FW: New Releases “Blood Raven Chapter Master”

The Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens is making his way to your tabletop – Dawn of War fans, make way for Gabriel Angelos!

via Forge World


Gabriel Angelos, Master of the Blood Ravens chapter of Space Marines, guides his brothers against the most dangerous enemies in the Galaxy. Uncompromising and honorable, Gabriel has little patience for those who would hesitate in battle.

Making a fantastic centrepiece for a Blood Ravens collection, this depiction of Gabriel Angelos, modelled after his appearance in the video game Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War III, is an HQ choice for Blood Ravens armies. His armour is resplendent with detail, with greaves covered in studs and skulls, a detailed cloak and plenty of chains, chapter markings and iconography to keep the painter busy; his scarred head glowers at the foe from underneath a spiked iron halo. He wields the intimidatingly-named God-Splitter Daemonhammer, and stands atop a rubble-strewn 60mm scenic base – this depicts a blasted rocky outcrop, and features a shattered piece of Ork armour, no doubt victim of the aforementioned Daemonhammer.

The kit comes as 7 components, and is presented in a Character Series box – there is also included a 40mm round gaming base, which can be removed from the scenic base for ease of use on the gaming table. Rules for Gabriel Angelos in games of Warhammer 40,000 are available as a PDF download.

Chapter Master Angelos is available for Pre-Order right now from Forge World. You can also take him out for a digital stroll on the PC in Dawn of War III:

Dawn of War III (Steam)


The God-Splitter is here and it’s ready to do some WORK!

  • Schnauzer

    That painted face is horrific!

    Also, since they made this bad a$$ into a jumping jack frog in DoW3, his pose should reflect that. Boing!

  • Bigdadi99

    Always negative comments. Great looking mini, nice detail, and the painting is well beyond my ability so there. I hate space marine though so I won’t be buying. Still a great mini for collectors and gamers.

    • orionburn

      Welcome to the internets (sadly).

      The hammer is super sweet. Love the lightning effect.

      • Rechnin

        And has such a cool name “God-Splitter”!

    • Zingbaby

      Well the face is terrible though… FW seems to make very strange faces from time to time. The rest of the mini is gorgeous.

      • AbesolutZERO

        I’m getting the impression that the sculpt itself is fine. The problem is the paintjob in the face is what’s atrocious.

        • orionburn

          Was going to say the same. I feel like a tool critizing the amazing work the FW paint team does, but some of the models have been a bit meh lately. It isn’t the skill but the color choices. They’ve taken on more of a pastel color scheme as of late. I have loathed some of the paint jobs on the Blood Bowl stuff.

        • EnTyme

          The unpainted image does look better.

          • Cinaed Roderic Ruadh

            Sadly though all the photos of the unpainted model are from a steep angle, so kinda smush it.

            Going to have to wait for an un-boxing to really see the face’s proportions.

  • Sonic tooth

    Simpsons marine

    • orionburn


  • Agent of Change

    Has anyone noticed this is the 3rd article on just this model in the last 4 days?

    I know you get money from GW but c’mon this is straight up ridiculous. There has to be something more interesting write about than naked commercials:

    Article 1: 7/24 – 40K: “Gabriel Angelos” Tabletop Invasion: Pictures of model and it’s imminent release

    Article 2: Same freaking day within hours of the first – Dawn of War III Comes to the Tabletop: this one has painted pictures of the model and is actually a decent article with some background on the character.

    Articel 3: above: Same pictures, basically a go buy it, shows the rules that you would see if you went to buy it.

    I know I’m pissing into the wind here, but does anybody else see this as a bit much?

    • Median Trace

      Not to mention being chocked with Ads and Page redirects. This site is becoming a dump.

    • Allerka

      Welcome to BoLS. It’s how they get their ad revenue, by making you think it’s a stream of new content, so you click the links.

      • Agent of Change

        Don’t get me wrong I liked the model (the face is funky), and I’m glad to know it exists. But my point is we could have had 1 article not three that weren’t functionally different within the same week.

        • Allerka

          Oh I agree. But it’s what they do: re-post the same content, just worded slightly different, several times in a row, just to get those clicks.

          I absolutely despise this site’s mobile version, it loves to hijack my phone and auto-redirect me to pages I can’t close without force-closing my entire browser.

