Geekery: Zygote – An Homage 80s Sci-Fi Horror

The latest short from Oats Studio is here – if you’re a fan of The Thing you’ll want to see this.

Director Neill Blompkamp set up the story in a recent interview with The Verge:

I came up with the original concept, and I wrote the film with Thomas Sweterlitsch, and Terri Tatchell. Thomas came up with the idea that Earth is inundated with asteroids 20 years from now: massive amounts of asteroids fall all over the planet, and there’s a concentration of them in Northern Canada and Russia. They bring with them some really unique semiconductors and materials that we aren’t familiar with on Earth. So these mining corporations become these larger, 21st century versions of Google, where all the venture capital goes into extracting these incredibly precious metals.

And one of those asteroids contains a trap that’s been waiting for millions of years to be triggered….

As with the last short Oats Studio released, if you want to see a part two you need to donate or purchase their films via Steam to help fund production costs.


What do you think of this installment?

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