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Loads of new announcements from Lock and Load. Here’s a recap.

Lock and Load had some incredible news about what we can expect to see in the coming months. With the announcement of three new factions, dozens of theme/subfactions, and a horde of new minis, it is am exciting time to be a fan of Warmahordes and the Iron Kingdom.

via Privateer Press

First up, here’s a video from the Gavyn Kyle files that details the new theme forcesong and factions. Dracodiles, man, that’s all I have to say. Wait, no,  that’s a lie, one more thing–once they’re out, BoLS plans to turn the dile up to 11. Ojai now I’m done.

But wait there’s more! There’s also a literal torrent of new miniatures inbound layer this year. The Lock and Load Keynote was good to us this year, friends. Look at these fine plastic pals who are just waiting to take to the tabletop.

And with the announcement of their new Loot-Crate-but-for-Warmachine service, it’s about to be even easier to stay getting into the game. Their Miniature subscription idea sounds like something you’d hear advertised in one of the fiber quality podcasts out there.

At any rate, there’s a brief overview of the big news-we’ll have a closer look as these announcements unfold.

What news from Lock and Load made you the most excited?

  • zeno666

    Looks like Warmahordes have a bright future ahead

    • ZeeLobby

      Excited to see where it goes. Really wished they’d gone a year or two without themes to rebalance the core first. My biggest fear is that the continuous release of new factions and themes will result in a consistent I’m balance in the game, where factions rocket around rankings based on recent releases.

      • zeno666

        Yeah I agree.
        Its quite odd that they’re doing what GW does and release too many factions.
        Sure PP is better at rules and balance so they might get away with it longer until they have to scrap factions.

        Also I know some who like the limited factions like Cyriss and now Grymkin. They know what they have, and don’t expect new minis.
        I’m not one of those. I want some new stuff every now and then 😉

  • nss

    Meh, looks like more pre-dictated theme lists with extra models for free that build one way to play rock paper scissor skew gotcha into other pre-dicated theme lists with free stuff that build one way. Also not seeing the point of piling even more models on top of the mountain of models with terrible internal balance that you will regret buying and painting as soon as you try to play with them.

    At least GW is actually trying to turn their ship around instead of doubling down.

    • Jay DeJarnett

      Yeah GeeDub is the shinning example of doing things right in the industry. Wasn’t there an article on here in the last week about how 8th ed is skewed to the first player? So try again.

      • ZeeLobby

        Lol. “But they have a Facebook now!”

    • ZeeLobby

      “turn their ship around”, aka, do what PP and other companies in the industry have been doing for years (timely FAQs, balancing, free rules (well half), etc.)

    • zeno666

      lol yeah, go roll for random charge lengths instead

    • UnpluggedBeta

      I was with you until you brought GW into it as a positive alternative on anything but miniature sculpts.

    • Richard Mitchell

      There was a YT video by PP in which they are going to open up certain Mercenaries and Minions models to Theme lists to balance them out. This will get rid of the rock, paper, scissors feel. You don’t have to take themes to be competitive but themes do offer structure to the game so they will be the focus. Opening up Mercs and Minions to theme forces is good to since in MkI and MkII merc and minion solos were used to fill in weak spots for an army.

      If you have been keeping up with the CID processes, even with themes Warmahordes is really in the best place its ever been. It seems like most of your commentary is coming from other people who probably don’t play and their input. Battle engines are great, the iconic trenchers are relevant again, theme forces are actually fun since the warcaster restriction was removed, and with their dynamic approach to cards as printable customer support Warmachine is constantly fined tuned gaming beast.

      As far as GW is trying to turn their ship around, not relevant to PP in any degree. One is a publicly traded company and the other is a private endeavour. It doesn’t appear like PP is at times because they do a good job at appearing like a triple a publicly traded company with their support and such. GW is still doing FAQs, just like PP, but PP CID is way more methodical.

      GW is still doing a codex cycle, so expect power creep, rather than the universal releases you see with the rest of the industry. The only thing that has changed with GW is a new release and marketing image.

      Their playtesting is the same (though they acknowledge that a competitive scene exists), they have picked up cards (which GW brand loyalists scolded Warmahordes and Malifuax for), but they are not doing CID for everything from Scenario rules to specific faction models, or a living FAQ.

      Narrative game play from GW is still lackluster with a kit for the summer and books needed to be bought the rest of the year. Just like in AoS, we are starting to see some factions being better than others once the product is being put to the test.

      Also GW has doubled down on their cost and entry to play. Yes you can get a unit from two different factions to “start” cheap, but the cost is an illusion for what you actually need to play. Full rules are still not available for free online, but the GW community has convinced itself that there are D&D first edition basic and “advanced” rules.

      There is a lot of chatter about GW turning its ship around, but it is more of a feeling. Yes they have an internet presence now, but that is really after they shut it down to begin with. GW barely meeting the industry status quo is not turning a ship around. But there is a feeling. However, when you look at the evidence, they are still woofully behind companies even smaller than PP.

  • CloakingDonkey

    Man those new gators are so pretty…. if only they weren’t so absurdly expensive =(

    I simply can’t justify spending 50€ on a unit of 10 if that buys me up to 100 miniatures from other brands.

    • UnpluggedBeta

      I can and I need help :

    • Frank

      What game and miniatures are you buying where you can get 100 for about $60? Privateer Press is pretty average priced for the industry.

      • CloakingDonkey

        It’s really not if you live in Europe. f.e. the recent Megalith resculpt costs 60€ over here. The cheapest I’ve seen was 53€. That’s only 10€ less than the recent Lord of Change from GeeDub. For a model that’s tiny in comparison and just resin… Maybe it’s that everything else is much cheaper in Europe but PP is waaaayy more expensive than even GW at this point.

        Oh and the 100 minis for 50€ are Victrix Austrian Infantry. I recently bought 2 of those boxes. 56 minis in each box, 26€ per box.

        • Frank

          Its the complete opposite in America. A Lord of Change here is $115 without any sort of discount. I feel regret buying the Primaris Librarian, which was the same price as a heavy warjack kit over here.

          • CloakingDonkey

            oof. Yeah I wouldn’t buy the Lord of Change for that price either… it’s just too much money, really. I’d rather play historicals 😛

        • Richard Mitchell

          Sounds like EU trading woes is going on. Not meant to be a biting remark, but it is something to consider.

          • CloakingDonkey

            Nah it started 2 or 3 years ago.. maybe 4 when Ulysses took over the distribution for Europe. Since then, the prices have been complete pants-on-head bonkers.

  • UnpluggedBeta

    My God, this is hype.

  • Further proof that Soles has no idea what he’s doing. Are we sure he’s not Mat Ward in a scooby doo-style rubber mask?

    • JN7

      Soles is a perfectly reasonable ideas man. His implementation of those ideas is more of a problem. Unhallowed Metropolis had some good ideas in it, but the rules and system were terrible.

      • >His implementation of those ideas is more of a problem.

        That was more-or-less my point, yes.