General’s Handbook 2017 – A Playtester’s Perspective

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Get a glimpse of the General’s Handbook 2017 as seen through the eyes of one of theit “Faithful Playtesters.”

The folks at Warhammer TV are gearing up for the Geberal’s Handbook 2017, which will help reshape the Age of Sigmar. They’re kicking it off with a quick Q&A with one of their elite cadre of Faithful Playtesters. In the video you get a quick rundown of some of the changes that Russian the Playtester is excited to see coming to Age of Sigmar.

It sounds like there’s some exciting stuff in the future, including new battle plans and powers. No specifics on any new units, but you can bet those will be just around the corner. Take a look!

via Warhammer TV

The 2017 General’s Handbook, due out layer this year, promises to add more depth to the Age of Sogmar. The book will feature new gaming content to add to the current edition of the game, including new battle plans, new abilities, and even new allegiance break downs. There are new subfactions incoming for all your favorite Grand Alliances.

Combined with the recently released Path to Glory, it’s an exciting time to get into the Age of Sigmar. Those start collecting boxes give you a great head start in the game, while also conveniently being a Path to Glory Warband. So whether you’re into the undead, other different undead, still yet anther kind of undead, but this one’s good and has lighting, so we shouldn’t be mad, Sky-dwarves, Space-dinosaurs, or any of the other crazy factions out there–the mortal realms and glory await you.

With the announcement of the new Handbook,  it likely won’t be long before we see new models, so stay tuned for more news as it develops.

In the meantime, what are you hoping to see in the latest General’s Handbook? 

  • euansmith

    Based on the video, I feel that the future may be bleak for the letter “t” in the English language.

    I’m not too sanguine about the talk of free models for “massive units”. It smacks rather of free transports in Gladius. The points in a game should reflect the relative effectiveness of the unit on the table, otherwise they are just a marketing tool.

    On related news, I’m old, I have a cold, and I am being curmudgeonly.

    • AEZ

      The thing is.. large units (especially ones without a bonus for size already) are not linearly more effective with their increased size. A unit of 20 which gets hit hard.. loses 20 men.. a unit of 40 losing 20 men.. then looses the rest at the end of the phase. There is also a loss in general mobility, general utility (vs 2x 20) and ofc you can only fight in so many rows.. getting more than 20 models of a single unit is combat is often hard. Which reduced the power of the unit somewhat. IT sort of depends on how large the point drop is at the end but I do not think it’s a certain way to imbalance.. it IS likely a good idea if implemented correctly.
      My Drycha will love to see more units at max size 😀

    • Nick Silver

      Wasnt the massive regiments being a barrier to entry one of the reasons for warhammer fantasy failing?

      • Astmeister

        Yes and no. The major complaints were also that the magic was way too over the top, the units were just good in large units sizes and a deathstar was almost an auto-include.
        In fact GW has made half of 8th edition fantasy a very good thing, while the other half was a total mess. But this last half, was just destroying all the fun.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yes. But they always want more!

      • benn grimm

        No it was the lack of space marines.

    • Simon Chatterley

      See I felt the same but then I remembered I had 180 zombies…then I danced.

      It’s about time something I owned got a break…I’d like to know what an Eldar player felt like…

    • This is exactly my issue as well. They are going back to the free point giveaway model.

      • euansmith

        I’m not really convinced that they can quantify how much less effective a large unit is than two units half its size, and reflect this with any accuracy in the cost.

        • Thats the thing. A block of 40 skeletons is HUGELY effective unless its up against a small model count army. Then you can’t get a lot of skeletons in base.

          Against a medium sized or bigger unit, that unit of 40 skeletons murders. I’m saying that from many games USING said units.

          Its like having a unit of reavers. Only you can’t just lol-wut the bloodsecrator and neuter them. They are always operating like that until you focus them down. But thats why a good min/maxer is going to be fielding three or four of those units.

  • calming rain

    i like some soggy sigmar. Mmmmmmm♥

  • JdM

    Sogmar is the best of the Sigmars.

  • Angry Panda

    “The 2017 General’s Handbook, due out layer this year, promises to add more depth to the Age of Sogmar.”


    How dare you. How dare you misspell Sigmar’s name you wretched curd. I will find and eradicate your miserable soul and body off this world. Justice will be served.

    I hope you have a will.

