40K RUMORS: New Primaris Models Seen

There’s a report doing the rounds of new unseen Primaris Marine models headed our way. Here’s the latest:

We’ve all been expecting the Primaris Marines to get their new codex soon. Look what one gamer at GWHQ reported seeing:

via B&C’s harvarn 7-3-2017

The other day I got a sneak preview of some primaris models that are not out yet. Cant share the photos but this is basically legit.. was a quick glance but this is what I saw

Primaris Apothecary: The apothecary was helmeted i assume there is a non helmeted version I didnt see any servitors tho in the picture, It was standing upright  it did carry a bolter which look a little different than normal. (sorry I am not a primaris player so I am not aware of much lore around these guys)

Interceptor Squad: with what looks like short range dual plasma cannons, The interceptors definitely not carrying pistols it looks huge but stubby. The inceptors basically had stubby looking plasma cannons with some expose cabling if i remember correctly.

Repulsor Tank Variant: A second variant of the hover tank which had weapon sponsons where the doors are on the side

New Firepower Unit: New unit which looks like a cross between a Primaris marine and a centurion it had those new missile packs u see on the tank and dreadnought but on the shoulders of the new unit like how typhoon missile launchers are on terminators. They were carrying heavy weapons I assume its their version of a dev squad. It is definitely not a terminator just that it had an exo suit on it esp at the feet.. was referring to its aesthetics more than the suit in a suit kinda thing. That new unit which i got no idea what it is called is prob the highlight and It really seems to be blend between devastators with missile packs on the top and some extra support fix to its armour.  

Bolter Reivers: which actually look really really cool.

Dunno of anyone else have seen them but it seems legit cause it was shot in a photo studio.

Schedule: I believe some of those photos are on que to be released soon. Cause it was in the same batch as the two heroes on pre-order


We’re already seen art of the Primaris Apothacary. Vehicle and weapon variants are standard in standalone kits, so the Reivers and Repulsor are reasonable options.  The only real standout in this rumor is the new big “not terminator” firepower unit.

There’s this Hellblaster guy from the White Dwarf

But then I fully expect GW to give the Primaris range the full Stormcast Eternal treatment with multiple new unseen kits.  None of these sound outlandis and they all mesh in with what we are seeing GW crank out with ever more Primaris reveals these last few weeks.

~I’d expect to see an all new army and book in the next month or so.


  • Andersp90 .
  • Drpx

    Hellblasters being touted as good against vehicles when vehicles are changed to giant critters. Something tells me that new Primaris unit will be strong against the infantrybobs that dominate the other half of the meta presently.

    • The Harrower

      I’ve see a unit of 5 Hellblasters 1 shot a Predator and a Rhino. They are no joke.

      • Drpx

        Ya, vehicles are monsters now and plasma’s always been good against monsters.

  • Francisco Guerra

    The new not-Primaris-Terminators make an appearance in the Dark Imperium novelm along with a bunch of other stuff like new gunships.

    I was wondering how long until they became models.

    • paxter

      seems like what the poster mention will be coming quite soon, I’ve seen the same photos he mentioned but no vehicle variant or the scout one

    • Chris Ruhl

      Interesting thing…the jump infantry in the article…they are also wear Gravis-type Mk. X armor.

  • Chris Ruhl

    Actually the Inceptor Squad (the heavy armor jump infantry) are carrying Assault Bolters. Think of them as Bolter machine pistols firing heavy Bolter rounds. Or else high rate of fire as they hit S5, AP -1, Assault 3. And as they carry two, each Inceptor (yes, that is the right spelling for them) gets six shots.

    • MarcoT

      Wow where are you getting this hot info?

      The images are just supporting the story. They’re the base model of what’s being talking about, sans the armament. There’s no image yet of Inceptors with plasma weapons.

      • Chris Ruhl

        I picked up a number of data sheets that GW put out in previews. The armor the Inceptors wear is even heavier then the ‘tactical’ Intercessors. Doesn’t improve their armor save, but they go to T5. So an interesting approach to “better armor”. They also come with a type of “deep strike” special rule and something similar to Hammer of Wrath when they charge in.

