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With the quick release of an FAQ/Errata for each Index and the Core Book there are a lot of subtle changes to the game now.

Here’s a look at some of the big takeaways from the Imperial Indexes. A lot of little changes that really make a huge difference. Some of these are things that just got overlooked, or that need a little clarification–things like the wrong attack values getting recorded on some of the units, or certain small (but incredibly key) words being left off of a sentence.

Oh hang on guys–it turns out we’re an AGRI-world not an AGGRO-world.

But other changes are much more impactful and don’t seem to be “just an oversight.” Hand flamers got a pretty huge nerf, for one. So, it’ll be important to keep this stuff in mind, especially as the Summer campaign starts to heat up while players battle to determine the Fate of Konor.

Here are some of the more important ones we found (in no particular order):

This clarification opens up a lot of flexibility for players–you can decide what Acts of Faith you’re going to use as they’re resolved, so you can keep your options open as they resolve. Not a huge change, but it can make a meaningful difference when you’re rolling up against an enemy where you sorely need the Emperor’s blessings.

I guess they just don’t make Acolytes like they used to anymore. They dropped from 3 wounds to 1 wound, which I guess makes sense–this was probably just a cut and paste error that got fixed. Hope you got in your acolyte cheese while you had the chance.

Probably just an oversight anyway–you just have to kill it now before it stops working, which is honestly where it should be. They also clarify that the unit has to be wholly within 6″ of the void shield generator to get that invulnerable save, unless of course there’s an enemy in there with them.

This one’s a pretty big nerf for hand flamers. Their effectiveness got cut in half–which is a big enough change that I’m not sure they were “always supposed to work that way.” Still, it’s a d3 auto hits that you can use in close combat, so it’s nothing to sneeze at–but this is a pretty drastic change.

Unfortunately this spells the end for my detachment of Celestines, but is honestly the way things should be. There’s only one of her, after all. More important, though, is the clarification about the Acts of Faith. Celestine can only use an Act of Faith on someone who believes in the Emperor enough to have an Act of Faith themselves–which again, brings her in line with common sense. No more Acts of Faith on a Necron Monolith or whatever.

This one I don’t get. It’s weird–because these are two similar bonuses from different abilities, so by all rights they should be cumulative. I don’t quite know why they’ve called this one out specifically. I mean, from a Lore perspective, they’re all blood chalices, with the Red Grail being the ultimate blood chalice. But it doesn’t jive with other instances of similar, cumulative abilities. But hey, they wrote the game and them’s the breaks.

Well the Blackstar is like all the other transports now. Makes me wonder if we’re going to see some special transports for Primaris models somewhere down the line. It’s gotta be something big enough to handle them–I’ve done a mock-up below.

Primaris “War Bike”

Hey! Assault Squads can take some weapons that they’ve always been able to take. Great! 

And your Sanguinary Priests can turbo-boost when they’re on bikes, which means they can pull off rad stunts.

If you get a bike going fast enough, you *should* be able to give it fly…at least for a turn.

These are just a few of the changes, but the game’s effectively gotten it’s first big editing pass since it’s been released. So if you haven’t yet, be sure and check out the full FAQs. It’s nice to see GW responding so quickly to their editions, and once the codexes come out, I’m sure we’ll have an even better appreciation of the game.

Index Imperium 1 FAQ/Errata

Index Imperium 2 FAQ/Errata

When will GW respond to *my* frequently asked questions–‘Does Guiliman like me?’ ‘Who do you ship?’ ‘Do Necrons (other than Pimpcron) know what it means…to love?’

  • Zingbaby

    Hand Flamer now the same as the Blood Angels version, both suck.

    • Horus84cmd

      It was wishful thinking to believe it would be any different. Hand-Flamers have always been weaker that Flamers since Rogue Trader. Plus they don’t suck. Hand-Flamers are nifty come close quarters, given you can still fire them when within 1″ of the enemy and with auto hits no less.

      • tylran

        Also, the main users outside of Blood Angels are Seraphim, which carry TWO pistols. So 2D3 auto-hit attacks, even within 1″. That’s nice.

        • Horus84cmd

          Yeah forgot them. Burn! is all I can say

      • Zingbaby

        Yeah but you pay 8 points for each, whereas the Bolt Pistol is free – it’s definitely not worth taking over the BP, even more when you consider how easy it is for marines to get rerolls to hit.

        If it were cheaper I’d agree though.

        • Drew

          Or you just play power level and kit out the squad however you like!

  • pokemastercube .

    important thing is my BA assault marine melta squads as valid again

  • Davis Centis

    Hand Flamer makes sense because the Genestealer Cult one was D3 and it’s the same thing.

