Knight Models: July Releases

Come check out Knight Model’s latest releases for July – the models Gotham deserves!

via Knight Models

We are glad to present you the latest releases from Knight Models!

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A new Batman from the Rebirth arc has arrived to BMG and DCUMG! Also reinforcing the DCUMG come two new starter sets, one for the Justice League and another for the Secret Society of Supervillains.



Gorilla Grodd and his fellow gorillas arrive to Gotham!

The Maroni Crime Family comes to expand the Organized Crime crew with a new style of gameplay and two new exciting additions to the Scarecrow Crew.


Curious about Knight Models? Check them out HERE. Want to know more about the Batman Miniatures Game or the rules on how to play in the DCU? Check those out HERE!


I am vengeance. I am the night. I am BATMAN!

  • Greg Osborn

    Still waiting on the Birds of Prey and Titans minis they previewed months upon months ago.

    • Gentle_Ben

      Miniature Market had them available for pre-order for August for a little while but then took them down. Maybe soon?

  • Xodis

    Really love the models, and pretty much anything comic book related (shame on you for losing the Marvel license lol), just couldnt get into the primary Batman game. Too needlessly complicated although the DC game is much better.

    • Sebastien Bazinet

      I was surprised Knight managed to come out with a Marvel game at the same time as a DC game. It was inevitable that they would lose one and I’m pretty sure Disney/Marvel will come out with some FFG Imperial Assault-like game for the Marvel Universe

      • Xodis

        Well there is already another Miniature IA like game coming out from Monolith that is based on Batman and the DC franchise…so they might have picked the wrong horse to back.

        • OldHat

          Eh. Knight makes some nice NICE models and they are 35mm. IA has mediocre models that are smaller scale (if I recall right). Each appeals to differing crowds.

          • Xodis

            I do like Knight’s models, but the Monolith models are also looking really good, far above the IA standard, so adding a board game to them just makes it even better. Especially since its practically a reskin of the Conan board game that did so well.


          • OldHat

            That may well be a good reason for them to keep channeling the DCU game then, if the BMG gets competition they can just shift efforts to a larger setting. At least, that is what I would do. Now, if that company does a GL game… I might branch out!

  • OldHat

    Love that Rebirth Batman. Getting it. Can’t wait to see what else they do for DCU, because there is SOOOOOOOOO much to touch on. Give me Black Hand, Atrocitus, Dead Man, Spectre Larfleeze, and most importantly, Dex-Starr.