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The 13th Doctor has been revealed!

There’s one big question on everyone’s mind about the Doctor: “Who?” Well, now we have an answer. Meet the 13th Doctor:

via the BBC

Jodie Whittaker has been announced as Dr. Who’s 13th Time Lord – the first woman to ever play the role.

She was revealed in a Doctor Who trailer that was broadcast on BBC One at the end of the Wimbledon men’s singles finals.

The Broadchurch star succeeds Peter Capaldi who took the role in 2013, and leaves in this year’s Christmas special.

Whittaker will make her debut on the sci-fi show this Christmas.

This is huge news for all you Whovians out there. And all you fans of Broadchurch–which if you’re not watching that, you should be–but also, way to bury the lede and not mention Attack the Block, BBC. Jodie Whittaker is amazing–bodes rather well for the newest season!

At any rate, the 2017 Christmas special will usher in the latest regeneration of the Doctor, so be sure and tune in this holiday season.

So, your favorite Doctor is Who? Yes. That’s what I’m asking you.

  • Horus84cmd

    I will watch the series as I like Dr Who and the Dr Who universe. However I’m a little unsure if this route will work. Certainly smacks of a tad of PC-madness and primarily done to promote interests after fall in viewership during Capaldi’s run. Capaldi’s turn as Dr suffered from poor scripts and stories, as Capaldi himself was quite good in the role. The new series is going to both need excellent scripts and a solid standout performance as the Dr by Whittaker.

    • FailureNecron


      hahahahahah ok.

    • Talos2

      I thought the female “master/missy” has worked pretty well, I don’t see it as an issue

      • Horus84cmd

        Oh it did, mostly because Michelle Gomez acted the chops of the role. She stole every scene she was in. So it worked. Whittaker is going to need to do the same thing. It is that if her performance is weak and/or she is supported by bad scripts then thats not going to help the ratings issues the last two series have had. Selecting a woman for the role is not the problem, it’s the context that it has been done in at a point of low viewership. I am very skeptical the choice was made for the good of the story, rather it was done to grab headlines and woo viewers.

        • GWELLS

          You are right, even if people tune in for the PC of it all after a few episodes if she doesn’t click with audiences or the stories are rubbish they will just drop again. The truth is people watch for the quality, not just the person. So here’s hoping she becomes a fan-favorite.

          I just hope they don’t go the whole girl-power route. I’ve seen those before and they inevitably become very patronizing or cringe-inducing very quickly.

        • Cergorach

          A female Doctor was a possibility since 1996, and the writing was on the wall when Missy showed up. So a female doctor isn’t exactly a shocker or a short term choice, they’ve been working at this for a while now, if it didn’t happen now, I would be disappointed!

          Capaldi might be a great actor, but it felt like a Doctor from before the ‘reboot’ and I didn’t really like those. You can blame the scripts and stories, but the decline was due to Capaldi imho. Just like great works of literature might not make for entertaining reading, great acting might not lead to entertaining viewing. Imho David Tennant is still the best Doctor of the series, Christopher and Matt were fun as well. Capaldi had his fun moments, but always gave a feeling of ‘hopelessness’ (for lack of a better word) to the whole episode.

          • Horus84cmd

            A female Dr Who has been pushed for and suggested since the 80’s. We can agree to disagree about which Dr Who was best etc… or whether it was story and script issues. Suffice to say if TV/film live or die by how well written a story is. If that weak the show will be weak. To one degree you can see past poor acting. Suffice to say the next series will need to do well with both. Whittaker will need to bring her A-game (which she has plenty of) to the role for it to be a success.

          • Cergorach

            If film/tv lived or died by how well a story is written, we wouldn’t have 4210 episodes of the Bold and the Beautiful… It’s more about how entertaining something is and not how (technically) good a tv series is. As we’re in a 40k blog, 40k has had horrible rules and is still the most popular sci-fi/fantasy miniatures wargame. People are attracted to it for other things and will suffer through the horrible rules (I’m not even starting about the dime-store novels of Black Library fiction). The same is true for Doctor Who.

          • Horus84cmd

            HaHa! Touche with the soap-opera’s. True if a show is engaging, people will watch. Although, I would still argue that’s down to the story/script even if that story/script is weaker.

