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Minimizing deployment drops is something we’ve never had to worry about before. Now, it’s really fun to game the system.

I got the Forge World 8th edition indexes in hand right before were started recording this episode.


Hey All

In this show we talk about the ‘scary’ stuff you may see out there in the early phase of Warhammer 40k 8th Edition meta.  We also discuss the idea that ‘gaming the system’ to go first may just be a fad that people get tired of in the future.  How important is it to you?

In the middle of the show we get to speak with Sarah from BattleHaven!   Please check out their website.  These guys put on an awesome gaming vacation event that really is designed to kick back have fun and eat..  Pretty much like a cruise ship on land.

Registration is open for the American Team Championship. The ATC will be a full 40k 8th edition event. FTN is going to be there! This will be the first giant 8th edition tournament and we are VERY excited.

The Finishing Moves segment is sponsored by Frontline Gaming. Their new mats are now hot off the presses and getting ready to be shipped. Please check them out, even if you already have a game mat. Their new styles are very impressive. Frontline is hosting another destination tournament event! Tickets are on sale now for the SoCal Open

We jammed in a LOT of tournament talk in this show as we are all getting ready for the ATC.  Finishing moves will be back next week!  If you have any topic suggestions please let us know.




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FTN mostly focuses on Warhammer 40k, but again you will see in the first few episodes we take a severe deep dive into nerdom. These have been a blast to record and I hope they help pass the time for you.

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Paul Murphy – Host

Justin Troop – troopsmash
Christopher Morgan – captain morgan
Adam Abramowicz – Beyond the Brush Studios
Andrew Whittaker

  • Drpx

    Player A: “My deployment is three Knights, guess I’ll go first.”

    Player B: “My deployment is two Crusaders, guess not.”

    Player A: “I could always seize…..”

    • LeroyJenkinss

      Player c: I have 5000 conscripts… Enjoy

      • ZeeLobby

        And thus began the most boring game of 40K ever imagined!

  • TenDM

    Overall I’m just happy they’ve added an element of control to the whole thing. Seize the Initiative throws a wrench in the works but I can still make a trade off to get what I want. How far am I willing to warp and twist my list in order to maximise my chance of getting first or last turn? Do I need to pump up my anti-horde list to get first turn? Or should I just plan around going first against hordes.
    I mean look at X-Wing and Age of Sigmar. You know the rules, you know how many drops you have, so you can (mostly) control the outcome.

    I think ultimately this is going to pay off big for hordes in the long term. Right now they have this inherent advantage but that will pass. However as long as this rule exists they’re going to have an increased level of stability. GW can write a book that beefs them up a little because they know that by the time the horde gets a chance to shoot it’s going to have taken causalities.
    In previous editions there was always the risk that the horde would either go first and destroy their opponent at full strength, or go second and have a neutered first round of shooting.

    You guys are definitely right about terrain though. If you can break line of sight between deployment and the end of your opponents movement phase you’re set to get the first effective turn. If terrain is sparse that becomes impossible. Personally I wish GW would just release a book of Matched Play terrain loadouts. Make it like Counter Strike where playing the map is a genuine skill.

    • TenDM

      Also that Tyranid unit you’re talking about isn’t sold as individual models. You’re thinking of Zoanthropes and Venomthropes. They’re sold in a pack of three (the 8th Edition minimum unit), however in previous Editions you could take a squad of one. This meant a lot of 7th Edition Tyranid players had two Zoanthropes and a Venomthrope in their collection.

      I can’t think of any other instances where this would happen as a result of rule changes, but I think they want a Tau player to be able to buy a box of Fire Warriors and assemble 7 as a Strike Team and 3 as a Breacher Team.

      • UvW Sausage

        Crisis suits used to be minimum of 1 🙁

  • Samuel Henley

    Whats your guys team name for ATC?

  • Commissar Molotov

    I know this normally ain’t the place for rules questions, but I’ve got one about that rule that’s driving me crazy. If I have, say, two units and a character in a stormraven (4 units total), and I place them all at once during deployment, would I still “finish” deployment before my opponent who is only placing two separate units?

    • Nightwalker

      You can’t place them all at once. First you place the storm raven, then the opponent places a unit, then you place one in the storm raven, then the opponent places a unit. Now that they are done, you can place the other 2 in the storm raven. but they finished first so they go first (unless you steal)

      • Commissar Molotov

        That would make sense, but that ain’t what the rule says. P.183 “Transports,” under “Transport Capacity:” “When you set up a transport, units can start the battle embarked within it instead of being set up separately – declare what units are embarked inside the transport when you set it up.”

        So I guess my question is – because of that rule, do all the units embarked in it count as a single “drop?”