40K: Sizing Up the Redemptor Dreadnought

It’s certainly the biggest, but is the Primaris Redemptor the King of the Dreadnoughts?

Today we are going to size up both the rules and models for the 6 main categories of Space Marine dreads.  We’ll find out exactly how good the brand new Redemptor Dread is, and if it has climbed to the top of the mountain, as king of the dreads.


Power Level 7

It’s cheap, it gets the job done, and if you lose it, your entire army wont collapse. The classic box on legs give you a solid choice of ranged and melee weapons. It’s take a bit of effort to kill and can stop a assault by non specialized troops dead in it’s tracks.

Venerable Dreadnought

Power Level 8

Moving on up, the Venerable is a more accurate version of the default chassis. That extra power level point buys you a WS/BS 2+ and you have a 6+ to ignore damage inflicted.  I think it’s a solid choice and that 2+ makes it really reliable, especially when it has to fire on the move.

Ironclad Dreadnought

Power Level 8

The ironclad is all about close range fire and assault. You more up to T8 compared to the base dread, but are still WS/BS3+ You get options for dual melee weapons, granting it rerolls of 1 in the fight phase and the optional Ironclad Assault Launchers can inflict a mortal wound surprise to your foes on a successful charge.  It’s a solid choice for really built up dense tables, but can get shot to pieces if your meta doesn’t have a LOT of LoS blocking terrain. Your mileage may vary…


Contemptor Dreadnought

Power Level 8

Now we move into the first dread that is fundamentally different. The Contemptor has 10 wounds and a damage chart. It’s S:7 by default and WS/BS2+ before it starts taking damage. but you really take the Contemptor for 2 reasons. It’s FAST at 9″ compared to the previous M:6″ of the previous dreads. It also has a 5+ Invulnerable – which makes it quite durable. It’s a mid range brawler with both the Kheres Assault Cannon and the Multi-melta clocking in at 24″ range.  All in all I really like it. It’s probably tied with the Venerable for my “go to dread” whem I’m putting together a list.

Redemptor Dreadnought

Power Level 10

Welcome to the new hotness. Like the Contemptor the SUPER-SIZED new primaris dread has a damage chart. It has a sky-high 13 wounds, and shares the Contemptor’s S:7. What you are really paying the points for is the crazy firepower. Like both Primaris vehicles it is loaded down with tons of weapons and can routinely get off well over 20 shots a turn. If you equip it with the  Heavy and standard Onslaught Gatling Cannon, you get 18 S:5 AP:-1 shots right there – before you add in the Icarus rocket pod and dual Fragstorm grenade launchers.   The thing shoots a ton but strangely has the standard dread’s WS/BS 3+  It’s a mountain of firepower, and it’s durable, but is is 40% more than a standard dread.  The choice of 2 Redemptors of 3 standard dreads takes isn’t easy. If you stand it next to a Captain or Chapter Master for to-hit rerolls – it’s good times.

Leviathan Dreadnought

Power Level 16

HAIL TO THE KING! The Leviathan isn’t as big as the Redemptor but it’s dense.  It has a damage table, but starts off with W:14, S8 T8 and WS/BS2+ More importantly is features on of the game’s most devastating AND flexible weapons – the Grav-flux bombard (look up there and be in awe) – which is pretty much mandatory. A quick looks at it’s stats reveals it’s as effecitve at pulping 50-man conscript squads as Land Raiders. It’s other arm is personal choice on either a Melee weapon for flexibility, or a second ranged weapon for terrifying standoff power. The final piece of the Leviathan puzzle is it’s 4+ Invulnerable save.  It’s pricy – but it worth it. That’s what makes the Leviathan the KING of the dreads.

~ What dreads do you field in your armies?


  • BaronVonYoloing

    No thoughts on the Deredeo? Or does it not count for this purpose?

    • orionburn

      It’s the red headed stepchild of the Dread family 😛

      • Jonathon West

        Not even close

    • Jeremy Larson

      With the change to flyers, the Deredeo is over-priced for what it provides now. Any basic mortis dread can do the same job almost as good for significantly cheaper.

  • Luca Lacchini

    Right now there’s a lone Contemptor, but I’m planning a Deredeo with Plasma Carronades and simple atomantic pavaise – a concept which I find fascinating, and wondering why we don’t have a whole family of vehicles which project a protective (if flickery) force field to help infantry advance under heavy fire.
    Or a CC focused Leviathan. Maybe.

  • AircoolUK

    No surprises that a Forge World model is top of the list. Forge World models always strike me as overpowered and under costed. Not only that, but they always seem to fill the niche in an army’s weak spot, which kind of defeats the point of army’s having weaknesses.

    • Ash S

      except it is the most expensive in both points and power level model there. even compared to the next most expensive there, the redemptor, it is 60% higher in power level. It is 175points vs. the redemptor at 140 (both before weapons), however comparing the levi i own and the redemptor (most expensive possible build) i am going to build on sat, the redemptor with weapons comes to 207 points vs the leviathan at 366

      • Coltcabunny

        Add in the fact you’ve got to take another HS choice too as the Leviathan is a relic. You pay for it majorly with the relic models.

    • Alienerd the unbannable

      There are so many examples where this isn’t the case. Badab marines and forgeworld orks are 2 such examples. Speaking of the weak spots though, forgeworld did wonders for orks with their IA:8 ages ago, simply because we lacked high strength weapons and FW just gave us a ton!

    • MarcoT

      Fully agree. Simple case in point; their flyers usually get “strafing run”, which is +1 to hit vs ground targets. No GW flyer has that. Why o why do Forgeworld flyers need this? A 40 shot Vulture hitting on 3’s (just hover the thing) sure sounds like fun.

