Hawk: 3 Meter Long UCMS Avenger is for Sale

Own a piece of Dropzone Commander history…

via Hawk Wargames:

It was designed, built and painted sporadically over a 3 year period mainly by one person, Mr Dave Lewis, Hawk’s director and lead designer. For him, this was truly a once in a lifetime build which will never be repeated. The design process was begun over Christmas 2013, with final work completed in time for Salute 2016, after a design and build time of over 1000 hours (not including casting). If you’d like to see how this insane creation was built, we have a full 20 episode YouTube series documenting the entire process…

This is (as far as we’re aware) the largest miniature ever built in the history of wargaming (excluding dioramas). It is a full 3m long (that’s nearly 10 feet!) and built predominantly from resin. The entire superstructure is 100% bespoke and was computer designed, mastered and cast especially for this singular project. It is just as detailed as the vast number of 10mm scale Dropzone miniatures which fill its cavernous embarkation decks.

It is built from around 1000 bespoke resin and 3000 stock plastic components. It also includes parts custom made from aluminium, acrylic, carbon fibre, mount board, foamcore, steel and styrene. The ship separates into several pieces for transportation. The lightweight prow section is removable, as is the stern, turret, point defence lasers and engines. The central hull section (which houses most of the moving parts, payload and weight) separates into a top and bottom half to allow for internal maintenance if required.

Its visible playload (included) is 100 Condor medium dropships, 8 Albatross Heavy Dropships, 102 Sabre MBT’s, 102 Rapier AA Tanks, 20 Gladius HBT’s, 6 Scimitar Tank Destroyers, 64 Bear APC’s, 4 Kodiak ACV’s and 2 Ferrum class Drone Bases (that’s about £1600 worth of retail Dropzone Commander miniatures, in case you’re wondering!) All 150 doors along the two massive embarkation decks may be opened and closed individually, her massive main mass driver turret turns, as do the 12 Aegis IV point defence laser emplacements.

The 50 condors on the upper embarkation deck are all affixed to movable gantries which can be extended clear of the hull for gravity drop display. The interior is fully lit by over 400 LED lights (mains powered) and the engines are all lit by removable battery powered LED units. The ship also features over 400 custom made decals.

Just for fun, as part of the sale we’ve written some rules for using the Avenger in games of Dropzone Commander. This isn’t entirely serious, truth be told, but gaming is meant to put a smile on your face after all… Check them out on our Rules document paired with this on the website.

More Info and How You Can Make an Offer Here

  • dinodoc

    The heart is willing but the wallet is weak

  • Cergorach

    Maybe it comes with a place to store it?

  • crumbreaper

    checked my bank account, expect they are going to want more than 10 quid, but wow, a total one off incredible piece of gaming history and will certainly be a talking point where ever it ends up!

  • orionburn

    There years to build and BOLS has managed to use the same 4 photos about a hundred times.

  • Josh Heinz

    Read through the rules. I don’t play DZC, and didn’t quite understand what I read, but damn, these guys get it lol. Some of my favorites:
    Death Machine – Fear it. If you take a New Orleans class Strike Carrier in your list, then this is your list. You really shouldn’t
    need any more than this to level a 20’x20’ gaming table replete with enemy forces and skyscrapers with 200dp, armour, force
    fields and the lot.

    Payload – Since it would take half a book to detail all the wonderful transport options this thing may take, we’ve decided to save ourselves the effort and give you a stock option which you may take for a cool 24,898pts, just in case you feel the ship itself isn’t enough to annihilate absolutely everything around. You don’t get a discount here FYI, that’s what they cost and you don’t need
    one. Organise these into whatever Battlegroups you feel like. We doubt maximum tactical efficiency will matter much, frankly.

    When/ If Destroyed -Firstly – what the hell did your opponent take and what were you doing all game!? Anyway, if the Strike
    Carrier is destroyed, roll a single solid gold D6 on the following table.

    Raining Debris: The superstructure gives way and explodes into tower block sized chunks. Survival is questionable. Each structure and unit on the table is destroyed on a roll of 4 or more on 3
    combined D6. Anything left alive is blessed by the gods of gaming.

    The ship’s drives detonate in an apocalyptic, grid reference encompassing plasma-ball of death. Everyone loses. Burn the table afterwards for effect.

    • Robomummy

      Always Look on the Bright Side of Life – If you don’t grin maniacally during deployment or during the first turn, you lose the game automatically. As a gamer, you are not worthy if such be thy nature. If you win the game (which might just be possible) you must show SOME humility in your seal bashing endeavours.

  • wibbling

    What is a reasonable cost? Assuming a skilled worker, let’s start the hourly rate at £20 – ignoring tax and NI – as these reduce the hourly rate to £1.50.

    Now that’s 1000 hours, so £20K, model and components… £2000, £25K?

    • dinodoc

      Now add shipping for a potential NA buyer