          • kobalt60

            Well done. A thread about Dr Who and you neatly slipped in a good ol’ GW sucks bash. Stay salty my friend

        • TenDM

          Do you really think anyone’s arm was twisted on this? Everyone involved seems genuinely happy about it. This is something the crew has expressed interest in for a long time.
          Nothing in the story forbids it and for the most part the story encourages it. The show constantly touches on themes of identity and this is a natural extension of that.

          If they were doing this due to low ratings they’d march out another crush bait Doctor for the fangirls to squirm over and the fanboys dream of being.

          • Horus84cmd

            I would say twisted. It’s just the easy headline grab to renew engagement with the show. Of the shows crew and staff are going to be happy, they work for the show!

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Dunno about htat.. the whole world keeps calling for more equality. Heck there was triggered “fans” that never saw anything before the 9th doctor that complain there are not more female writers fofr the sake of of having female writers.
            I am all for Female writers, and female character’s, but not if it is just to check a box. They have to have talent, and thought! Which to be fair, most of the series origins, and even to some degree sub plots were crummy throughout the history of the show.
            We know they have always toyed, even joked about this in the past. I am sure they will retcon it correctly. With the huge amount of female fans growing since the shows return in the mid 00’s, it makes sense they wish to capitalize on that, and the media attention it has generated. Even former writers such as Gaiman stated that the producers should hire more women for writing and acting.
            I just hope the direction they are going is sincere, heart felt, and properly done! Not just to make their ever growing female fan base to feel better?

          • TenDM

            But it’s clearly not just to tick a box. They’ve been expressing an interest in doing this for decades. It’s an interesting thing to do with the character that makes perfect sense for a Time Lord to be able to do this and even to want to do with this.

            This isn’t some retcon. This isn’t to make female fans feel better. This is a Time Lord regenerating. It’s happened quite a few times and it’ll happen quite a few more. It’s not the PC boogeyman out to destroy a beloved series. They’re doing it because they like to be different when regenerating and they’ve finally hit a point where the fan base stands half a chance of accepting it.

            I don’t get how anyone can be a fan of Doctor Who and can still be this up tight about something as trivial as the Doctor’s gender. Get excited. We’re going to see a new Doctor and do new stuff. Then at the end the Doctor will regenerate into something else because that’s how the game is played.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            Never said I was upset. However it is more complicated then you think, and as others fear, we believe it is because the show was dipping in ratings, and controversy brings attention, which brings ratings. NI even said they toyed with it, and others brought up the official parody where they went and did it for humors sake. However it is a retcon, because in previous books, lore and such. They ended up establishing that Gallifreyans do not switch gender and have families. There were female Time lords that were companions to the Dr as well. Not to mention The human turned Time Lord with River song, and the Tenth Dr’s clone. Considering until they made an adjustment in the lore that the Dr could regenerate past 12 lives, that was the end of the line. They could have even had him finally retire, or die, and pass the torch to a female Dr, such as the clone, or one of many lives of River Song, or a whole new Time lord who escaped the Time War, such as the Council of Gallifrey that we saw at the end of the Tenth Dr’s run.
            Now they went and changed the rules with the Leader. However the leader never followed rules. The leader stole many regeneration’s from other Time lords. That may explain why he is now a she. Now they want the Female against female dichotomy and that is fine. I suppose they can write the fluff that he is now a she because an event caused it, which is what I suspect they will do to cover their tracks. As I said before, I will be fine with it so long as they make it work, and it is good, and I will be happy. I just do not want to see a failed cash grab with shallow writing and no chemistry, which is what we got with the Ghostbuster’s reboot.

    • The worst part is that even if it wasn’t down to the usual [current year] debacle, people will see it as such for a long while to come.

      On the other hand you have media people and press already proclaiming how anybody wary of it is buzzword-x and insult-y, all while showing off “white male tears” mugs to their followers.

