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8th Edition has been through two updates and a Codex. It’s time to do something about these names.

Friends, we’re here today to address an oversight that two iterations of FAQs and a whole Codex couldn’t fix. It’s breaking the game at every level from top tier tournament play to the most casual home games. That’s right I’m talking about the names of the new units.

How many times has your game been held up by not being able to tell an intercessor from am inceptor. Even just now I had to go look them up and am still only 85% sure I’ve gotten them right.

Pictured: Definitely a Primaris Insomethingorother.

Now this probably could’ve been solved by calling the ones who fly and maybe intercept people something exactly like interceptors, or keep Intercessors and call the other ones Graduates, because they have a degree, and that’s what incept means.

But fortunately we live in the future. In a place where communities can communicate instantly thanks to the miracle of modern technology, like the infoceptwork, we can arrive at a solution. So I present to you the rechristening. Here we have five candidates for new names. We’ve provided our own suggestions, but, again thanks to the miracle of modern technology, you can supply your own (superior) suggestions as well. The point is we have a chance to do some objective good in the 41st millenia, and these are rate enough indeed. Let’s begin by examining a perfect specimen, from which to guide our collective efforts:


Now here we see art and craft at work. This name is straight to the point and leaves no question about what these marines do. They blast things from hell to hell (as well as others of far more terrestrial origins). Clean and clear, let this shining monument be our guide. On to the ones needing new monikers.


No question, these guys need a new name. Now not because of any supposed misspelling–the Reivers are totally an extant thing already,  with roots in history. And here, of course, I speak not of Scottish border raiders but of the American pop band based out of Austin, TX in the early 1980s. And while, of course, this is a perfectly valid inspiration, it’s not the most descriptive of them. They don’t really maraud so much as drop in on opponents and then, having surprised them with their grappling hooks and terrorizing appearance, they beat them to a pulp.

With that in mind, there’s a clear choice: Batmans.


These guys are an investing case. They’re not particularly aggressive–their primary ability kicks off whenever they don’t move. And sure, they have close up weapons and shoot a lot when it works, but that didn’t really scream “Aggressor.” Why not name them sheet their signature move and call them Firestorms. Our better still,  since their weapons are all gauntlet based, go with the BoLS preferred: Handymen.


Now these guys are a little harder to figure out. Their signature power is that they can fly around unleashing a storm of bolt fire or plasma (see above) and are a sort of rapid deployment attack squadron. Capable of nearly unmatched firepower, these guys are speedy and capable of crushing assaults when needed.

Let the jetpacks speak for themselves here. Let their speed and firepower define them. They are the Primaris’ messengers–and the message is bullets. Which is why we at BoLS refer to these as Mercurials.


Now Incept means to graduate, and these guys have bolters, the most basic, workhorse of all Primaris units. With those two facts in mind, these guys are basically fresh out of Primaris college, and are basically the interns of the Astartes. While they may one day be paid, right now they’re working for exposure. But you can’t just call them interns, they’ll resent that. Call them instead Rockstars or perhaps Gurus. It’ll look great on their resumes.

You no doubt have your own monikers, so be sure and let us know–as a community we can put an end to this confusion once and for all. Thank you and good day.

  • Joshua Jenkins

    Inceptors are the jetpack Marines. Intercessors carry the bolt rifles.

    • Huntard

      That’s the joke

      • YetAnotherFacelessMan

        If you have to explain the joke, there is no joke. If Bell of Lost Souls is writing another primaris article, there is no new content.

    • Josh Felstead

      I’m honestly not sure a BolS writer has the capability to make a funny out of the names of units. If the names were purposely switched, HAHAHA YEAH MAN SO FUNNY (this is not humorous at all and shouldn’t have been done). If the writer accidentally got the names wrong, well, I’m not surprised in the slightest.

  • SilentPony

    Interceptors, aggressives, hellofagunners, revelers, inception

    • benvoliothefirst

      +1 for “Hellofagunners,” and their detachments, “Sonofagunners,” and their loyal hounds, “Sonofabitches”…

  • Crevab

    Hmm, not sure I want to invest in Aggressors

  • Darkcat

    Primaris assault marines, Primaris sternguards, Primaris scouts, Primaris terminators and Primaris tacticals.

    • This. Altough I’m still not happy with the primaris assault marines. Astartes close combat troop without the bolt pistol+chainsword combo? Really?