          • We do not authorize redirects or pop-ups – for more information on what’s going on and how to report it: http://www.bolsinteractive.com/2016/09/25/techreport/

            In addition: we can’t provide adequate tech support in the front page comments. If you have an issue: follow that link and follow the directions. Comments regarding tech issues made after this comment will be deleted to keep the thread on topic.

  • Derek

    I remember somebody want him to have his flipping move as special move. Even GW know that’s dumb.

    Also his face is horribly sculpted, look like a baboon, which is odd coming from FW. Look like sculptor made this in a rush.

    • NovaeVox

      You’ve offended my Jokaero techo-savant, and I declare you a heretic!

    • EnTyme

      I think it’s the paint job. The unpainted model looks better IMO.

  • Xodis

    Yeah, I really like this model….making it tough to decide which faction my Primaris marines should belong to.

    • orionburn

      Same here. Even though most of the stratagems and such have leaked I don’t think I’ll be able to decide until I get to spend some time with the codex. What I want to do is find a way to incorporate them into my Dark Angels and at the same time be able to use them on their own as my own successor chapter. Right now I’m torn between Salamanders and Raven Guard.

      • Xodis

        Im still torn between Salamanders, Red Scorpions, and Blood Ravens. Always wanted to do each of them, just not sure how to approach it yet. Might just make smaller armies of each and then use Deathwatch to fill in the gaps depending on how their codex works out.

        • NovaeVox

          Although I’m not particularly a Red Scorpion fanboy, I’m curious to see what FW is going to do with them in IA:16. That was teased well over a year ago…

        • IronGryphon

          Blood Ravens are actually briefly mentioned in the new codex, but their primogenitor unknown, therefore you’d have to pick a first founding chapter and use one of them. The Iron Hands stuff, including the one relic, was really disappointing. And, as I mentioned above, we still didn’t get a character.

          • Xodis

            There are still the rumors that FW will give them their own chapter tactics like they did last edition, so I’m holding out for it. Hopefully it’s something similar with Apothecaries, but who knows at this point.

    • IronGryphon

      Here, let me help you – Iron Hands. There, that wasn’t so hard was it?:) Since GW can’t even make a character in the codex for them it might as well be bloody “effing” Angelos.

  • NovaeVox

    Considering that there’s no Chapter Tactic, or other rules that I’m aware of, in the new C:SM with the keyword “Blood Ravens,” from a purely RAW perspective, does Angeles actually synergize with any unit?

    • AbesolutZERO

      You can just pick one of the available ones. No one knows what legion the Blood Ravens come from.

      • NovaeVox

        I’m aware of that. But that’s also why I wrote “purely RAW.”

      • Lord Chopper

        They are loyalist thousand sons. That’s why they have lots of librarians in the chapter.

  • miniwar monger

    What ? Why does his head sit on his hip ?

    Yeah Primaris Marines really let untrue scale marines look so bad !

  • Crablezworth

    But can he do a blackflip?

  • Xodis
    • SWISSchris

      A bit less detailed but I’d rather the ebay one than the FW one from these pics.

      • Xodis

        Yeah, falls into that less is more category.

    • IronGryphon

      And as a bonus, half the price of a GW character.

  • Sharkey Tyberos

    Hopefully it’s just the paintjob but I think I’ll paint the head before attaching it to the model if I can, if it comes out alright great! If it comes out wrong his getting a different head.

    I wonder if the Primaris Captain’s head would attach ok and look good on the model. I used a space wolf helmet on mine so have that left over and the bionics are on the right side for Angelos.

  • Josh Felstead

    No flip attack? Heartbreaking.

  • Dumbcow1

    Can he jump 60ft in terminator armor in game too??

  • Cinaed Roderic Ruadh

    I want to like this sculpt, but come on.
    Basic human facial proportions dictate that the eyes sit midway along the height of the face and are approximately horizontally in line with the top of the ears when the head is aligned along the Frankfurt plane.

    On top of that why not just take the 3D model from DoW III and tweak it for print?

  • Charles Laine

    What is up with this mini? It just looks out of proportion or something. The head looks too big and it also looks like it is sitting where the model’s chest should be located, using the proportions of the lower body as a reference.

  • Ryan Hall

    Looks like Lurch blowing a raspberry.

  • dinodoc

    I need to see the Chapter Tactics

  • mafiacheese

    It’s on my Christmas list!