is it that bad already across the board or just in isolated cases like this?

  • Jason Fry

    I guess if you come up against guilliman you need to be prepared to drop everything you can right on his head and hope you make the 9 inch charges. I’m talking multiple squads with hero’s. But yeah, it’s likely to be more than 350pts worth. Here’s hoping GW do what they have been hinting at and balance things on a regular basis.

  • UnpluggedBeta


  • AircoolUK

    You realise this is just GW having a right good laugh at WAAC players who utterly despise Ultramarines and everything about them.

    Watching someone paint up Ultramarines whilst they choke on their own vomit must be hilarious. I guess maybe Matt Ward wrote the rules and fluff just to get revenge on his haters.