CMON: Song of Ice & Fire KS Funded in 24 Hours

CMON has another smash-hit on Kickstarter. Who would have thought A Song of Ice & Fire aka Game of Thrones would be popular.

Just when you thought you were done with Kickstarter, CMON pulls your right back in! If you’re looking for a game to scratch that Rank-and-File itch with a pretty strong IP backing it – look no further than A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game:

The game has already hit it’s funding goal – it did that day one. Now it’s just a matter of how high will this one go. The miniatures look pretty great, especially painted:


And speaking of stretch goals here’s a few that they already hit:

The Gameplay looks pretty simple to get your head around, but like most games, it’s more than a matter of just knowing the rules. You can check out their Kickstarter page for more info below:

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A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game has the potential for more than a few expansions…

  • dave long island

    The High Seneschal.. it’s pretty clear who they ‘R R’ trying to represent there… lol

    • euansmith

      The High Seneschal famously knows nothing, as he never finishes his books.

      • dave long island

        Haw haw!! Ya, but we can’t blame the fatty. He’s enjoying his fame and fortune, and that’s cool. Good for him.

        • el_tigre

          Yeah, the fame and fortune we all chipped in to provide him, with the implicit agreement that he FINISH THE F@%£1NG STORY at some point in the half-century after the first book was released.

          • dave long island

            He failed no more than you in your implicit agreement to not be a bitter fanboy. Now go implicit agreement me up a ham sandwich from the kitchen with some implicit agreement chips. And would it violate your implicit agreement to add an implicit agreement pickle? Now hurry the implicit agreement up.

          • el_tigre

            “all the rest of the characters you love or hate will be along next year (I devoutely hope) in A Dance with Dragons…” Sorry, meant explicit.

          • dave long island

            And that quote to you somehow constitutes an ‘explicit agreement’ between George RR Martin and yourself?? LOL… Are there Orcs and Goblins and Dwarves in the fantasy world you live in, or no? LOL… Why bother with books or miniatures or games? The world of make believe you inhabit seems much more interesting… lol

          • el_tigre

            Lol, I guess?

  • euansmith

    They are nice looking minis and I am thinking that the illustrations are more realistic painting guide than the pro-painted examples.

  • MMO Builder

    I’m thrown my hat in the ring with this game. I’ve even set up a test game using Runewars minis and we had a really good time. I’m hopeful this can get it’s initial foothold with the Kickstarter and then grow at retail.

  • frankelee

    Things have gone downhill quickly.