      • Chris Ruhl
        • MarcoT

          Sorry I was being snarky. The rules are publicly available for 2 weeks now, and as this unit is in the starter box, pretty much everyone knows them. They’re cool though.

          • Chris Ruhl

            No worries. I did not consider it snarky. Was more looking at amending the error in the article and missed that you spotted it too.

            My own apologies if I came off as lecturing. Old habits as a sergeant and instructor.

          • euansmith
          • Chris Ruhl

            No. Those are with the Reiver Squads. 😉

          • crabmond

            if you disable the enemy’s hand, he cannot press a button

          • Shinnentai

            You’ve misinterpretted the article. It’s mostly talking about variants of the existing kits that we haven’t seen yet. The photos are just there to show the existing kits.

          • Chris Ruhl

            “Interceptor Squad: with what looks like short range dual plasma cannons”,….that does not read like ‘options available ‘ but a misread of the base unit. Particularly when the stats have been out for a month or more

          • The Harrower

            The title of the article is “40K RUMORS: New Primaris Models Seen”. Come on guys, this isn’t rocket science.

          • Exactly . +1

          • Shinnentai

            LOL – you still don’t get it even after MarcoT already went through all this with you.

            Read the article dude. It’s a report from the rumour source and starts: “The other day I got a sneak preview of some primaris models that are not out yet. Cant share the photos but this is basically legit.. was a
            quick glance but this is what I saw”

            THE PHOTOS ARE NOT WHAT IS BEING DISCUSSED IN THE TEXT. The models the source has seen are (largely) weapons variants of the already known models in the photos.

          • Chris Ruhl

            Was just trying to clarify the issue.

    • Josh Felstead

      Uh oh, you done ****ed up.

      This article is clearly using pictures of units we already know and have seen to illustrate the types of units that the new ones will be and vaguely look like i.e. those Inceptors are OBVIOUSLY NOT wielding dual plasma weapons and those Reivers are OBVIOUSLY NOT wielding bolters and that tank OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T have sponson weapons on it.

      To give you a further example, if you hadn’t grasped the concept already: Imagine if the source here had seen, say, a Primaris Librarian with different options such as a Force Axe and Bolt Pistol. This is hypothetical. I repeat, this is hypothetical and has not been seen. IF this were the case, then the author of the article would put the picture that we have already seen of the available Primaris Librarian equipped with only his Force Sword because it would be talking about a different variant of this model. Do you understand now? This is not an error (or 3) in the article.

      Try and process things a bit before you comment saying that the author (and everyone who’s trying to make you see that you are wrong) is wrong.

      My own apologies if I came off as lecturing. Old habits as someone who reads and processes a flipping piece of writing.


      • Brettila

        Well done. However, my fears about these guys being precisely the same as Stormcasts is proving true. Stormcast ridiculousness drove me put of AoS. Now we hear that there will be at least 3 units where every model has a heavy weapon. Yes, plasma isn’t a heavy, but you get the point. And, we don’t know if there are more to come. That’s a bunch of boom per squad. Someone tried to tell me my chaos army could do the same, with Chosen. Yes, a small squad can all have specials, but not EVERY model. This is potentially (Did all of the quick draw posters get that?) Some serious power creep for the ‘New hotness’.

  • kerouac50

    This article needs a giant “(sic)” at the beginning.

  • D. B.

    Could the “not-Terminators” simply be the rumoured Gravis Squad?

    • Luca Lacchini

      Highly probable, and something that would make sense.
      As Terminator armor tech became more and more esoteric and rare during the 30K-40K period, a “reinventing of the wheel” is something that would fill a gap in the production lines of the Imperium war machine.

      Plus, the MkX armor is described from the start as being designed for modularity, so extra accessories, armoring panels, integrated weaponry and extra sensors are quite in order.

    • Chris Ruhl

      If I read it right, they are the Primaris version of Devestators. The Aggressor Squads. Gravis-equipped marines with shoulder-mounted missile racks and Flame Gauntlets.