      Neither end of the spectrum of nonsense will be able to see it as simply a casting choice. That’s one more piece of evidence that this entire culture war generation is absolutely nuts. Nothing can remain outside of the political sphere for even just 5 minutes, everything has to be due to X or Y and thus with them or against them…

      • Cergorach

        Nah, it’s more then just a casting choice, it’s a statement alright. Nothing PC, but finally a statement of equality that even Time Lords don’t give a F**k about gender. I wait on the day we’ll see an Indian, Turkish or African Doctor so they’ll officially give the finger to ‘race’ as well. It’s nothing to do with being PC, it’s finally catching up to the times…

        • NNextremNN

          Maybe she remembers her former male incarnations and starts making out with a girl this might bring back the lost viewers XD

    • DoubleRapscallion

      After reading this article I was hoping the first comment would be a neckbeard complaining that the new doctor was a woman. I’m glad the internet didn’t disappoint.

      • Horus84cmd

        Learn to read and comprehend – I didn’t make one comment on it Whittaker being an actress. I questioned the motivation behind the choice.

        • DoubleRapscallion

          Haha, you’re perfect. Don’t ever change.

        • Parthis

          And yet, ironically, you reached for “Actress” instead of Actor, to discuss “The Doctor”, a non-gender specific term.

          • Horus84cmd

            Yes ‘actor’ can be used to represent any gender artist. However last time I checked Whittaker is female and thus the term actress is perfectly acceptable noun to be using; at least according to every dictionary.

            ‘Dr’ being a non-gender specific title has nothing to do with it. Again perhaps learn to read

          • Parthis

            It’s not on you and a dictionary definition to decide whether it is or is not OK to label people. The dictionary is just a catalogue of words, so “it exists in the dictionary!” is probably the weakest argument you could reach for. Actress is a linguistic throwback and nothing more; a dividing line where there doesn’t need to be one. Every dictionary is full of them, and worse.

            It’s ironic to reach for that term while making statements about not mentioning gender, while passively mentioning gender.

            And again, reaching for faux-insults just makes you seem immature and, if honest, more than a little dull.

          • Horus84cmd
          • Parthis

            “Learn to read and comprehend”

            It’s good that you’re getting it.

          • Mike X (Official)

            “Reached”? Actress, waitress, stewardess, etc., are the correct words. What are you on?

          • Parthis

            Actor, Server, Flight Attendant.

            Also correct words, without division.

      • orionburn

        After reading this article I was hoping the first reply to the first comment would be some self absorbed beta male complaining about someone having a different opinion. I’m glad the internet didn’t disappoint.

        • DoubleRapscallion

          Oh man, you are the gift that keeps on giving.

          • orionburn

            Good comeback bro. Nailed it.

          • DoubleRapscallion

            That’s all you got? I’m never going to win neckbeard bingo at this rate.

      • Is it just me or did you seriously register on disqus solely to deride the commentators here? There’s nothing on your profile beyond those 4 comments.

        • Xodis

          Trolls be a Trollin’

    • Parthis

      PC Madness? Oh come on. Doctor who has always been diverse. This is actually great IMHO, opens a ton of story opportunities.

      • Horus84cmd

        Learn to read and comprehend. I’m skeptical of the motivation behind the choice. I haven’t an issue with Whittaker taken on the role. With the low viewership the last two series have had, it just smack as a head-line and viewer grab rather than for the good of the narrative. The show will only be as good as the script writing and the lead characters acting. Whether the Dr’s male, female or 3 head hermaphrodite, if the above is poor then the show will be not good either.

        • Parthis

          Now now, this has nothing to do with an inability to read or comprehend. Leave the faux-insults out of this.

          I understand that you think the motivation is questionable.

          Yes it is in response to falling viewing figures. But as a life-long viewer i’m getting tired of the same dynamics in the show. It’s had nothing new for years now. Which brings me back to my original point; a shift like this opens up many opportunities to tell different stories, to advance the narrative. Male-Who has been explored to exhaustion.

          And yes, obviously, quality of writing and performance will dictate the quality of the show… but that applies to literally every TV show ever.

    • J Mad

      I had to stop watching after they keep her on after “the impossible girl” stuff ended, it just felt off after that for me. Tho this is making me want to catch up now and see how it plays out.

