Combat Bikes roars onto the 28mm Battlefield

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There’s a new combat bike in town, sturdily built, armed, and armored–you’ll be sure to take the tabletop by storm.

Get your troops to battle quickly and in style on these combat bikes. Whether you’re sending out scouts to do some “recon” (and shooting) or to outmaneuver the enemy (with their shooting) these combat bikes are a great way to help keep your models moving, even under a withering hail of fire. Scaled at 28mm, this model accommodates most models that are sculpted at that scale, so whatever you need to mount, from armored supersoldiers to battle-hardened old ladies can make a splash on this combat bike.

via Max Mini

Combat Bike€9

Our offroad frenzy continues! This week we have a brand new miniature for all the speed enthusiasts – a heavy armoured motorbike, perfect for scouting, short distance raids and lightning strike attacks. This solid constructions comes with a twin-linked machine gun mounted on the handlebar, just in case things get rough. The model is designed to work with space knights as well as space knights scouting soldiers. So if you’re looking for a fast attack choice for your army, this model is definitely worth a try!

~Are you thinking what I’m thinking these would be PERFECT for?!

I’ll give you a hint – it rhymes with “uff-iders”…

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