      • AircoolUK

        Yeah, but Heavy Bolt Pistol, BFO Knife and stun grenades. Yes please.

        Also, Reivers with Bolt Carbines = Intercessors with Auto Bolt Rifle except cheaper and with stun grenades and better rules.

    • Crevab

      Except the Rhino Primaris. Thats not Primaris…

      • OldHat

        Which must confuse everyone on the battlefield.

      • Coltcabunny

        Also Primaris Psykers, which are an Imperial Guard unit.

    • Nicholas Rais

      YES! The voice of reason! the game has already evolved so far beyond the 2nd edition I was familiar with last time I played I have to think even about some of THOSE, but the new names are just RIDICULOUS. When the names confuse veteran and newbie alike, its obviously problematic.

  • CloakingDonkey

    Luckily the Inceptors are way overpriced, so the only ones you need to remember are the Intercessors 😉

    • OldHat

      Inceptors dropped by 15ppm in the Codex, so not that bad anymore.

      • CloakingDonkey

        that’s still 60ish points each correct? Meaning you can get 3 of them or invest another 20 and get a fully kitted out Redemptor that throws down about twice the shots and is way more tanky.

        • OldHat

          60 with their Bolters, yes. And you just compared apples to an orange. So…

          • Drew_Da_Destroya

            I was just hanging with my biologist cousin this weekend, and the “apples to oranges” thing always bugs her. They’re in the same Kingdom, they’re both edible fruits, they’re actually extremely comparable on a number of levels.

          • OldHat

            They are vastly different colors, textures, and types of fruit. Just because they are both fruit doesn’t mean they are at all comparable and that is basically the point of that idiom.

          • Drew_Da_Destroya

            They’re pretty easily comparable calorically and nutritionally. You could likely compare flavors, although that’d be a bit more subjective. You can compare the different varieties of each, their ideal growing climate and conditions, and indeed their colors and textures pretty easily. They aren’t that vastly different at all, which is the point of my cousin’s annoyance at the idiom. A better phrase could be “comparing airplanes to buffalo”, or maybe “Comparing gravel to palm trees”. Those are things that are actually vastly different.

          • OldHat

            Well, airplanes are made of carbon and so are buffalo. They are literally identical.

          • CloakingDonkey

            how? The only thing I’m missing out on is the deep striking. But there’s plenty of other more point efficient choices that do that better. 6W with a 3+ Save are just not very inspiring for that many points.

          • OldHat

            You compared a Fast Attack unit with Fly and Deep Strike to a slow shooty Dread. Apples to Oranges. They do different things and fill different roles.

          • CloakingDonkey

            such as? they both kill infantry with medium powered, high shot volume weapons. They both easily get within 9″ (cause the Redemptor’s weapons are Assault) and it’s really not like Fast Attack/Elite matters at all anymore. If anything, Elite is better cause you can take it more often. I’m asking for an example of how they are different in practice. If you don’t have arguments to back up your assertion, then why make it in the first place? o0

  • Dan Wilson

    Could you at least get the names the right way round? Intercessors are the Primaris tactical equivalent. Inceptors are the flying ones. It even says literally on the picture you posted. Facepalm.

    • Fergie0044

      It was deliberate, did you not read about how confusing they were saying those two names were?

  • MeAnd SomeRandoms

    It is easy: Reivers = Primaris Scouts, Agressors = Primaris Centurions, Inceptors = Primaris Tacticals, Intersessors = Primaris Assaults, Hellblasters = Primaris Devastators and so on …

    • Sybarite

      Did you get those wrong just to annoy the other guys? XD

      • MeAnd SomeRandoms

        I have “no” idea what you could mean by this 😉

  • Pcm979

    They have a skull motif and use guns and you don’t go with Primaris Punishers? For shame.

    Likewise, the Artists Formerly Known As Aggressors are clearly Primaris Popeyes.

    The chaps who are on the cover of the Codex are the Primaris Posterboys.

    The rest are a bit nebulous, but I’ll opt for Primaris Propellants for the fellows festooned with flight fixings, and I provisionally prefer ‘Primaris Plasma-Packing Pinheads’ per the poor poops provided pernicious plasma-powered paraphernalia.

    • AircoolUK

      I’m going with Lobsters for the Aggressors, and they can be led by the Lobster King from the DI box.

      I think I’ve just invented myself a new Space Marine Chapter.