      • Horus84cmd

        Capaldi tenure has been up and down. The odd episode had been outstanding, the final two of this season for instance. But I found far too many of his Dr’s episode par for the course; which is not his fault. Capaldi’s been a decent Dr, but unfortunately shafted by poor stories – taking away his sonic screwdriver for a long time and that stupid on going guitar rubbish (funny the first couple of times but over used)!

        • Severius_Tolluck

          He’s basically Pertwee reborn… I mean, with the lack of an iconic piece of tech, and forced to do something gimmicky. As pertwee had to drive a car, and had his whole Kung Fu thing.. Which back then was low budget and bad writing. I am with you, I just hope they have good staff, good writers, and good actors/ actress to pull off whatever they come up with.

  • AircoolUK

    Terrible TV program. I have no idea why you Americans like it. Then again, I have no idea why some of us Brits like it either.

    • Spacefrisian

      I dont get why some watch football, or crime series.

    • Kevin Maloney

      Then why are you commenting?

      • Shawn Pero

        How else is he going to feel superior?

  • Hagwert

    I think it was about time a woman played the Doctor as people have been mooting the idea for more than twenty years as my dad says back in the 1990’s the press used to bang on about Catherine Zeta Jones getting the role !!!!!

  • Matt Razincka

    I’m just relieved Moffat is gone. Great as a writer. Terrible running the show. He needs a producer that will reign him in.

    • GWELLS

      Well i would say be got better under the Capaldi years. During Matt Smiths tenure the stories were all over the place, and not in the good way. But he really hit his stride I found With Capaldi and they had some of my favorite episodes ever. But I like that they are completely clearing the board with this one, its going to be all new from top-to-bottom. We really haven’t seen this since 2010.

  • Jared Swenson

    Meh, I am becoming less and less interested in Dr. Who. I am really not for switching genders on characters for the sake of representation. I have no problem with female leads, just stuff like the Ghostbusters conundrum. I fear for the rumors of the next James Bond being female. Why do they feel it is necessary to do this? Why not trying to create original characters and stories with female leads already? I would be just about as disappointed if there was something with a known female lead being redone into a male.

    • Horus84cmd

      I can rest you head for 007; Daniel Craig has now signed on for the next one, for a cool 6 figure sum which I sure helped. The producers of Bond, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson, want to make a female bond-esq character with Blake Lively; it will be based on a book by Mark Burnell called The Rhythm Section.

      • Nwttp

        6 figure sum? So he’s getting less than ever?

        • Xodis

          Thats usually before %’s as well. So its quite a good deal.

        • Horus84cmd

          Haha, typo – “healthy 9 figure sum”

    • Cergorach

      Kind of depends on how you brand the movie 007 is a title, James Bond is a male name. I think a female 007 movie with a great female lead and a more classic scenario could be great. I personally don’t like the James Bond reboot, Craig is a great actor for that type of movie, but the plot just feels like a dime a dozen plots currently being run in other movies.

      But I think people can make a far cheaper movie by just not using the 007 title and names/titles like Money Penny (would then be hilarious when filled by a male actor), Q, M, etc. But still make a very classic Bond like movie with a female lead. Saves a ton on licensing rights…

      • Horus84cmd

        I would love to see a 007 film with Bond having to work with a female 00 Agent. I think that could work well.

        • Hagwert

          Good point, there must be loads of potential stories with the other eight 00 agents but you hardly ever see or even hear them mentioned ….I think the last time was Goldeneye when Sean Bean played 006 which must be more than 20 years ago !!!!

          • Severius_Tolluck

            I thought Money Penny(when she shoots bond), and Someone else were numbered agents in Skyfall? I swore someone was 004?

    • Xodis

      Im pretty sure the big James Bond issue is getting Idris Elba to play him. People are stuck on it being a white guy even though its clearly a code name.

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Well it made sense for it’s time… Bond however has long lost the idea it was at a fixed point in time. It now is nothing like the novels, and has jumped the shark so to speak, so yes you are right it is now a code name, and can be anyone. Problem is, they are fixed on Bond, which is a specific person. It gets very grey area on a lot of it, so it becomes, well is all the names tittles instead, like in Kingsman? I think Idris could be a great 007, heck even a great Bond, if they do a reboot or retcon it that Bond is also a tittle.