    • benn grimm

      Wretched curd…lol…

  • marlowc

    What I hope to see in the new General’s handbook is a return to the best fantasy gaming setting ever created. Along with the revelation that the Realms were all just a fevered dream brought on by an ill advised combination of Bugmans and madcap mushrooms 🙂

    • Grasshopper

      Sorry to inform you that the world ended and Chaos has won. But we (Cultists of Tzeentch) are happy to invite you to an afterlife of eternal tortu… erm I mean fun: You have the chance to play this very interesting 28mm round-based miniatures game about area control and securing objectives. What? What are those people at the other table playing? Ah, don’t worry about that – it’s just Warhammer something something 8th edition. Don’t busy yourself with that. Now roll your dice – we only have an eternity left. 🙂

      • Mr.Gold

        don’t forget – you must pay our servent Games Workshop for the *ahem* previlege of joining in this fun by purchasing the following items: Dice, Objective Cards, Rulebook #1, Rulebook #2, Battletomb #1, 5 tons of scenary…

    • ZeeLobby

      If only…

    • UnpluggedBeta

      Changing the rules? Sure. Throwing the entire setting out and plot holing (dark elves were the secret good guys all along!) to oblivion? Terrible.

      And that was just end times

  • I like the realms actually. I don’t really care about the old world not being around. If anything, if I cared that much about the old world, we could recreate the old world as another realm.

    Now what I do care a lot about is that they are bringing back in essence free points again.

    Any unit that gets better with size like skeletons is already enjoying a steep discount in the game as is.

    A 1 attack skeleton costs the same as a 2 attack skeleton costs the same as a 3 attack skeleton. I already have an issue with this because what this is is another way of saying “points aren’t really about balance, they are about placating people that felt that points are all about balance and need them to play the game”.

    Additionally now those 3 attack skeletons that cost the same as 1 attack skeletons (and thus are operating at a discount) are going to get an EVEN BIGGER discount.

    In my opinion – they might as well bring back the old summoning to matched play. If you’re going to give free points to one thing, you can’t on the other hand take it away with the other.

    Having done the merry-go-round of this discussion all week on other sites, my conclusion is that people really enjoy imbalances because it makes list building such a thing as it is today. Without imbalances, listbuilding wouldn’t be as potent, since listbuilding is all about maximizing weaknesses in the balance system and coming out with a 2000 pt list that operates at 3000 pts.

    This is another step in that direction and is something that I personally cannot stand.

    The rest of what I hear about the GHB is awesome. But I can’t get over that they are just opening the door wide for min/maxers to continue to bust the game instead of tightening balance like they said they were going to do yearly (which would involve fixing the small percentage of broken things, as opposed to just breaking a few more things)

    As much as I dislike Kings of War, we have a growing community for it that has a 32-man tournament coming up. Our AOS community rigtht now is roughly 6 players with 3 getting ready to drop the game indefinitely due to this update.

    • COsteve

      I would argue that many horde units are overcosted, with the points assuming you have taken them at max size. If you bring 10 clanrats instead of 40 you are losing a +1 bonus to attack and wound at the same base price of 6 per model.

      • Do you have any math to back that up? The spreadsheeting I did year one showed most of the hordes were fine in their cost. I can see where people would consider them overcost in a game with undercost OP things running amuk.

        The horde units (skeletons zombies etc) were point costed at their base level. That was pretty much verified on the warhammer org forum where the SCGT guys were posting, and where they said they felt a sliding scale of points to make skeletons cost more because they get more attacks was too complicated and that it would come out in the wash since AOS was all about getting free buffs here there and everywhere.

        Skeletons with 1 attack are point costed right at the center of the bell curve of the entire game ( refer to efficiency score… “C” score is where everything would be in a perfectly balanced game where point efficiencies were all the same, a “C” score indicates center of the bell curve)

        Skeletons buffed but paying the same cost ride the “A” efficiency slot, and now will be even more powerful because you will be getting essentially an entire free unit of 40 more if you min /max (which the assumption is you should do)

        Free points is not balance.

    • UnpluggedBeta

      That’s great; your game exists and your fluff will continue to be generated. The old world is gone forever though and lives on only in the hugely popular total war games on pc.

      Those AOS models though… I wonder how hard it is to put them on regimental bases and use them in KoW.

      • You can’t kill a fictional world that never existed. The old world can still exist if people wish to play in that setting. Same thing with WHFB. I played WHFB for about 20 years. If I want I can fire up any version that I want, because I have all of the rules.

        I use my AOS models in KOW as well.

        • Nick Silver

          Its about finding new players. Cos they are the lifeblood of the hobby. But they’ll play sky dwarves or sigmarines. How old world is your battle now?

          • Well the Kings of War group I play in is pretty much exclusively old world.

  • Xodis

    Free points?!?!?!…..

    …..Well it was a good couple years….

    • Yeah. I was in wait and see mode hoping GHB 2017 was going to tighten up the bad balance that the first GHB brought in. This just makes things worse IMO.

      The people that really enjoy the current system are also all into the free points though on forums. A lot of death players wringing their hands cackling with glee about how its now “their turn”.

      This is why I can’t take most people seriously when they talk about how they “need points for balance”.