  • Carey_Mahoney

    Most obvious lesson from all of this: The SoB section in Index Imperium II was done literally minutes before deadline.

  • Chad Underdonk

    Made shield drones absolutely worthless unless they are attached to a character, or the opponent is actually shooting at drones!?!?!

    Drones would be a lot better/fluffier if any unit of drones within 3″ of a unit had to be targeted before the unit itself (much like characters cannot be targeted until the closest unit is destroyed…but limtited to 3″ proximity). I understand the way they are in the current book is kinda of broken, but a shield drone taking a mortal wound whenever it does its job means that it might as well not have an invulnerable save in the first place.

    • Iceman

      It’s worse than you think. All drones, even if they come with characters are considered a separate unit after the game starts. So, unless you are careful to keep them in front of your characters (and you aren’t being shot at from multiple directions), their invulnerable save is still worthless.

  • Brad Parks

    Well this justifies my decision to not buy any rulebooks yet.

    • OldHat

      How so? You will still need the Index for your faction. You just print this off to augment it for accuracy. Not really a big deal.

      • Brad Parks

        The whole point was to not have to carry 3+ books around. Now I’ve got the index and then check any errata and FAQ to see if a stat line has changed plus the main rules and their FAQ and errata. I’ll just stick with BattleScribe.

        • OldHat

          Who says that is the point? Wargames require rules. Right now, you can bring the cheat card from the box set, your Index (or eventually Codex), and you are good. If you have to carry a whopping three books (or more like 2 and the card), is that a big deal?

          • Brad Parks

            GW EXPLICITY said that they wanted to reduce the number of books needed. War Convocation used to require 3 codices and a data sheet at a minimum and we’re heading right back in that direction.

          • OldHat

            Those books were required. Now, unless you branch out beyond your specific faction, you likely need 1-2 books tops and a reference card. That is less. So stop complaining.

          • Brad Parks

            I’m not complaining. Complaining would be “oh I can’t believe I’m going to pay $40 for this book, that’s such a rip-off”. When I say that GW promised something different and I’m not going to participate because of wildly poor implementation, that’s a statement.

  • Crablezworth

    Man, a whole two weeks before invalidating the index’s, this bodes well and is in no way distressing.

    • OldHat

      The entire game got an overhaul which has dozens of factions with dozens of units in each. You expect perfection? This sort of FAQ/Errata is SOP for games, especially on the launch of a new edition. That they are getting them out so soon is actually a good sign. And this in no way is “invalidating” anything. You just print these and stick them in your Indices like we had been doing since always.

      • Nameless

        whilst FAQs are always welcome, the number of typos that needed fixing suggests that the books weren’t proof read but rather rushed out. If Games Workshop wants to be treated as a big company it really needs to put more effort into proofing its releases.

        • OldHat

          Because we should expect perfection? Seriously, the mistakes were very few given the scale of this endeavor. Sheesh, people on BoLS are so salty.

        • Chris Hilliard

          These are exceedingly minor fixes. I’ve seen games that needed entire tables replaced. This is mostly adjusting single items to match the series of weapons.

          If they’d suddenly tried returning blasts and templates I’d be concerned. Making all hand flamers do the same damage is a fix I can support.

          • Nameless

            the issue is less with game balance, it is that Games Workshop rushed out books without having them proof read first. there is a whole host of minor typos and copy paste errors that should have been picked up and weren’t leading to books that need a second printing less than a month after release. (not that I suspect they will print and sell updated indexes).

            if you buy a novel, you don’t expect it to full of typos and spelling mistakes, it might not detract from the story, but it does detract from the experience.

            For example, mid way though a pickup game a sisters of battle player unleashes 4 hand flamers in a seraphim squad not knowing about the Errata. they look up the stats and roll their dice. An argument ensues as the other player insists they do d3 hits not the d6 written in the book.

            the mistakes in the indexes are sloppy ones.

          • OldHat

            This is not a novel. This is way more complicated. I have done playtesting before and even with the rigorous amount done, we still needed FAQs for stuff we missed, typos, and errata. Cut them some slack – the products are all good and the very few “errors” are not uncommon.

            And the Hand Flamer error could be any game and time. X-Wing has FAQs in abundance and is highly regarded. Warmahordes too.

            I don’t get the weird purist mentality among some of the folks here.

          • UnpluggedBeta

            People probably think that GW has more resources so things like this are inexcusable since it’s a “giant,” publically traded company; the reality is likely far different.

            Having said that, I was surprised at the number of typos.