BoLS STREAMING NOW: 40k Rebel Week, X-Wing

Come play with the BoLS team! – this week highlights revolutionary battles in celebration of July 4th, plus battles in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.


July 4th Week – Part 1: REBEL! (watch LIVE NOW)

All this week we will be featuring battles between the Grimdark American Colonists (any army wearing blue) and the Redcoats (any army wearing red – obviously).  We will be using the theme of rebellion, independence, and of course no taxation without representation. So grab a drink, pick a side based on what side of the pond you’re watching from and enjoy.

I have a funny feeling the Ultramarines are feeling quite independent today…



After the 40K game, join us for some starfighter action on a tabletop Far, Far Away…


BoLS Twitch Schedule

Come join us 7 days a week for all the games we can jam in. Here’s the schedule:

Everything’s fully painted and we have an insane amount of giant armies… for tons of your favorite games just waiting for you to enjoy. We’ll be playing competitive games, casual games, crazy narrative games and everything in between. Then look forward to regular talk shows covering everything from lore to tactics to tabletop, RPGs and more.

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