Infinity:Two Expansion Boxes Announced

Corvus Belli just showed off the Beyond Red Veil & Icestorm packs. Take a look at Infinity’s new hotness.


“In the frozen plains of Svalarheima, Nomads and PanOceanian black ops teams fight for the technological secrets hidden in the Moto.tronica R&D facility.”
This expansion set extends the PanOceania and Nomads army lists of the Operation: Icestorm Battle Pack up to a completely playable 300 point army list.




“In the commercial area of the Neon Lotus Orbital Station, Yu Jing and Haqqislam spec ops teams fight for data that could reveal a covert operation to manipulate and subvert the financial markets of the Sphere.”
This expansion set extends the Haqqislam and Yu Jing army lists of the Operation Red Veil Battle Pack up to a completely playable 300 point army list.

Infinity Store

No word on prices but these go up for Pre-order on July 24th to August 21st.  If Corvus Belli continues their normal behavior there should be crates of these available at GENCON 2017.

~More on these as info comes in.

  • GrenAcid

    No plastics? welp bye.

    • lunahula .

      While I tend to think of Infinity and Dark Age as the very best that can possibly be achieved with metal miniatures. I do still wait with great anticipation for the day it goes plastic so I will actually buy and paint some.

      • erion

        Corvus Belli has repeatedly stated their intention to continue using metals to produce their figures for the foreseeable future. They just don’t have any plans to proceed with any other materials.

        • lunahula .

          I had seen this and it saddened me somewhat. I am unlikely to ever play the game but I did have some interest in painting the miniatures. I even own the Angel Giraldez first book.

          • There’d have to be a major innovation with plastic models for CB to switch. GW does really well with plastic models but at great expense and in heroic scale. Wyrd also does really well with plastic but with considerably less detail and really difficult assembly.
            CB’s metal really isn’t that hard to work with now. Anything made after Icestorm (and a few before) assemble pretty easily once you know a couple of tricks.

      • GrenAcid

        I did some Infinity around Icestorm, but when 2 of my cool models snaped when I tried to do little bit of conversion and Revered just by falling down on desk I had enough. To add salt to injury there are no drills smaller than 0,4mm availbe in my area so I cant even get them right. On day Corvus do plastic I will buy crapload of those.

    • UnpluggedBeta

      What? Why does it matter?

      • GrenAcid

        Plastics are great for conversions, easy to cut and modify.
        Curent Corvus metals dont even allow repairs as wrists for many models are so thin than my smales drill 0,4mm is to thinc to do the job. I know cuz I have 3 minis broken without hope for.

  • UnpluggedBeta

    This is exactly what I wanted; awesome. The base set scenarios were a lot of fun.

  • CB’s on a roll this summer. Aristeia, the Outrage manga minis, and now this. My wallet is gonna cry.