      • Pcm979

        I hope that doesn’t get you into any hot water.

        • AircoolUK

          They’ll manage to claw their way out somehow.

          • Jay Arr

            A trial like that might really help them come out of their shell.

  • Luca Lacchini

    Reivers are not scouts (no rules rupporting the scouting/infiltrating role), Aggressors are not Termies (no rules making them an independent elite unit), Inceptors are not assault (no options for dedicated CC onslaught).

    Intercessors: gunline Marines.
    Hellblasters: fire support Marines.
    Inceptors: mobile support Marines.
    Aggressors: armored support Marines (yes, Marines get a lot of support units).
    Reivers: shocktrooper Marines.

    Primaris units seen so far are good on their own, excellent when paired with oldMarines fitted for dedicated roles (assault, devastators, scouts, centurions, termies, etc.) augmenting capabilities of both parts.
    I do really hope that this is intentional, sort of “one side of the same coin” thing, and that’s a trend that will be kept in the future. I hope.

  • mhtsaropinigitakis

    what was the point of that article again?

    • kerouac50

      I think it was meant to be funny.

  • Fergie0044

    What’s up with the hellblaster sarge? Is he just SO awesome that he’s decided to switch to the pistol instead to make it more sporting for the enemies of the Imperium?

    • Aura1

      He got fed up of the ‘spinning cog of death’ recharging cycle. ‘9 hours 38 minutes and 17 seconds approximately remaining…’

    • Lion El’ Jonson

      He’s showing his boys how its done.

    • euansmith

      “You want some close combat, Heretic Scum? I’ll give you some close combat! Plasma Pistol Style!”

  • AircoolUK

    ahaa… yeah, I see what you did there. For Intercessors, just call the Intersissies instead. Or just not get them confused ‘cos it’s not hard.

  • Justin Morrow

    That definition for “incept” dates from the mid-19th century. The word is derived from the Latin “incepire” which means “to undertake, to begin.” So “Inceptor” would be High Gothic for “one who begins,” making it pretty fitting for a fast-moving hit-and-run unit.

  • orionburn

    Just name them along the lines of the seven dwarves – Jumpy Marines, Stabby Marines, Shooty Marines, Melty Marines, Meh Marines, etc.

  • euansmith

    I like the Welder’s Helmet on the Interceptor.

    • Luca Lacchini

      Yup. Orbital re-entry, headfirst style.

    • Luca Lacchini

      Yup. Orbital re-entry, headfirst style.

  • Spacefrisian

    Plasmadudes, normaldudes, jumpdudes, scoutdudes, bigdudes and leaderdudes.

  • JL

    Decimator, Judicator, Derelictor, Heraldor, Vexillor, Questor, Venator, Liberator, Aquilor, Castellant, Celestant, Relictor, Veritant, Prosecutor, Retributor

    Was was your first hint the Primaris unit names were going to be a bunch of confusing nonsense?

    • Aura1

      Spamming google’s Latin translate isn’t the newest phenomenon for 40K writers…

  • OldHat

    Guys, this is a family website. Can we please call them Heckblasters?

    • Thomas

      H*ckin’ Blasters

      • OldHat

        They doing you a fright?

    • Jay Arr

      Just when I thought the name couldn’t get better. Thank you. We appreciate your commitment to ensuring we stay family-friendly.

    • JL

      I want to get me some Legion of the Darned.

  • mgdavey

    Heatblisters, Relievers, Aggregators, and (of course) Incestors.

  • Coltcabunny

    And yet you still get Inceptors and Intercessors the wrong way around at the end of the article…

    Intercessor is “a person who intervenes on behalf of another, especially by prayer.” Which is exactly what they are. Swooping in the save the depleted SM armies across the galaxy.

  • Dan

    Is it really that hard to name things GW? Even if the words make no sense or are totally made up starting with a totally different letter and phoneme would help things MASSIVELY in terms of usability…

  • Kai Qian

    Please, no more PSM again….

  • Skeksis

    Codex: Copyright

  • IronGryphon

    How could you not tell which unit is which? Did you even look at the building instructions?

  • Viper666.Qc

    Tactical Roboutors (Intercessors), Assault Roboutors (Inceptors), Scout Roboutors (Reivers), Stern-Roboutors (Helblasters), Centu-Roboutors (Aggressors)….and in a close future, you drop the Primaris for Regular…