      Interesting option in armor. Instead of better armor always just being a better armor save, here we have the same save, but a bonus to Toughness.

  • Luca Lacchini

    As much as I loathe to admit it (do not like them), Inceptors are a nice addition to the Imperium armies.
    Tougher and armed with strong ranged weaponry, pair them with a “classic” assault squad with jump packs geared for melee, and wreak havok on a vast range of enemies.

    It’s a costly option for assault, but it does work. Still think it’s stupid to have A2/3 and no CC weapon whatsoever, though.

    • AircoolUK

      I believe the higher than normal number of attacks is to give them a chance of finishing off the enemy unit they targeted or at least put up a fight if the remaining enemy charges them. They’re not close combat troops by any means, but are designed for surgical strikes to eliminate a single enemy unit in one turn, or as a huge massive distraction when you really need to give the enemy something else to think about.

      • Chris Ruhl

        That Crushing Charge rule though,…they can hit rather hard if they take the initiative in close combat.

    • Not when you can shoot those pistols while in melee.

  • Horus84cmd

    And here’s me expecting to see some half-assed blurry pictures of upcoming models…nope just rational conjecture and stating the obvious!

    • Spacefrisian

      Wait for the 5 or 6 repeats of this article on this site.

      • Horus84cmd


  • Josh Felstead

    I hope the new Bolter Reivers that look “really really cool” have the option of not using those absolutely terrible and cartoonish skull helmets/heads. They’re clearly supposed to be the equivalent of a Scout for the new Primaris Marines, and their armour is awesome for the most part, but those heads man… They’re god-awful.

    • LEGION3000

      And that is why I have saved every extra head from every kit I have ever bought. All my mark X droopy nose marines are now ‘angry marines’ and all my skullfaces are getting scout heads.

  • Ravingbantha

    Gotta love apothecaries, their med kit includes a drill, a syringe that looks like it makes a hole as big as a bullet, and a chainsaw.

    • euansmith

      They have to make incisions large enough to get a power armoured gauntlet in to 😉

    • LEGION3000

      The Apothecary is not there to heal marines (despite what the game says). They are there to retrieve the geneseed, which involves ripping the base of the spine out.

      • Ravingbantha

        Despite what the game says? Did you just seriously go there? The fluff comes from the game, which comes from GW, and GW has always had apothecaries as healers.

  • Stefano Manno

    I’m still hoping for a dedicated melee unit

  • SilentPony

    Wait, is that a picture of an apothecary and Imperial Fists alongside Genestealer cults?

    • Danny Carr

      Isn’t it a servitor?

      • Horus84cmd

        Thats what I figured – Apothecary Class

      • SilentPony

        I figured with the weird shaped heads, pale skin, track suits and bulky white backpacks they were hybrids

        • Golden Yak

          If you look closely at their hands they’ve got syringes and things sticking through them, I think they’re medical sevitors.

          If the Primaris Apothecary comes with a couple of them and they look all freaky like in that pic it would be cool – make the healer seem like some freaky mad scientist character.

          • euansmith

            I do hope that we get some plastic servitors for grim dark conversion work.

  • MechBattler

    Is that picture implying Fists teamed up with Genestealers against Traitors?
    Because that makes very little sense. Unless the galaxy is now such a clusterf*ck of chaos warp incursions that such temporary alliances are unavoidable and necessary to survive.

    • Slaanesh Devotee

      Or unless that looks like a genestealer hybrid, but is actually a Slaanesh cultist.

      • euansmith

        Things can get confusing when Alpha Legion are in the combat zone.

    • Horus84cmd

      I figured they are Apothecary Servitors, that support him like Techmarine ones do.

  • Marti Barker

    The not-terminators are Primaris Aggressors. They wear gravis armour, like the dark imperium captain, and have should rockets. All out of the Dark Imperium book, which btw is very good. HH quality writing,

  • LEGION3000

    What I want to know is when we are getting primaris terminators?