Cosplay Artist Spotlight: Okkido Cosplay

This month we are interviewing Okkido Cosplay, a Hungarian artist with some exceptionally beautiful Warhammer Cosplays! 

Above: Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Image courtesy of Purple Stonehenge

Welcome to the Monthly Cosplay Artist Spotlight!

This month on Cosplay Artist Spotlight, we are featuring an artist who has a deep love of Warhammer 40k Lore. Her attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship bring new life to these strong, dynamic characters.


1. How did you get your start in Cosplay?

Okkido: The cosplay scene was about to start in my country when I went to a convention in 2006. That was my first time to see a cosplay contest, but I was so blown away by this creative hobby that I arrived to the next convention in my first self-made costume – which was an epic fail, but I was so proud of it. Of course, I have learned a lot since then. I have been competing since 2009, but I consider cosplay as a passion since 2010.


2. What Conventions do you attend? What special events have you Cosplayed for?

Okkido: I attend numerous conventions in Europe every year, and I was lucky to get to the US this year: to C2E2 in Chicago, which was one of my greatest conventions experiences in my life. I have won lots of awards… I think each costume of mine has won at least one award. I am most proud of my Crown Trophy that I won at the Global Championships of Cosplay at C2E2, where I became cosplay world champion.


3. What is your history with Warhammer 40k?

Okkido: During my university years I was a member of a LARP group and some of the guys I was role-playing with were huge fans of Warhammer 40k. I saw them painting the figures and playing the tabletop wargame and I found it quite interesting. The story behind the game was fascinating, but that was not the thing that got me into the Warhammer Universe… One day a friend of mine received a parcel with his new squad inside: the Sisters of Battle. This encounter has brought me to the arms of the Emperor. I also started collecting and painting the figurines.


Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor image courtesy of Greencat


4. Why do you love creating Warhammer cosplays?

Okkido: Besides loving the Warhammer 40k Universe I am obsessed with details – and we cannot deny that all those beautiful Warhammer 40k designs are full of details. I love studying them to find more and more hidden ornamentation. Each Warhammer cosplay I have created were great challenges and I also enjoy overcoming challenges.


5. Do you/have you ever competed in 40k tournaments?

Okkido: I have only played with my friends, so I have never tried my army in a big tournament. But who knows? Maybe in the future I will try my tactics against more experiented opponents.


6. What are your favorite materials/techniques to work with?

Okkido: I really enjoy working with thermoplastic materials – they have accelerated all my working processes, working with them is clean and there is no scrap as I can use every single piece of them.


Sister Repentia image courtesy of Hiro Crystalshark



7. What do you love about the cosplay community?

Okkido: I think the most loveable thing about the cosplay community is that most of the Cosplayers are geeks, so we can understand each other in most cases. Normally, Cosplayers are helpful, open-minded and accepting people.


8. What upcoming projects are you working on?

Okkido: Currently I am working on a Howling Banshee but I have got so many invitations this year that I am not sure if I can finish the project by the end of the year. Additionally, I am working on a top secret project for a world championship. The only thing I can tell about it is that it is also Warhammer 40k related. I hope I can also finish two smaller projects this year: Morticia Addams and my sixth Alice: Madness Returns cosplay.


9. What advice do you have for the cosplay community? Advice for people who have never cosplayed, but want to?

Okkido: It will sound very strange from me as I am a very competitive Cosplayer, but I think the most important thing in cosplay is having fun. Enjoying the process of creating something out of nothing. Cosplay is not about gaining fame and recognition – even if lots of youngsters start Cosplaying to become popular.
Beginner Cosplayers should also start small by small with less complicated costumes. As their skills are improving they can choose bigger and bigger projects. If you know what you are capable of you will not be disappointed.


Sister Ophelia Image courtesy of Kristoph Nachtergaele


What are all of your social media links? Where can we find you?!

Okkido Cosplay:




Cure WorldCosplay

Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Image courtesy of Szecsei Csaba


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  • Davis Centis

    How on earth do you keep cool with that ginormous wig on? Hope for a cloudy day?

    You do great work and I’ve so enjoyed this series because of it!

    • Jennifer Lynn Larsen

      The secret is a great Wig Cap. Creating barriers between you and the wig allows a bit more air flow and substance to wick the sweat!

      • euansmith

        “… to wick the sweat!”

        Ah, the glamorous life of a Cosplayer 😉

  • Damistar

    Beautiful work on the battle sister costume! There are some true artists among the cosplayers. Also, thanks for the painting/color ideas for my Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor.

  • zeno666

    Looks a bit too female for a battle sister.
    But in my eyes, thats a good thing 🙂

  • Carey_Mahoney


  • petrow84

    Gratulálok, szép munka!
    És bojler eladó! 🙂

    • euansmith

      Google Translate tells me that means, “Congratulations, nice work!
      And boiler sale!” Is “boiler sale” a Hungarian phrase?

      • petrow84

        More like boiler for sale – it is our international call-sign 🙂
        A national meme, with various origin-myths.
        One says it is from a joke:

        Smith (no offence :)) dies, and his hated nephew gives up an obituary in the local newspaper.
        – Please, write: “Smith dies.”
        – That short? You sure? The cost is the same up to 6 words.
        – OK, then. “Smith dies. Also: boiler for sale.

        • euansmith

          😀 😀 😀 That is a great joke. Thanks for sharing.

  • euansmith

    We just need GW to invest in a large scale 3D scanner, and we can finally get some realistically proportioned Sisters of Battle 😀

    This costumes are wonderful. The silhouettes are spot on and filigree detail is so well done.

  • NNextremNN

    Yeah finally a cosplay article with actual cosplays in it.

    • euansmith

      I think that the previous ones have been sort of background. I think it is great to see the finished product, but I also like to see the process that goes in to it.