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For those of you into historic recreations, Osprey and Warlord Games have a new look at Operation Market Garden and the Blitzkrieg.

Warlord Games and Osprey Publishing are showing two latest books for history buffs and hobbyists.

Operation Market Garden is one of the most dramatic operations of World War II–the largest airborne operation (up to that point), coupled with an assault by the British XXX Corps that would allow the British to execute a pincer attack to encircle the heart of German industry. It ultimately failed and ended up with paratroopers cut off behind enemy lines as the Allies failed to cross the Rhine. And the Blitzkrieg, which began with the invasion of Poland forever ushered the world into modern, industrialized warfare. Both sides fought with tanks, bombers, and the engines of war–all chronicled in these campaign books from Osprey Publishing, courtesy of Warlord Games.

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Arnhem 1944: Operation Market Garden$24.00


Poland 1939 the birth of Blitzkrieg


Market Garden’ was one of the most audacious, and ultimately controversial, operations of the Second World War a joint penetration, by an armoured column and a large-scale airborne drop, to punch a decisive hole in the German defences. If it had succeeded, the war could have ended in 1944. Yet the two-pronged attack failed in its objectives. This book details how, instead of being relieved after 48 hours as expected, British paratroopers were cut off for nine days. Facing two unexpected SS Panzer divisions the Allies were eventually evacuated across the Rhine after putting up an incredible fight: of the 10,000 men involved less than 2,000 survived.

Biographical Note

Stephen Badsey is a lecturer at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst who is highly respected in his field. He has written about subjects as diverse as Hitler, war correspondents in the Crimea and modern fighter aircraft. His expert knowledge and passion for his subject are clearly demonstrated in this fascinating look at the failed attack at Arnhem.


  • The Origins of the Battle

  • The Opposing Commanders

  • The Opposing Armies

  • The Opposing Plans

  • The Air Armada, 16 to 17 September

  • The Allied Attack, 17 September

  • The Allied Failure, 18 September

  • The German Counter-Attack, 19 September

  • The Stalemate, 20 September

  • The New Allied Plan, 21 to 22 September

  • The End at Arnhem, 23 to 26 September

  • The Aftermath of the Battle

  • Chronology

  • A Guide to Further Reading

  • The Battlefield Today

  • Wargaming ‘Market Garden’

Poland 1939: The Birth of the Blitzkrieg$24.00

Arnhem 1944

About This Product

The German invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939 began World War II in Europe, pitting the newly modernized army of Europe’s great industrial power against the much smaller Polish army and introducing the world to a new style of warfare – Blitzkrieg. Panzer divisions spearheaded the German assault with Stuka dive-bombers prowling ahead spreading terror and mayhem. This book demonstrates how the Polish army was not as backward as it is often portrayed and fielded a tank force larger than that of the contemporary US Army. Its stubborn defence did give the Germans some surprises and German casualties were relatively heavy for such a short campaign.

Biographical Note

Steven J. Zaloga has a BA in history from Union College and an MA from Columbia University. He did graduate research on the 1939 campaign at Universitet Jagiellonski in Krakow, Poland, during the 1970s. He is currently a senior analyst for the aerospace research firm, Teal Group Corp, and an adjunct staff member with the Strategy, Forces and Resources division of the Institute for Defence Analyses in Washington, DC. He has written over 50 books on military history and technology, as well as many television documentaries.Howard Gerrard studied at the Wallasey School of Art and has been a freelance designer and illustrator for over 20 years. He has won both the Society of British Aerospace Companies Award and the Wilkinson Sword Trophy and has illustrated a number of books for Osprey including Campaign 69: Nagashino 1575 and Campaign 72: Jutland 1916. Howard lives and works in Kent.


  • Introduction

  • Chronology

  • Opposing Commanders

  • Opposing Armies

  • Opposing Plans

  • The German Assault

  • The Battle of Warsaw

  • The Soviet Invasion

  • The Aftermath

  • The Battlefield today

  • Further Reading

  • The Aftermath of the Battle

  • Index

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