Dragon+ Issue 14 Travels to Chult

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The latest issue of Dragon+ has a sneak preview of the Tomb of Annihilation and other deadly delights.

via Wizards of the Coast

Dragon+ Issue 14: The Issue of Annihilation

We visit the unexplored jungles of Chult; a lost world that contains the latest lethal mausoleum to test your mettle: Tomb of Annihilation. Following in the grand tradition of Tomb of Horrors, you’ll face an array of monsters, traps, trickery, and dinosaurs in this deadly structure. Having been bitten hard by the travel bug (2d6 damage to the soles of our feet, ouch!), we also visit players around the globe to chronicle their D&D experience. Are there more similarities than differences in the way we all play?

Elsewhere, Rat Queens author Kurtis Wiebe pens an exclusive scenariostarring his feisty characters, we chat with the creators of the upcoming Dragonfire deckbuilding card game, artist Nicholas Little reveals the secrets of a great gif, and we revisit the Dragon archives to uncover the makings of a major undead!


Travels with D&D
From linguistic quirks to snacks that can’t be beat, we chronicle the D&D experience around the globe.

Fiction: Prelude
Our prologue to Tomb of Annihilation reveals Faerûn’s cursed secrets!

In the Works: Tomb of Annihilation
Chris Perkins and Adam Lee take you inside the latest lethal tomb to test your mettle.

Tomb of Horrors
The Yawning Portal’s deadliest adventure went competitive at Gary Con IX. And a new take on the module’s original poem!

Behind the Screen: Digital DMs
Dungeon Master Sam Weigelt shows how to manage a large group of players using today’s tools.

Best of the DMs Guild: Elfhunt
Grab your jungle gear, as we head to Chult in this free module by Jussi R. Foltmar Svendsen.

Community Poll: Lich Phylacteries
We asked for innovative containers that could store a dark wizard’s soul, and you didn’t disappoint!

Paint by Numbers: Beyond the Basics
Master painter Daniel Gelon tackles the intricacies of a translucent plastic figure.

Catalyst Games: Dragonfire
Shadowrun’s deckbuilding card game gets all fired up for D&D.

Adventure Scenario: The Hangover
Rat Queens author Kurtis Wiebe pens an exclusive module starring his kick-ass party of adventurers.

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