HeroClix: New DC Elsewhere Set Unboxed

The 15th anniversary celebration continues with this latest alternate timeline set featuring characters from DC.

This set takes characters to odd and amusing places. Let’s take a look at Batman as a Civil War hero working for President Lincoln and Diana Prince with a decidedly different look.

Colonel Wayne has a defensive bonus against ranged attacks via Energy Shield/Deflection and Shape Change as he tricks opponents by posing as a “fop” (that’s a “dandy fool” for you city-slickers). The third click of this dial brings about Toughness from a protective chest plate and Leadership since Wayne is a commanding officer, after all. Also in the middle of the dial is a special power, Find My Contact, Agent Redbird, which lets Colonel Wayne place a special bystander token adjacent to him once per game.

Check Out His Full Stats Here

The last two clicks of Diana Prince’s dial reveals a more up close and personal attacker, as she can move into action quickly with Charge and is a dangerous opponent with her special power, Swords Manifested From My Wristbands. Surprise! This power is exactly what it sounds like, manifesting as Blades/Claws/Fangs. However, it can also be used to give Diana a close combat action to target each opposing character within 2 squares and line of fire with a close attack.

Check Out All of Her Stats Here


Scott Porter has been unboxing and sharing the set over on the WizKids Facebook page – here’s the latest…

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