      • Ash S

        except several gw units used to have it including the stormtalon gunship in the space marine codexs

        And in 8th edition the rule no longer exists and pretty much all the space marine flyers have same/similar rules between fw and gw now

        • Dave Bacon

          Ravenwing Dark Talon gets strafing run.

          • Ash S

            i thought it would but it is one of the codices i dont have.

          • Ragimund

            The Nephilim also has it.

          • Dave Bacon

            I haven’t even looked at the Nephilim, I’ve just been laughing maniacally as I strafe things with my Dark Talon.

        • MarcoT

          It’s still everywhere? Darnit, I haven’t read properly than. Giving it a new name to camouflage it has worked on me.

          For some reason I hate the rule. Seems so silly to be able to shoot better from high in the sky. If you want to simulate those cool scenes from movies where bullets hit the ground everywhere and people ducking for cover, I don’t think +1 to hit represents that AT ALL. Maybe even a -1, but some moral effect. Or a fly-over thing. But superior aiming? Nope.

          • Crevab

            Stormtalon has +1 vs ground also

          • Ash S

            nah nothing in 8th ed has it. but really the only vehicles that had it prior to 8th were flyers in anti-infantry ground support roles and alot of codexs had them.

          • Ash S

            nah FW stuff from my knowledge has lost it but codex/index stuff might still have it.

  • Christofer Gumowski

    Can the Leviathan use 2x of the Grav-Flux bombard? Seems like a wicked model if you could, better than the FW Knights.

    • James Allen

      It can.

      The chaos version couldn’t in the Index though (just 1 melee arm could be replaced with a ranged) but the FAQ changed it to be like the imperium version.

      • orionburn

        And the GFB only recently became available to use in 40k. Prior to the new index it was limited to 30k.

        I’ve got two of the storm cannon arrays but haven’t ran my dread with both of them yet. I definitely need to give it a go one of these days. Hard to pass up the melta lance with all it’s goodness. Two of those would be fun.

      • Christofer Gumowski

        Hot damn. I’m going to get one of these badboys to fight my friend’s Tyranid swarm (and others).
        2D3 shots at S9, AP-5 and D5 against monsters is crazy, but the 14D3 shots at S9, AP-5 and D2 versus his blobs of 30 gaunts is going to be …. Juicy.

        • Bootneck


  • Zelophelon

    BrayArth Ashmantle is definitely my fav. At T9 W8 with a 2+/5++ and then a 4+ to ignore damage taken he is pretty damn tough.

  • Ash S

    I love dreadnoughts so in my 5k point/250 power level army i am running:

    -Redemptor (big gatling, icarus pod, fragstorm launchers, heavy flamer, fistycuffs)
    -Venerable dread (twin las, fist and h flamer)
    -Librarian dread (heavy flamer)
    -Mortis dreadnought (2 twin las, cyclone missile launcher)
    -Leviathan (cyclonic meltalance , levi seige drill, meltagun) with dreadnought droppod

    If i was expanding the army past 250pl/5k points ild probably add more dreadnought variants. maybe a derodeo and if i added a contemptor it would be my chapters FW variant.

  • orionburn

    Love the Leviathan, both as a model and for what it can do. I do like the Redemptor and will eventually pick one up. Hoping that either (a) they come out with an even beefier version, like a Venerable type with more options, or (b) we see some new weapon options come out of ForgeWorld. Hell…just let the Redemptor take some of the Leviathan’s weapons and I’d be happy as can be.

  • pokemastercube .

    where is the furioso and deredo classes?

    • Agent of Change

      Furioso swarm may not be the best idea tactically, or the best dreadnoughts for teh points… but it is hilarious and fun.

      • pokemastercube .

        well i am about building what i like in a list anyway. but the libarian furioso has allways been a personal favroute

  • Majere613

    The FW Chaos Hellforged Contemptor bears mentioning. It has 5++ with 4++ in melee, can take two Soulburners that do D3 shots which inflict Mortal Wounds in its fists, and has the Malefica Malificarnum (sic?) which means for every model it kills in combat, it gets a Wound back on a 5+. Unless it picks on something seriously tooled-up, it’s going to be very tough to get rid of once it gets hold of something.

    • Nyyppä

      Just leave combat and shoot it down. It’s that easy

  • Krzysztof Jasinski

    Why one ? Take all family :p

  • Deathwing

    I run a relic contemptor as it has been the centerpiece of my army ever since its completion and i have not intention of replacing it with anything out there as of yet.

  • Bigalmoney666

    If someone who hadn’t played 40k since the 80’s got drunk and was asked to draw what they think a dreadnought would be; It would look a lot like the Contemptor Dreadnought.

  • Laszlo

    I like to put My Chaplain venerable dreadnought behind My front Line and snipe tanks with its twin lascannon.
    Dreadnought with 9 wounds and WS/BS 2+ and the best part, its a charakter. Ad Warlord and ironfist chapter and it has 3 seperate 6+ to ignorerar wounds as well.

  • G Ullrich

    The 18th likes their Bray’Arth Ashmantal along with the Leviathan, he is better at close range stuff if you can get him there…and with his invul and damage ignoring he can do it!

  • Balor

    Wait, are you telling me that FW makes models with better rules than GW prime to guarantee sales? For shame ….

  • MechBattler

    That Grav flux is a MONSTROSITY.
    It’s good at blowing huge holes in big beefy targets, but it’s much scarier when it’s aimed at a blob unit.
    It could snuff out more than half of a 30 model unit on just average rolls when he’s still hitting on 2+.
    Tyranids better stay in their holes when this guy shows up.

    • MechBattler

      I also just realized the old AA weapons are terrible now. You’d do more damage using the Grav-flux or melta lance on a flyer than the storm cannon.