40K: Units the Death Guard Need

GW has a Death Guard codex on the way. Here’s some amazing units from 40K past that should make a Nurgly return.

Warhammer 40,000 is 30 years old, and has been explored in both novels , video games and tabletop games from the 54mm Inquisitor to Battlefleet Gothic. There is a vast library of resource material to draw from to fill out armies.

The Death Guard have a fine pedigree and GW has many options to flesh out the army into something special.  Here is what I would bring to the 8th Edition tabletop to round them out.

Death Guard Terminators

The Death Guard are all about the infantry, and heavy use of Terminator armor.  Looking back to 30K we see three major places to go with Plague Terminators:

Standard/Cataphractii Plague Terminators – the default T5, disgustingly Desilient Cult termys we all love to hate need to be back in the Death guard roster.

Grave Wardens – From 30K, these guys are all about noxious clouds of poison – and grenade launchers/flamers. These guys are all about choking out hordes of weak troops.

Death Shroud – Mortation’s elite bodyguards. Probably 3-4 wounds apiece, and all armed with chem-flamers and power-scythes. These guys should be nasty and great at hacking down any attackers stupid enough to try to enter assault with them.

Contagion Plague Engines

These are from EPIC. These are standard sized vehicles ( say Land Raider sized), that hurl diseased payloads across the battlefield upon their foes. then they surge forth to hose them down with disgusting torrents of corruption from their forward “gross-flame throwers”. I’m sure the digital sculptors could come up with something really cool and Nurgly for these by 2017 standards.



Plague Tower

The big boy from EPIC. Khorne got their Lord of Skulls, and Nurgle has the Plague Tower.  Just look at that thing. We are talking about the potential for a monster kit the same scale at the Lord of Skulls. A daemonic engine of enormous size, shambling forward on rotting wheels, with a giant siege tower reaching for the skies. Billowing corruption and filth, the Plague tower is armed to the teeth with corrupted weapons to hose down any would-be defenders. Imagine the love-child of a Stompa and a Skaven Screaming Bell covered with Nurglings and Poxwalker crew.  Sign me up for that!

“Nurgle Plague Tower is a very powerful Daemon Engine dedicated to Nurgle. This foul construction is a medieval siege tower reborn as the enemy’s worst nightmare.

The Tower is unbelievably resilient, able to withstand the punishment that would fell any Imperial tank. It also shelters a host of Nurgle’s twisted followers in its innards, allowing them to fire at their weakening enemies from the safety of this construct.

A Plague Tower is armed with a pair of Demolisher cannons, to deal with hostile armour, while its Pus Cannon and Plague Mortar allow it to slaughter enemy infantry with the enormous quantities of vile pus.

Only the suicidal would dare to attack the Tower in close combat. Not only is the tower defended by swarms of crazed Nurglings but should attackers succeed in destroying the tower they are likely to be drowned in an explosion of pus and filth as the Daemon-machine dies.”

Heck, GW even made a datasheet for it back in 2008 with Apocalypse 1st Edition. Now we just need a mini.

~What do you think the Death Guard need to make their army really unique? 

  • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

    Their own Chosen,Terminator, and Havoc variants, and maybe a Dragoon Assault Squad. And their own versions of Obliterators and Mutilators would also be cool.

  • Nyyppä

    How hard is it to just substract 2 from a model’s movement to a minimum of 4 and add that disgustingly resilient to it’s rules. It would do a lot. Then adding all of the actual heresy equipment to CSM in general would make CSM fluffy.

  • Krizzab

    Farting Jetpacks.

    • Seienchin

      The comment matches your profile pic XD

    • euansmith

      Following the new nomenclature of 40k, they would probably be, “Nurgle Flatulaters”.

      • Kritarion

        “Gastric Floatulator”

        • euansmith

          Oh, yes, nice one.

        • Luis Otero

          But you have to say it in your best Marvin the Martian voice: “That creature has taken off in my illudium PU-66 Gastric Floatulator”

  • AircoolUK

    Most models from Epic should ever be allowed anywhere near 40K. Citadel Miniatures released a whole host of dreadful models for that game.

    There were some classics, such as the then unheard of Baneblade, Chimera (Griffin?) and Leman Russ, along with some decent ‘Knight’ sized mini’s (particularly the Eldar), but a lot of the models were horrible to look at (seemed to be a thing for GW at that time). Just look at the Khorne Lord of Skull…

    …and that was far from the worst looking model they released.

    • Luca Lacchini

      A thousand times yes.

      The Contagion Plague Engine is more apt for Skaven than for 40K, with the trebuchet thrower.

      Nurgle/Dark Mechanicus Lord of War with all the gory, dripping and festering bio-mechanical bits, that’s mighty fine. But please, no stuff with medieval siege weaponry or an armor plating made of rotting wooden planks. No, no, no.

    • LordKrungharr

      The Epic daemon engines were all badass! Not sure why so much hate is laid upon them. Lord of skulls is friggin amazeballs IMHO.

      • SWISSchris

        Khorne blessed the game with some awesome daemon engines! The Slaanesh knights were cool too. Nurgle and tzeench had a pretty poor time of it IMO.

    • 415Native

      I will take anything from the classic Epic Range over a modern 40k Centurion. They were goofy at times, but at least they were unique.

    • blackbloodshaman

      Plague tower would be awesome

  • Foxdonut

    Must…..not…mispronounce….pus cannon.

    • Ulrik

      You mean….pulse…? 😉

      • Eric Smith

        Lol, I think he maybe refraining from saying “puss cannon”. That would actually be a Slaanesh weapon.

        • Coltcabunny

          Forge World already did that in one of their old IA books for the Blight Drone, describing it as an “explosion of puss”. I like to think it’s full of cats.

          • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

            Is there a gas leak?

        • Brettila

          How is launching cats Slaaneshi?..

          • Eric Smith

            Lol, that would be a vulgar use of the word “puss”.

  • SWISSchris

    Modern designed beasts of nurgle please.

  • AEZ

    40k seems to have moved away from midevil weaponry lately and that is a good thing….Those last 2 should not look anything like their epic counterparts if reused… They are too low tech even for orks.

    • georgelabour

      The snakebite clanz would disagree with that.

      And by disagree I mean lob some buzz-squig pots your way via squiggoth mounted catapults.

  • memitchell

    Remembering DG are Nu Marines, how big would DG termies be?

    • Malisteen

      around the size of the lord of contageon?

      • memitchell

        Two Death Guard marines walk into a bar. All the old Space Marines run out the back door. Two Death Guard terminators walk into the bar. All the Primaris Marines run out the back door.

  • blackbloodshaman

    What I would love to see, but probably won’t: a death guard riding a maggoth (like a maggoth Lord), a death guard hell Drake, like a giant fly or bat (maybe even a huge bloat drone with some industrial parts),

    • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

      Plague Drone Cav, cause crowd-surfing on Nurglings just ain’t that scary.

      • blackbloodshaman

        Yeah I kind of see death guard as the nature boys of chaos

  • monkeypuzzle

    And I have been using that plague tower in 40k ever since the dataslate came out. Now I have to use the mastadon rules for my poor plague tower.

  • Uh, plague reaper, havoc replacement, vindicator replacement

  • Flag 5: Enemy in sight!

    There was a guy who did an amazing coversion of the Khorne Lord of Skulls making it a Nurgle machine (with a huge scythe). I’d buy a workshop conversion kit of that.