        • Xodis

          I’ve always assumed the name Bond is a title already. No one that is a spy wants anyone (friend or foe) to know their natural name, plus how odd would it be that they only seem to hire guys named James Bond to have the 007 code?

          • Severius_Tolluck

            It’s because there is a disconnect. There were a set of novels which all took place in a time frame of roughly 20 starting from post ww2 into the mid late sixties. They focused indeed on Bond, and he was not really secretive about his name, just his job! The movies keep reinventing it, and placing it in different time periods, etc. Also makes massive liberties. They technically did reboot the storyline with Craig in “Casino Royale” So although true it is now a title and that is how we perceive it, it wasn’t the original intent.
            That being said, they can certainly re purpose the whole concept since it is so far removed from its origins to reflect this. I also think your choice is a wonderful one to do that!

  • Damon Sherman

    I’m just bummed out she’s not a ginger.

    • Venthrac

      Well played 🙂

  • Venthrac

    I don’t care about the Doctor’s gender, I care about good writing.

  • YetAnotherFacelessMan

    Correction, the first canonically female doctor. Joanna Lumley is the first female doctor, in the special Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      “Oh my, never noticed but it comes in three settings”

  • Drpx

    I thought Sarah Jane was supposed to be the female Dr. Who. Oh well, time to go watch the Internet blow-up.

  • Keaton

    Good to see that even on BoLS, people call the casting of a woman “PC”. Never fails to amaze.

  • uatu13

    Doctor Who has been sliding into garbage territory for the last few years and I”m not surprised to see this trend continue. A female Doctor could have been interesting in the classic show, but now it’s only done for pandering reasons.

    No to mention, we’ve already had 13 Doctors. I guess BBC has lost track of their own mess they’ve created.

    • grumzimus

      THANK YOU!!

      I had to scroll through all that above crap just to see that someone else had thought the same…. 14th I had thought? Hurt being the war Dr ‘n all.

      Besides, it’s a kids program for kids…. You know… like Star Wars.


  • Ryan Williams
  • David Leimbach

    Well, it was a good series while it lasted. As much as the series itself internally has no problem with The Doctor being a woman, it still smells like a move for the sake of identity politics. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck…

    It’s success will depend on how well the primarily male Dr. Who fans can pretend to be able to relate to a woman Doctor and how well new female viewers drawn in by the woman Doctor can pretend to like sci-fi.

    • Shawn Pero

      “Pretend to be able to relate”, what is actually wrong with you? Every guy I know who experiences any kind of media is able to relate to women characters.

      • David Leimbach

        Says the guy in a hobby that most women cannot even stomach to look at, much less play.
        Yes of course, you must live some place young men perfectly relate to the experiences of the women around them. I’m sure all the guys around you understand women perfectly. I should have made an exception for such places.

    • JN7

      Yeah, how can men ever figure out how to relate with another human? And, surely, no woman ever liked science fiction. Good lord, man. If you’re going to be sexist, just come out with it already.

      • David Leimbach

        Sometimes I forget to put “#not all” in front of everything I ever say concerning any group of people, trend or factually true generalization. I guess reality is sexist.

  • Omnia Incendent

    The show’s writers might have seen how well Wonder Woman was handled, they might have taken note from Spiderman Homecoming and realized that you can champion without needing to demonize. They might realize audiences will react badly to characters that say sexist things No Matter The Gender

    But totally aside from the views / intentions / ideology of the writers there’s also going to be lots of articles in the coming months written by entitled authoritarians, demanding that people watch what they are told to watch and like what they are told to like, and all who disobey will be branded ‘misogynists’.

    It is a shame that this tirade will have its own impact on the audience before the first episode airs. An impact that was in no way caused by the BBC or the production of Dr. Who.

  • Cheyennevan

    I guess I’m not completely happy with a female Dr Who but I’ll still watch it and hope for the best. But the next important question is who will be the new companion. And what happens if Rose turns up in the new series.

  • Bigdadi99

    The fact that there is an ongoing debate, in 2017, about Dr. Who being a woman is sad and quite appalling. I’m a little upset that they have all been Caucasian. For a show with such diverse characters and settings you would think “The Good Doctor” would be just as diverse.

  • Golden Yak

    Hey, he finally got his wish.