Geekery: Sometimes You Just Have to Flip a Table

We’ve all wanted to at some point in our gaming careers…. revel in it, for once.

And a bonus:

What has caused you to want to flip a table?

  • dave long island

    Oh yeah, Brian from KODT. He’s a big time table flipper. Not that BA doesn’t deserve it sometimes… lol

  • wibbling

    I’ve never reached that level of petulance.

    I don’t play games to win, I play them to have fun and marvel at the beauty of my chum’s miniature painting.

  • Slite

    Pretty sure flipping the table is never necessary.

    • benn grimm

      What about if you’re on the run from the kingsguard and some mouthy Lannister gets all up in your business?

      • dave long island
        • benn grimm

          Lol, everybody needs a little GoT in their life after a 12 hour shift 🙂

          • dave long island

            You know it, Benn!! And hey its back on again with season 7 in just over a week. Good times!

          • benn grimm

            Yeah can’t wait, its July, winter is almost here and I’ve never been more excited about it…;)

  • Nick Clark

    This is a bad post. Bols SHOULD NOT! be encouraging violent behavior during any sort of social game/event. No its NOT ok to revel in flipping a table. It’s NOT ok to rage. These are just games and if you cannot keep sight of that and lose your temper you should NOT be playing. This is not ok not even.. “for once” This is the sort of thing that gets you banned from local game stores. You become “that guy” and someone no one wants to game with. People shouldn’t feel the need to walk on egg shells around you in fear that you will rage and flip a table. People will not want to put their investments down for fear you will damage them (especially miniature games which bols is most often promoting) Maybe this piece was some sort of satire or joke because someone found a video and a funny comic to go with it but it is NOT being promoted that way. Its being promoted as something thats ok once in a while. This is NOT true. If i may say this is also something that goes hand in hand with the liberal medias ideal of Violence is an acceptable response to get what you want. This BOLS poster should be put under review and possibly banned from further posts. I for one am DONE with bols after this.

    • Farseerer

      it was clearly a joke.

      • Nick Clark

        Some jokes are bad or are in poor taste. Even as a joke they are still promoting it as OK

        • Farseerer

          this is less than a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10 of jokes in poor taste.

        • eMtoN

          To be quite frank, how is your statement about rage quitting bols over a single post you clearly don’t agree with really any different than someone flipping a table?

          Both are knee jerk emotional outbursts.

    • Mike X (Official)

      Dude, first of all, how much of a pansy are you? And second, this was obviously a joke. I’m sure a tableflip has happened once or twice in real life, but in my 15+ years of gaming I’ve never heard of it actually happening.

      • sniperjack

        I saw heavy metal tyranids flying in a room of gamers. Not fun. really not.

  • benn grimm

    Did actually happen once at school, during a game of blood bowl at lunchtime, though it wasn’t down to game frustration and the guy who did it wasn’t playing. He got hit pretty rapidly, not sure who by, again I don’t think it was any of us playing and it all went a bit crazy from there…ah those balmy days of childhood innocence..;)

    • euansmith

      I didn’t witness it, but a friend snapped while playing “Risk”. I think it was boredom rather than rage.

      • benn grimm

        Lol, haven’t played Risk in years, I just kinda remember thinking I wish these guys played 40k…;)

  • euansmith

    I found the water fascinating in the Alan Rickman video.

    Tabletop Simulator include a “table flipping option”. I think that this is the only acceptable time to flip a table in a gaming environment; except, possibly, during a high stakes poker game.

  • Lloyd Webster

    If someone flipped the table with my miniatures on it that I have spent 100’s of hours painting.. No doubt about it.. i would be punching them in the face, probably more than once too.

  • Nick Clark

    Unfortunately I have seen this happen on multiple occasions. I was volunteering at my LGS when a player got pissed at the game and began throwing his figures on the floor breaking them
    I had to ask him to leave the store which was not a pleasant experience. At a different store I witnessed a patron be asked by the employees if he would move over to make space
    for more players or something. He became upset and flew into a rage and cussed out everyone and knocked over shelves
    of product as he stormed out. Another person scooped up his cards and threw everything at the wall in frustration. Ive personally made someone break down and
    rage, cuss me out then cry simply by explaining how a rule worked differently than he thought and he couldn’t do what he wanted to do. I did NOTHING to the guy, he just couldn’t handle
    taking losses i couldn’t get him to concede and had to ask the T.O. to disqualify the player for cheating. That didn’t go over well either. Trust me when these things happen its never funny. No one laughs. The room gets real quiet and people start contemplating calling the police.
    Also to the guy that called me a pansy.. you can stuff it. I choose to take the moral high ground and hold Bols accountable for their actions. I didn’t break down and call anyone
    names and don’t appreciate being called one. Again if you can’t keep your behavior in check you shouldn’t be at the store.